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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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1000s break border to march to Kobane, anarchists join in!

26-09-2014 12:53

Thousands tore down Turk border fences near Kobanê and have crossed into Rojava, chanting the slogan "Bijî Berxwedana Kobanê" [Long live the Kobanê resistance].
More people are continuing to cross the border.

Fences trampled:

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Wrexham: Protest outside MP's office in advance of Iraq vote

26-09-2014 10:08

Wrexham banners back in 2003, protesting the Iraq war

Yesterday, seven people gathered at short notice from 4.30pm on a busy route close to the centre of Wrexham and outside the office of Labour MP and Shadow Minister for the Middle East, Ian Lucas, to protest government plans (supported by Labour) to join the US-led coalition that's bombing Iraq again.

See also this previous article.

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Wrexham: Join us today to protest British involvement in war on Isis

25-09-2014 07:37

Vigil in Wrexham against Iraq war, 2003
Thursday 25 September
4.30 - 6.30pm
39 Rhosddu Road, Wrexham LL11 2NS

Join us outside the office of Wrexham MP Ian Lucas which is on a busy route out of Wrexham with plenty of passing traffic at that time of day.

Demand NO British involvement in the US-led war on Isis in Iraq and Syria.

It's ten years since a group here in Wrexham occupied Ian Lucas' office in protest at his abstension on the crucial Iraq war vote and his abject failure to oppose the war once it had started although he'd previously said a second UN resolution was essential.

Now he's the Shadow Minister for Africa and the Middle East.

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The Anarchist Guide to IS Psychology

19-09-2014 10:06

I pretend to put myself behind you in order to make me appear bigger than I really am. (Pretend, because since the Obama-Morales affair airspace servitude is recognized as the unequivocal hallmark of vassal states, and in this instance it is not the case.) With this clownish gesture the Damascus regime has exposed the phoney coalition of hate mongers that the military-industrial complex came up with to out-compete the Islamic State on terms of human rights. Actually not, as the aggressors have literally voiced themselves their ambition is not to improve but to degrade. Apparently the imperialist does not understand the abolitionist rigorousity of the anti-occupation campaign as a consequence of the abuses of Abu Ghraib but is still filling the trough for its uniformed rapists. This immature response proves that by establishing its own foreign policy entirely independent of the nationalist state, the Islamic state has hit a nerve of the military-industrial complex. These empty suits get mad at the mirrors which are being held to them, until the doctor comes to remind everyone that the knife they imagine to see on the screen is merely a metaphor of the artist referring to an eavesdropping warrant in their own hands. In another interpretation, the followers of Mohammed have heated the axe of war in the glowing fire of Abolition, and since they passed it to Obama and Cameron the two are crying out in pain as they both burned their hands.

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UG#691 - Big Drugs,Big Money& Big Guns (Deep State from Afghanistan to Susurluk)

18-09-2014 16:50

We begin a new series this week, looking at the global drug trade and its key role in funding deep state groups. We begin with an expert on the Asian drug trade, Alfred McCoy. His 2010 talk, "Low-Intensity Conflict in the Drug Wars" focuses on opium production and its relationship to the proxy wars being fought in Afghanistan. We follow the heroin westwards to Turkey with a commentary by Sibel Edmonds who focuses on the nexus of the political and intelligence agency leaders, mobsters and drug traffickers which was brought to light by the "Susurluk scandal". This fateful 1996 car crash lead to the development of the phrase "Deep State" to describe the behind-the-scenes arrangements which were previously hidden from public view. While details of their operations remain unclear, they are increasingly understood to be more important to what really goes on than the for public consumption charade that is electoral politics.

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Documentation of Cameron Message

14-09-2014 11:25

David Haines Beheaded

IS just released a video where they behead yet another hostage.

This time its David Haines , a hostage from the United Kingdom captured in Syria in 2013.

