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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Martin Luther King, Love and terrorism

18-01-2004 09:51

There is a universal love throughout humankind that we must not ignore or forget. This year, more than the past 51, reminds me that the ultimate gifts will not be under a tree with fancy bows; it will be the love that makes the world. And a particular love is unique to those people that have special meaning in our lives: family, friends, and those of you reading this e-mail.

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Europol document on "anarchist terrorism"

17-01-2004 15:16

Terrorist activity in the European Union - situation & trends report. Europol document that discusses terrorism in the EU, particularly the threat of anarchist groups moving towards terrorism. Its a great read!

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Kurds officially named TERRORISTS

14-01-2004 20:39

the people who delivered Saddam to US forces have been designated terrorists...

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According U.S. defecation is now terrorism (by Latuff)

12-01-2004 01:15

Al Qaeda Toilets Inc.
Article by Associated Press. Copyright-free cartoon by Latuff.

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Watch Lists or Witch Hunts: American Terrorist Lists

04-01-2004 20:49

American terrorist lists of today, resemble the FBI's watch lists during the Red Scare in the 1950's. American intelligence agencies are notorious for mistakes, and this latest grounding of Britain to US flights may be due to terrorist list mistakes...Let's explore the recent past activities of American intelligence from the 1950's to today...

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War is terrorism on a bigger budget

23-12-2003 10:38

UK Goverment spend £140 Million on guided bombs.

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perpetual war, perpetual terror

21-12-2003 02:51

an analysis of the military industrial complex and its role in perpetuating the so called war on terror

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The ALF are not terrorists!

14-12-2003 14:52

In reply to the earlier accusations that ALF are a terrorist organisation.

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Cheryl Seal Reports: Deals with the Devil: The Great Anti-bioterror Drug Scam

12-12-2003 16:58

How the most evil, least competent and most inappropriate drug companies (including Donald Rumsfeld's company) are ripping America off in the name of fighting terrorism - while leaving a trail of dead and disabled soldiers.

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Anti Terror Phone Line - Open For Business

05-12-2003 03:15

Bureau Of Inverse Technology(BIT) ENGINEERS REPORT the Antiterror line has concluded public testing and is ready for use. This service enables every phone [home/cell/booth] to act as a networked microphone. For collecting live audio data on civil liberty infringements and other anti-terror events.

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A terrorist nation called the United States of America

04-12-2003 01:13

Dec 3, 2003: (Capitol Hill Blue) This is the story of a man who was taken into legal custody under false pretenses and thrown immediately into solitary confinement. He was held in a tiny cell, illuminated for 24 hours a day, which he never left except to be interrogated. Guards would hammer on the cell door every half hour around the clock, to keep him awake.

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OMINOUS: The "war on terror" and American democracy - some ominous

28-11-2003 23:18

Three commentaries published recently in the US media, all by
well-connected observers of the US military, have suggested that a major
new terrorist attack within the United States could disrupt the 2004
elections and even result in military intervention on the streets of
America as well as the suspension of the Constitution.

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Bush administration promoting terrorism

28-11-2003 04:17

The US has concocted a "war on terrorism" in order to justify, defend and expand it's global agenda.

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We Don’t Have To Make A Choice Between Terrorists!

26-11-2003 15:35

During the past week, four explosions in Istanbul have caused the deaths of more than 50 people, have wounded hundreds and incited a wave of panic amongst the citizens of Turkey. We strongly condemn these attacks, regardless of the identities of the perpetrators and the purpose behind the crimes. We offer our condolences to those who lost their beloved and we wish urgent recovery for the wounded.

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25-11-2003 09:45

There is no evidence on who was behind the sept. 11 'surprise' attacks, in fact there has been no investigation whatsoever thanks to the Bush administration.
Moreover, there has been no evidence at all supporting the U.S. government's terrorist conspiracies:

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Whose the worst terrorist Bush and Blair or Al Qaeda?

22-11-2003 15:12

The horrific bomb attack in Turkey on Thursday shocked the world. Innocent people were deliberatly masscared and maimed. There was no warning no chance of escape. So who is the worst terrorist Bush and Blair who only use armed force as a last resort or Al Qaeda who use it indescriminatly and as the first resort?

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Police Behaviour at Bush protests - Better or Worse? No more anti-terror search

21-11-2003 03:46

In London, I haven't witnessed a single anti-terror search during the week of anti-Bush protests. Did the Liberty case in the High Court have an effect on the police tactics or was I just in the wrong places to witness the searches? If you were searched in London, please let Liberty know, since they lost the High Court case and are due to appeal it next year.

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The"war on terrorism" or the "war on Islam"? - The Neo-Conservative's geo-strat

21-11-2003 00:55

The war on terror is but a facade for the real American agenda. The war against Islam.