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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Bats Out of Hell: SEE CIAs in Dulles Airport on Way to Crimes

22-04-2007 03:40

Building for Meeting CIA Agents
You can meet, anytime, at a public airport (PHOTOS BELOW), the U.S. government's Criminals In Action (aka CIA) on their way to commit crimes. The Landmark Aviation terminal (FIRST PHOTO) at the Washington (DC) Dulles International Airport (code: IAD) is the place these batty hellions fly out of. It is open to the public to mingle with the CIA agents.

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What if... (by Latuff)

21-04-2007 07:37

Cho Seung Hui, the murderer
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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21-04-2007 03:56

MON 23 APRIL TILL THE 27 APRIL at brighton magistrates court/edward st /...3 anti war activists are on trial for protesting against edo mbms mass death and destruction factory...come along and lend your support to the peace activists..come for just one hour or every day...the more the merryier!!!..let all who can be there...sick of work??phone in well for a day!!and come along and watch the fun!!!let the games begin..see you there....allso demo outside the court 1pm friday the 27th

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Iraq’s education system on the verge of collapse.

20-04-2007 23:35

Only an end to US/UK occupation can stop the liquidation of Iraq's academics.

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9/11: French Hijack Warning

20-04-2007 23:25

There has been something of a stir lately over Le Monde's revelation that France passed warning to the CIA in 2001 that Bin Laden was planning an aircraft hijacking.

Nobody has paid a great deal of attention to the fact that the French intelligence came from the Uzbek security services.

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Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe

20-04-2007 21:56

The following article describes planned terror drills, these are sadly worth paying some attention to due to the number of drills that were occuring on 9/11.

Could the following be describing 'The Pentagon's "Second 911"' and could the response be '"Theatre Iran Near Term" (TIRANNT)' as predicted by 'MI6 Iran Disinfo: The Prelude to War?'

Let's hope not...

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Vanunu Freedom Ride - last stop in London

20-04-2007 10:46

The Vanunu Freedom Ride finally reaches London on 21st April 2007. This bike ride of over 600 miles from Faslane nuclear weapons base to the Israeli Embassy in London calls for freedom for Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear weapons-free Middle East and a just freedom for Palestine. Our ultimate aim - a world free of nuclear weapons.

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Anger erupts in Iraq over Baghdad bombings

20-04-2007 08:27

The Iraqi masses and the occupiers
Four years of brutal US occupation are creating the conditions for a looming political confrontation between the Iraqi masses and the occupiers.

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What is Blair waiting for?

19-04-2007 22:41

A worrying thought from The Peoples United Collective.

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EDO MBM Hide Evidence of War Crimes

18-04-2007 20:46

EDO MBM have removed references to the 'Zero Force Retention Arming Unit' from their UK website just a few days before it was to be used as evidence in the defence of three anti war protesters.

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DISARM DSEi public meeting 28th April @ ULU

17-04-2007 10:29

Saturday 28th April 2007, 2pm
ULU (University of London Union), Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Come along and get involved in the campaign to shut down DSEi 2007.

It is likely there will be police photographers outside the meeting. You may wish to wear a scarf in case of cold weather.

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Islamofascism - Zionofacism - Judeofacism - Christofacsim - Whitehofacism etc.

17-04-2007 06:31

Equitable distribution of Collateral Language!

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Australia: Howard, Rudd escalate support for US-led Afghan war

17-04-2007 04:52

Possibility of casualties
Declaring that there “is the distinct possibility of casualties and that should be understood and prepared for by the Australian public”, PM John Howard announced on April 10 that an Australian military task force spearheaded by 300 Special Air Services troops would be deployed to Afghanistan’s south-central Oruzgan province.

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17-04-2007 03:32

April 23rd brighton magisrates court

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Fight for Justice...

16-04-2007 10:30

Fight for Justice!
While in the name of the fight against terrorism, hundreds of thousands of people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and others - arbitrarily detained - are tortured in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the United States government protects the most notorious terrorist...

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America 'freedom to fascism”

16-04-2007 07:16

'America freedom to fascism”
Don't Miss it!

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The War Against Iran and Possible False Flags

15-04-2007 17:38

It seems the Iranians stalled the Zionist Axis' plans a little by releasing the 15 British spies without conditions. The only thing needed to kick-start the war against Iran is another big false flag operation. Many scenarios are possible. If there's no viable false flag option possible, could they get the war going with fabrications alone? It would be a difficult sell.

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David Shayler to premiere his new 9/11 film in London - Mon 16 April

15-04-2007 15:31

David Shayler presents his new documentary: a rebuttal to the recent BBC 'Conspiracy Files' programme.

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A War to Spread Terror

15-04-2007 14:25

An indisputable fact of globalization and modernization is that sophisticated technologies transferred to the third world countries are controlled by transnational companies and/or governments. This has led to the concept of ‘self-colonization’ or acceptance of Western values and superiority; which deems that third world countries look to the West for research and development instead of self-reliance (Hveem, 1983). Iran escaped this trap due to the disdain felt towards it as a result of the 1979 revolution and the isolation forced upon it during the Iran-Iraq war. Iran learned self-reliance and escaped self-colonization.

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DJ Snow - another one of Tony's political whores

15-04-2007 13:53

Friday the 13th: 2:00 p.m. listing for court room 4.

Sorry, there are three lay magistrates in this courtroom who might be impartial... off you go... Courtroom 2 for me and Jago and that indignant, arrogant, asshole DJ Snowjob

The Ten complacencies of a bent bench: