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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Bush Hiding Secrets of "Dictator Act" from HomeSecCom Chairman.

03-08-2007 04:03

Captain Eric May, the Internet intelligence writer, updates his investigation into a possible summer false flag and dictatorship by Bush.

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Obama Follows the Neocon Mass Murder Script

02-08-2007 19:49

Now Obama wants to bomb them. Of course, this is simply political grandstanding, as the president is not really the decider guy but rather a factotum who takes orders from on-high. If our rulers want to kill “al-Qaeda”—that is to say, dirt farmers and peasants in Pakistan’s Federal Administered Tribal Areas—that is precisely what will happen, no matter if the commander guy is a Republican neocon or a Democrat neolib.

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Second round of Iran-US talks: Cheney camp pushes for war

01-08-2007 17:00

The alarming and unanimous passage with 97 votes to zero by the US Congress of an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill drafted by the leading proponent of war with Iran, Sen Lieberman, on 11th July, which accuses Iran of "intolerable acts of hostility towards the US" and demands the US government to take "Immediate action" can be regarded as the prelude to a declaration of war

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Australian government issues new “terrorist” smears against Haneef

01-08-2007 13:40

Using its usual mixture of unsubstantiated smear and innuendo, the Howard government is ratcheting up its witch-hunt against Mohamed Haneef, determined to shore up its “war on terror” despite the collapse of the criminal case against the young Muslim doctor.

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Portland Nuke Scenario

01-08-2007 03:40

Captain Eric H. May posts an update to his breaking story on the Portland Nuke Scenario.

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The Liberator

31-07-2007 23:49

America is uniting the Arabs against Iran so that when Iran is attacked, fearing retaliation from Iran, as they have been made to believe, the Arab states armed with U.S. weapons, will be the foot soldiers that America lacks. Unwilling to enact the draft, and unable to enlist men to fight another illegal war, the United States is arming the Arabs – to be its foot soldiers in a battle with Iran. However, as they are being armed to the teeth, the U.S. is ensuring that the weapons they are sold are far inferior to those received by Israel, that they are only ‘good enough’ for killing other Arabs, and for killing Iranians.

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Former BNP candidate jailed for two-and-a half years

31-07-2007 21:01

Robert Cottage, 49, of Talbot Street, Colne, was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court this morning.

He had admitted possessing explosives for unlawful purpose.

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Counter-recruitment Picket on Anti-Arms Day of Action

31-07-2007 12:12

To coincide with the Disarm DSEi call for two days of action against the arms trade stateofemergency picketed the Bloomsbury armed forces recruitment centre, people will be going armed with placards and fliers to give a counter view of what life is like in the army. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raging the chances of being killed and injured have increased dramatically over the past few years. But even if ex-services personnel make it back alive many are still scared for life from their experiences. The Bloomsbury recruitment centre is located in the same building as the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO), the government's arms sales agency, which ironically markets weapons to many of the countries where British soldiers die.

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To Indymedia in the United Kingdom

30-07-2007 19:00

The truth shall prevail

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How many more times? - 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!

30-07-2007 10:10

Please get the poster; print and display
"Fog of war could explain why some people were confused on the day of 9/11, but it could not explain why all of the..investigations and public testimony by FAA and NORAD officials advanced an account of 9/11 that was untrue."

Thomas H. Kean, Chairman, 9/11 Commission 8/4/06

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Missing Plane Parts, Other Analyses, Dispute Official Pentagon Tragedy

30-07-2007 08:00

The analysis of experts point out the oddities at the Pentagon during one of the most tragic loss-of-life situations in recent United States History.

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Life sentences in the failed 21-7 London bombings in contrary with human rights

27-07-2007 03:16

The lifelong verdicts in the failed 21-7-2005 London bombings are in contrary with the fundamental human rights of the convicts, since no llegal distinction has been made between this attempt and an actual committed crime
According to me, this is a black page in British jurisdiction

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El Salado [The Salted] Massacre - Harold Mantilla

26-07-2007 12:14

The Bafim5 Troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], never arrived because it was legal, material and geographically impossible to do it. BECAUSE.