This is the video text --

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USAF Croughton - march and rally Saturday 4th October

10-09-2014 12:33

A march and rally to mark 'Keep Space for Peace' and 'Drones Action' week. USAF Croughton is a U.S.diplomatic, military, intelligence and drone warfare communications base

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San Francisco 9/11 Film Festival to be Live Streamed

05-09-2014 23:39

Landmark 9/11 TRUTH FILM FESTIVAL to be Live Video Streamed September 11th Direct from the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, California.

On September 11th, You Get 10 Hours of Live Video Streaming and then you will have 30 Days afterwards to watch the Video Archives of the Films and the Speakers.

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From petty criminals to murderers

04-09-2014 16:34

Militaristic Borot'ba ad: "YOU CAN HELP, TOO"
Essay on the evolution of stalinists at the example of Borot'ba

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Photos/reports from days before the NATO summit in Newport

04-09-2014 11:27

Sat: An A to B march through Newport
Sun: Protest at Cardiff's fence of steel
Mon & Tue - still to write up
Wed: Police asked to arrest NATO leaders

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Pity the Syrian Children

04-09-2014 08:56

Sougman and his 95 year old brother
I recently toured the Armenian village of Kasab where the Free Syrian Army and their Al Nusra allies slaughtered 88 of the 2,000 inhabitants and publicly beheaded 13 of these defenceless civilians, deliberately destroying the fabric and harmony of Kasab in the process. Some of the residents I spoke to were inconsolable while others such as 86 year old Sougman Saghdhian and his 95 year old bed-ridden brother Joseph try to get on with life as best they can and to put the carnage and their cynical Turkish incarceration behind them as best they can

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Naming Gaza's Dead Vigil

27-08-2014 19:44

A powerful action by Lancaster Palestine Solidarity Campaign, naming some of those who were killed in the recent bombings of Gaza by the Israeli military, and providing an opportunity for people to connect with the names behind the numbers. Part of ongoing campigns and actions to protest the unbearable situation in Gaza, which continues even after the recent ceasefire. We wish to share the information about the vigil, and the short film we made of it, widely, in the hope that it will inspire other similar actions. The banners we made are available for loan to other groups (you would have to collect and return or pay for postage).

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Court Solidarity for Supporter of the Palestinian People

22-08-2014 15:05

Come to Cardiff Magistrates court at 9.30 am with Palestinian and Anarchist banners, then at 10 am we will support the defendant in court.

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Neither Ukrainian nor Russian!

19-08-2014 15:48

Let’s develop our own camp, the third camp, that of social revolution!

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Chelsea Manning, NATO & the Long March on Newport

16-08-2014 21:43

Free Private Manning! (Castle Square)

A day of action in solidarity with Welsh-American whistleblower Chelsea Manning was held on Tuesday 12 August as the Long March on Newport stopped off in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire where Manning attended the local Tasker Milward school as a teenager and has many family connections. On Wednesday 13 August the march passed Brawdy military base where Manning's father, then a US Navy intelligence analyst, was stationed in the 1970s.

The march is one of many protests against the NATO Summit which will be held in Newport on 4 & 5 September. A week of action, workshops and a counter-summit are planned in Newport and Cardiff from 30 August. See Stop NATO Cymru, No NATO Newport and this feature for more details. Many of the documents released by Manning, for which courageous act she is now serving 35 years in a military jail, expose NATO's wars and corruption.

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Philippines - On the arrest of “The Butcher” Jovito Palparan

14-08-2014 13:28

The arrest of “The Butcher” Jovito Palparan is long overdue. The warrant for his arrest was issued in December 2011. Under the Aquino regime, justice for Palparan’s victims remains elusive.

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Free Palestine Demo in Cambridge Market Square.

11-08-2014 20:17

A simple and direct message...
Another week another demo, this time a little smaller but nonetheless heartfelt by those who turned up to Cambridge Market Square last Saturday (09/08/2014).

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10-08-2014 15:58

A bar code starting 729 is a product that was produced in Israel.

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Updated flyer to use at Barclays Banks everywhere

07-08-2014 21:54

Feel free to download and print this updated flyer and distribute at any Barclays bank.

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Some interesting articles on the centenary of World War One

06-08-2014 13:22

Here's a couple of recent articles - and a video - about WW1: