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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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American Car-bombs Are Not Terrorism

17-05-2008 17:37

The US terror war is a plan of organized deception that is focused more upon the American people and our democratic allies than it is upon any enemy nation. The cycle of attacks and retribution is part of a psy-ops campaign of fear that is meant to frighten the people into complying with government demands. Everywhere, the American message is the same: “Join us in our crimes against humanity, or perish in our glorious shock and awe.”

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Dialect - Bank nationalisation & impact of the credit crunch on ordinary people

17-05-2008 11:48

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download here every Saturday. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733

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Rumsfeld: Why not another 9/11?

16-05-2008 21:31

In a newly-released tape of a 2006 neocon luncheon meeting featuring former War Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, attended by ex-military "message force multiplier" propaganda shills Lt. General Michael DeLong, David L. Grange, Donald W. Sheppard, James Marks, Rick Francona, Wayne Downing, Robert H. Scales and others, Rumsfeld declared that the American people lack "the maturity to recognize the seriousness of the ‘threats’" -- and need another 9/11.

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Support The Raytheon 9 - Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime!

16-05-2008 14:24

Last Month, Davy McAuley from the Raytheon 9 Campaign & Derry Anti-War Movement visited Cardiff to demonstrate against the huge, privatised new UK Military Academy being built by a consortium that includes Raytheon. Our taxes pay - the merchants of death profit!
Raytheon: Not in Our Backyard! Not in Anybody's Backyard! Not on Planet Earth

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Is Melanie Phillips a war criminal?

16-05-2008 08:34

"The prerequisite for stabilising all these hotspots — including “Israel/Palestine” — and dealing with global Islamic terror is regime change in Tehran."

So says loyal british citizen Melanie ...

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Terror Arrests on Campus

16-05-2008 00:46

Two people have been arrested on the University of Nottingham campus under the Anti-terror laws.

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May 11th 2008 - International Day of Truth Action - Video and Photos

15-05-2008 21:28

Video San Francisco Convergence
Video from the London protest on Oxford Street and at Speakers' Corner and photos from protests around the world from the autonomous grassroots campaign for International Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice.

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The Senator, His Pastor and the Israel Lobby

15-05-2008 09:29

Obama managed to inject pro-Israel, anti-"radical Islam" remarks into his speech on race relations in the U.S. He speaks of a history of "tensions" between African Americans and Jewish Americans, but fails to trace these conflicts to Israel's support for apartheid South Africa.

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US confession: Weapons were not made in Iran after all

14-05-2008 16:31

In a sharp reversal of its longstanding accusations against Iran arming militants in Iraq , the US military has made an unprecedented albeit quiet confession: the weapons they had recently found in Iraq were not made in Iran at all.

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Superman found dead in Iraq (by Latuff)

14-05-2008 14:18

Human remains of Superman to be buried in the Arlington Cemetery
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Bilderberg 2008 evades all scrutiny in Vouliagmeni, Greece

14-05-2008 00:23

Well the old tricksters did it this year. They evaded all our efforts to track them down to a precise date and venue. There has been a lot of Bilderberg searching activity on the forum ( ) including examination of bilderbergers' schedules, checking of hotels but no definite answer.

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'Freedom To Protest' Demonstration, 18th May, Edinburgh

13-05-2008 13:21

Poster: print and distribute!
A peaceful demonstration is planned to assert our right to freely protest without fear. It will be held at 12pm on the 18th of May at Parliament Square, as a response to the campaign of harassment and intimidation which Lothian and Borders Police is directing at peaceful protsters in Edinburgh. Such repression violates human rights and, if it continues, it will stifle popular participation in civil society. The demonstration is also in solidarity with the dozens of working class people who are oppressed by the Edinburgh 'justice' system every day.

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Redbridge No2ID 'Taking Liberties' screening - 19 May

13-05-2008 13:02

Redbridge No2ID campaign are showing 'Taking Liberties' in Ilford, on Tuesday 19h May, 7.30pm. Free entry. Please come and support - the more the merrier. Pass it on...

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Disturbing Stirrings - Ratcheting Up For War on Iran

13-05-2008 08:44

Led by Dick Cheney, Bush administration neocons want war on Iran. So does the Israeli Lobby, but it doesn't mean they'll get it. Powerful forces in Washington and the Pentagon are opposed and so far have prevailed. Nonetheless, worrisome recent events increase the possibility and must be closely watched.

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The War on Terror 2008 Omnibus Collection

12-05-2008 20:13

Booklet Announcement: The WAR on TERROR 2008 Omnibus Collection

From its Title Page:

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Daniele Ganser. NATOs Secret Armies (Free book)

12-05-2008 09:09

In depth investigation of the NATO stay behind network and false flag operations by Swiss historian Ganser is the most detailed study so far on the subject.

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The Terror War is fake - the Terror Laws are real

12-05-2008 07:37

DEMONSTRATE against the
Counter-Terrorism Bill

Monday 12 May 2008

5-7pm 10 Downing Street
Whitehall, SW1 (tube: Westminster or Charing Cross)

No to Punishment without Trial!
No to Secret Inquests!

Join the struggle against injustice! All welcome!

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Apartheid: then and now (by Latuff)

12-05-2008 06:44

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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A discussion with the leader of Pakistan Labour Party

11-05-2008 21:30

A discussion with the leader of Pakistan Labour Party, Farooq Tariq, has been organised by the Pakistan Solidarity Campaign. The meeting is convened just as the leaders of the Pakistan People's Party(Bhutto's party) and Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) have announced their failure to restore the judiciary demanded by the various movements in Pakistan, particularly the Lawyers movement. Please try and attend as the meeting might give us the oppurtunity to discuss what we can do to support the lawyers movement and other democratic and civil rights movements in Pakistan.