A) Months prior, by specific order from my Superiors, Bafim5 troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], had been relocated to other Municipalities threatened by subversives and self-defenses groups (such as in the populations of Córdoba and Zambrano, in Bolívar).

B) To the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] (and the entire area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar), the military and territorial competition of the Bafim5 was discontinued, taken out, removed; and the military and territorially competition given, taken charge, commended, to the Bacim31 [Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31].

C) In consequence, the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] and the whole area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar, were under the protection and territorial competition, of the Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31 (Bacim31), and not of the Bafim5.

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America: COUNTDOWN to DICTATORSHIP - 23 days left!

24-07-2007 23:56

Bush Outlaws All War Protest In United States

Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement

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The real names of two CIA rendition pilots

24-07-2007 14:34

The real names of two CIA rendition pilots have now been revealed. They are James Kovalesky (alias James Richard Fairing) and Eric Robert Hume (alias Eric Matthew Fain). They face charges in Germany of kidnap and causing serious bodily harm, arising from the December 2003 extraordinary rendition of Khalid El-Masri.

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Syria to Employ Hezbollah Strategy

24-07-2007 09:55

It makes certain sense Syria, with its puny military—when stacked up against Israel, armed to the teeth by the United States—and its out-moded Russian tanks and planes, would eventually adopt Hezbollah’s winning strategy, as there is simply no way it can go up against Israel on the battlefield. Naturally, this new development pokes a big hole in the Likudnik and neocon agenda to take out all of Israel’s enemies in turn.

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Justice, The Australian Way

24-07-2007 00:09

Can you imagine what would happen if Dr Haneef is a white Anglo-Australian detained in India, accused of trafficking in narcotic drugs? Actually, you don’t have to imagine. The entire Indian justice system will be on trial in Australia, accused of corruption and injustice. In Australia, a Guantanamo Bay justice applied to Dr Haneef even with the presumption of innocence.

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Emergency laws make extending pre-charge detention unnecessary

23-07-2007 21:54

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis told journalists today that anticipated future terror emergencies do not warrant new laws to extend pre-charge detention.

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not sorry: cops still spinning Menezes execution

23-07-2007 12:57

At the same time as the family of Jean Charles de Menezes were holding a memorial to mark the 2nd anniversary of his death, the cop who devised the Operation Kratos policy which killed him was busy defending her bloody legacy to the press.

Barbara Wilding, now Chief Constable of South Wales Police, told the South Wales Echo: "[Shoot-to-kill is] the most awful title and not one that should ever have been put to that policy. We should have challenged that right from day one."

It's a tough sell, given that the policy is to "identify, locate and neutralise the threat [by] deliver[ing] a critical head shot with 9mm rounds". Another key difference from the normal firearms policy is that a senior officer gives the order to fire, and the marksman must shoot whether or not he sees a threat, a distinction which goes unmentioned in the endless terror-hyping PR pieces, although Police Review had reported this in December 2004: "the Met decided to 'urgently revisit the legal basis' of the anti-terror Operations Kratos and Clydesdale after members of the force's firearms unit laid down their weapons [...] it is understood that they involve senior officers ordering a police marksman to shoot suicide bombers in London [...] the SO19 officers were concerned about their legal position if they were ordered to take a 'head shot' of a suicide bomber."

The Justice4Jean family campaign is holding a public meeting tonight, details below.

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Saving A President

23-07-2007 10:58

With 18 months left in office and his presidency foundering, George Bush is like a cornered animal desperate enough to try anything to survive. Surrounded by a dwindling, but still potent, number of hard liners, this article suggests a disturbing scenario ahead that bodes ill for the nation and world if it happens. It appears the Bush administration's scheme involves changing the subject by scare-mongering that may be followed by staging one or more major home-based terror attacks on the order of 9/11, then waging war with Iran on the phony pretext Tehran threatens US and regional security. Further strikes may also be planned against the tribal areas of Pakistan along with backing Israel's intentions against Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas. These will be ominous developments if they happen as explained above. In an effort to survive and finish out their term in office, George Bush and Dick Cheney may be willing to gamble everything for what, in the end, can't be achieved.