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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Nafeez Ahmed: The Hidden Holocaust - Our Civilizational Crisis

07-01-2008 20:26

Audio The Hidden Holocaust

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed speaking on The Hidden Holocaust — Our Civilizational Crisis at a public meeting held on 20th November 2007 at Imperial College, London.

See also the notice of the meeting and the first three parts of a four part write-up of the talk:

  1. The Hidden Holocaust—Our Civilizational Crisis Part 1: The Holocaust in History
  2. The Hidden Holocaust—Our Civilizational Crisis Part 2: Exporting Democracy
  3. The Hidden Holocaust—Our Civilizational Crisis, Part 3: The End Of The World As We Know It?

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The Hidden Holocaust -- Civilizational Crisis, Part 3: The End Of The World As We Know It?

07-01-2008 12:32

Part three (see part one and part two) of an article by Nafeez Ahmed on the history of imperial genocide follows, the subject of this article was the subject of recent public meeting, The Hidden Holocaust - Our Civilizational Crisis.

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Troop News (Three)

06-01-2008 18:15

Anti-war tips and hints for the new year, the Americans are having a stretched out election, Go'd'n Brown refused to stand for election here, so he's still candidate P.M. in waiting, let him wait, but for others, the local elections are on the horizon. Time to organise throughout the wards.How many of them can be removed? Consider replacements, raise the level of discussion, the 'sport' is change.

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Why do they attack us? (by Latuff)

05-01-2008 22:56

Why do they attack us?
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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A Second Complaint Against Sussex Police Upheld Over Lebanon Demonstration 2006

05-01-2008 18:12

Letter from IPPC
Those with long memories, going back to the Brighton/Hove demonstration against the bombing of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 will remember that the Police swamped the demonstration, with as many police as demonstrators. They even hired a bus so their intelligence gathering teams could capture every demonstrator from every angle, including children. Particularly targetted were Arab looking people and Muslims

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The phantom terrorists of the War on Terror [Part 1: The Liquid Bombers]

05-01-2008 08:44

"The stories we know about the most famous terrorists and the best known terrorist plots do not match up with the facts. DeepJournal created a seven part series detailing this issue, starting off with the case of the Liquid Bombers. The limitations for liquids on airports are the result of the near attack by these so-called Liquid Bombers. Their plot was foiled just in time in August of 2006. Or was it?

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The western world's war of terror against its own citizens

05-01-2008 00:10

Reposted from Open Democracy (with the original title).

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The War of Terror's False Flag

04-01-2008 23:03

The Western World's War of Terror Against Its Own Citizens

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Charlie Wilson’s War, the Culture of Imperialism and the Distortion of History

04-01-2008 22:12

The Hollywood propaganda machine never sleeps. With the advent of television and Murdochmedia, people forget that it was Hollywood who for generations indoctrinated Americans about the “nobility” of America’s Manifest Destiny and the sanctity of US military actions.

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The Defence of Europe

04-01-2008 22:04

Why NATO and all US forces must be expelled from Europe

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The "War on Terror" and Africa’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

04-01-2008 15:25

If Darfur can be classified as a place of genocide, then surely Somalia, which United Nations observers call "the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa," fits the same bill. But the U.S. and its allies are the cause of Somalia's nightmare - and so, the world is largely mute.

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US military recruiting "illegal aliens"

04-01-2008 11:36

Civil activist Ildefonso Ortiz Cabrera told reporters that US military officers use young men of Latin American origin to recruit for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Liberty City 7 Trial: A Foretaste of Things to Come

04-01-2008 09:54

The U.S. government reached deep into an impoverished neighborhood of Miami to find seven Black faces to attach to the bogus "war on terror." The Liberty City 7 - unemployed, semi-employed and sometimes homeless - were the most unlikely subjects imaginable to entrap as terrorists "prepared to wage a full ground war against the US."

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Invading Pakistan: An idea whose time has come

03-01-2008 20:16

As usual, the Neocons-Zionists are paying no attention to the consequences of their totalitarian designs. They hardly care if Iraq and Afghanistan are in total chaos and millions of innocent lives have been lost. What is chaos to us is a success to them. Without such a vast turmoil, they believe it is not easy to redraw the maps in the Middle-East [5] (including South Asia) and permanently tame the Muslim world in favour of Israel’s expansionist drive.

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Exclusion of Paul or Kucinich from "Des Moines Register" debates : Democracy ?

03-01-2008 12:03

"A "Letter from London" - to America. RE IOWA"
The free thought, integrity or passion that are often found "outside" the ( media-accepted ) mainstream are often the most crucial for that societies future, the existence of its ACTUAL democracy, its ideas about itself. . . . but this also affects the entire world, here in "typically" rainy grey london too.
From each of the two main parties, popular with their ACTUAL campaigners, you mightnt agree with the "isolationism" of Paul, or like Kucinich's exact position on the WTO, but. . . .

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Saint Bhutto, Devilish Musharraf and American Gangster Politics

03-01-2008 09:57

U.S. gangster policies in the developing world have come home to roost, yet again.

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Israel’s Lobby debunked in a new book by two American professor

02-01-2008 11:30

Bungled wars, like the current debacle in Iraq, leave disastrous fallouts and kindle soul-searching for causes and culprits. Suddenly alliances are challenged, accepted truisms disputed and victims metamorphose into villains, villains into victims.
In this atmosphere of escalating introspection in the U.S. two American professors have managed to publish a meticulous investigation into the negative effects of the Israeli lobby over the last 45 years on the foreign policy of the United States.
In the process they exposed the intimidating power ‘The Lobby’ wields in suppressing academic and media criticism of the Jewish state.

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Jan 11th 4-6pm-U.S. Embassy "Shut Down Guanatanamo!" (6th. anniversary)

02-01-2008 10:04

"Shut Down Guantanamo!" Vigil
at U.S. Embassy, London
Grosvenor Square (closest tube Bond St.)
4pm - 6pm
Friday January 11th.

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11 January - 6 years of Guantánamo day of action

02-01-2008 09:41

Six years of arbitrary detention, detention without charge or trial, without access to full legal representation, adequate medical care or their families, at the whim of the US military, for almost six years. Enough is enough. Will 2008 be the year to see Guantánamo close?

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Columbia's Plan: Biotech Hazard on the Hudson - Somers Town build it !

01-01-2008 23:55

Columbia's Plan: Biotech Hazard on the Hudson,en/

Here is an article showing many similarities with the approved London Bio Tech Lab in Somers Town, London. The "difference" is just the name .

Columbia vs Wellcome Trust

Both of them got the Rockfeller Foundation behind...