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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Italians march against U.S. base

18-02-2007 11:28

This is from Reuters I'm afraid but it's still interesting. There seems to be some loose co-ordination happening of Italian groups in opposition to TAV near Turin (see earlier coverage here), this base and other local struggles...its quite an interesting time over here

February 17, 2007
VICENZA, Italy (Reuters) -- Tens of thousands of Italians under heavy police guard protested on Saturday against the expansion of a U.S. military base that has divided the center-left government.

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Weapons used in Terrorist Attacks in southeastern Iran come from US

18-02-2007 10:04

Explosive devices and arsenals used in a terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan on Wednesday came from the United States, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

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Bomb Iran?

18-02-2007 09:22

Same shite, different day

911 New York or July 7th London?
Iraq is gonna bomb us - now too, so is Iran...

These assholes need to get a bit more creative with their story-telling.

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US-North Korean nuclear agreement: clearing the decks for Iran

17-02-2007 23:58

Far from marking a fundamental change in the militarist course of the Bush administration, the deal reached between the US and North Korea represents a temporary and tactical shift that conveniently sidelines a potentially explosive issue as the US prepares for war against Iran.

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Is the Bush administration behind the bombings in Iran?

17-02-2007 19:06

Two bombings this week in Zahedan in southeastern Iran are the latest in a series of incidents involving armed opposition groups based among the country’s ethnic minorities. The most recent attacks again raise questions about the activities of the US military and CIA inside Iran as the Bush administration intensifies its preparations for war.

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Make Love Not War Benefit Night tonight @ Vortex

17-02-2007 13:44

Benefit night to raise money for grassroots anti-war initiatives, Disarm DSEi and Faslane 365 Live music, poets and activist video.

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Bush Administration's smoking gun on Iran Misfires

17-02-2007 11:03

Taking into account the false notes struck by the anonymous officials, the damaging admissions they made and the absence of information they needed to make a case, the briefing appears to have been a serious setback to the administration's propaganda campaign. It will certainly haunt administration officials trying to convince Congress to support its increased aggressiveness toward Iran.

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Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment-Part three

17-02-2007 04:04

To help offset its economic decline
Today, control over the whole of the Central Asian/Caspian region is viewed by the imperialist powers as a vital “life and death” struggle. As the current undisputed military power, the US aims to claim this region for itself, thereby frustrating its rivals in Europe, Japan, Russia and China while obtaining vitally needed resources to help offset its economic decline.

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You can fool some of the people some of the time

16-02-2007 23:38

The dam of lies is finally breaking...

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Sheffield coach info for 24th Feb London demo

16-02-2007 22:02

National Demonstration - Sat 24 February 12 Noon

• No Trident
• Troops out of Iraq

Assemble Hyde Park - March to Trafalgar Square

Tickets for Sheffield coaches are £20 / £15 / £10 and are available by calling 07761-471-441.

And also from Jack's Records, Division Street. Credit Card bookings: 0114-276-7093 (subject to fee)

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Obama Embraces Israel “Security” Mythology

16-02-2007 22:02

In order to be selected to run as president here in the United States, the field of “hopefuls” must pay homage to Israel, AIPAC, and the “New York money men,” as Wesley Clark has noted. Thus senator Barack Obama recently delivered a speech designed “to remove any doubts that the Democratic Party’s donors and constituents, many of whom are Jewish, may have about his support for Israel,” according to Haaretz.

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Stop BBC2 9/11 whitewash on Sunday!

16-02-2007 01:10

Battle over Sunday's 9/11 documentary
Will this Sunday's BBC documentary whitewash 9/11?

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A look at the bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque in Samarra

15-02-2007 23:54

Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth

The bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque in Samarra is the cornerstone of Bush’s psychological operations (psy-ops) in Iraq. That’s why it is critical to have an independent investigation and discover who is really responsible. The bombing has been used as a "Pearl Harbor-type" event which has deflected responsibility for the 650,000 Iraqi casualties and more than 3 million refugees. These are the victims of American occupation not civil war.

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Taking Aim: Brzezinski Breaks Rank Over The Pending Nuclear Attack On Iran

15-02-2007 23:15

One hour radio show from Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone on the threat of a US attack on Iran. Recorded on Feburary 12th 2007.

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Stop the execution of three Iraqi women who resist the occupation

15-02-2007 22:56

The executions of what they call " terrorists" and " criminals" in their dozens have been going on over a year now. A public execution took place in Mosul City, North of Iraq, two months ago. However, this is the first time we hear about sentencing women to death.

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And the Iranian Mortar Story Keeps Growing

15-02-2007 22:15

Why is it that apparently, the only arms of Iranian military contractors who don’t have a website in Arabic or Farsi are those whose products are the target of American accusation? Something is afoot, yet I know not what…

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Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment—Part 2

15-02-2007 21:24

Stop the Bombing
Shortly after the US-led invasion of 2001, international donors committed roughly US$5 billion for Afghan reconstruction.

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The strange case of the Australian PM and the American Senator

15-02-2007 20:49

Denouncing the US Democrats
These issues are being deliberately censored because the entire Australian political and media establishment is complicit in the war crimes of the Bush administration and the Howard government.

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What do you think? Are you truly all alone on this?

15-02-2007 20:05

/ / IDEA: Let’s get our show up and running, by allowing open
public investigations To be conducted internationally, with
open line challenges, so we can publicly isolate each and
every bushmobster personally responsible for 911, and then,
all of everything else still left outstanding murdering
ourselves. Whatdoyahsay?? \ \