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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Will we cast our vote for the French Revolution or for the Paris Commune?

22-09-2010 22:06

Barbarism is already worldwide; our Hobson's choice, as a meager possibility, is now either global socialism or human extinction.

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Urgent call out! English Defence League heading to US Embassy for Muslims vigil

22-09-2010 16:55

The racists and Islamophobes of the English Defence League are heading to the US Embassy at 24 Grosvenor Square right now to disrupt a Muslim vigil for Dr Aafia Saddiqui who is due to be sentenced this week under terrorism laws. Starts at 7pm which is when the EDL are also due to appear.

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Who really benefits from 9/11 and the ‘War on Terror’?

21-09-2010 16:26

Report from at the April 2010 Counter Terror Expo at London Olympia

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Info evening on Afghanistan Sunday 26th Sept Brighton 18:00

20-09-2010 16:14

The Afghans’ voice must be heard.
Sunday 26th of September 2010, 18:00, South Wing Hall, Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton

A unique Afghan – British conference on the invasion of Afghanistan. The opportunity to listen to what Afghan’s have to say on the invasion of their country, and to exchange views and knowledge.

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FLASHBACK: Dialog Among Civilizations – Whytalksfail When Hectoring Hegemon Are

20-09-2010 05:48

What is the point of this dialog analysis and all this verbage?

The point is a matter of life and death for nations. That is the point of this. Let me be very precise.

Either the United States, or Israel, are poised to attack Iran, as noted by many commentators in the World press,...

This is March 2007. I have two imperatives before me: A) I do not wish to hear in 2010 that there was an “intelligence failure”, that it was another Gulf of Tonkin, or some other new contrivance from the imaginative and fertile mind of the hectoring hegemons.

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Anarchist Fight Getting Better, say Europol

18-09-2010 23:46

According to Europol, the european police force, 'anarchist terrorism', whatever that is supposed to mean, is on the you and me, that means things are hotting up......

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911 and Imperial Mobilization Redux By Zahir Ebrahim

18-09-2010 18:56

Please circulate — 911 and Imperial Mobilization Redux

Hello – Please circulate my newest exposition geared towards the mainstream ‘United We Stand’ crowd who know something is wrong with this 9 year long 'war on terror', but can’t put their finger on it, and also don’t wish to tread into the ‘conspiracy’ jungle where only forensic knowledge and deep intelligence lurks. It has always been a problem how to explain complex matters to the “crowd of simpletons and the credulous” (Mein Kampf). The war-mongers use incessant propaganda to get them to ‘United We Stand’. How can one undo that? Ignoring the ‘Uncle Toms’ and the co-opted, here is my commonsensical Socratic attempt to (once again) try and reach the vast majority of good peoples worldwide who trusted their government to represent the public's interests and not the hectoring hegemons':

Thank you.
Zahir Ebrahim,

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The Afghans’ voice must be heard. Sunday 26th Sept Brighton

18-09-2010 12:56

afghans' voice must be heard
Ever wonder what is really going on in Afghanistan and why the West is there and who the West is actually supporting? What do the Afghans really think off all this? What do the Afghan people want and what do they need? What’s the way forward for Afghanistan? And what would this mean for the position of the West?

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Naming The Dead: End The War in Afghanistan

18-09-2010 09:55

Central London event to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan with Maya Evans (JNV) and Susan Clarkson - some risk of arrest.

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EDL V Muslims Against Crusaders tomorrow 5pm London, Hyde Park [Marble Arch]

17-09-2010 17:09

The Pope is visiting London this weekend. Muslims Against Crusaders are holding a protest against the Pope in Hyde Park from 5pm until around 7.30pm. The violently racist and Islamophobic English Defence League will be there to oppose the Muslims Against Crusaders. Some in the EDL who are staunch Loyalists will also be protesting against the Pope AND against Muslims Against Crusaders....

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25 killed in Cartel-Army battles in Matamoros, Mexico

16-09-2010 03:52

Last night (15th of September '10) saw running battles between the Zetas and Gulf
Cartel, and between the Cartels and the Mexican army. The state prosecutors office was
attacked with grenades (for the 5th time in little over a month). The battles have left at
least 25 people dead, including two Marines...

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Oxford Peace Plaque

15-09-2010 20:04

On Tuesday 21 September 2010 a peace Plaque will be unveiled in Bonn Square, Oxford.

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Afghanistan War Vote, Direct Action at Parliament - Pictures

10-09-2010 14:31

Direct Action.
On the day the British Parliament attempts to assemble for the first debate and vote on the continuing occupation of Afghanistan, anti-war campaigners Maria Gallastegui and Skywarrior breach security at the Parliament building and scale scaffolding successfully hanging anti-war banners, a demand to bring the troops home and a section 6 notice of the 1977 Criminal Law Act preventing violent removal.

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9/11 Truth News: A Website Focused on Responsible News and Information

10-09-2010 13:01

9/11 Truth News
Not sure what to think about 9/11? Perhaps you're curious, but you want to avoid the circus of conspiracy theories, lies and disinformation? Starting now, you can go to 9/11 Truth News for updates on under-reported news, effective activism being done by the international 9/11 Truth Movement, and highlights of the best research and scientific information.

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Flying the flag, faking the news

10-09-2010 12:12

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger traces the history of propaganda to Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud, who invented the term "public relations". Bernays believed in "engineering public consent" and creating "false realties" as news. Here are examples of how this works today.

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Report of TP Summer Gathering

09-09-2010 23:56

Trident Ploughshares held a summer gathering recently (2nd-6th Sept) near AWE Aldermaston.

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Pentagon's Half-Billion-Dollar PR Budget to Sell Afghan War

08-09-2010 18:45

$547 million. That’s the Pentagon’s P.R. budget. They’re using it to spread mistruths and misplaced hope in ‘progress’ with one goal in mind: to extend the brutal, costly Afghanistan War.

General Petraeus' media blitz is only the tip of the iceberg in the Pentagon's effort to sell war to the American people. The Defense Department has a budget of more than $500 million for public relations efforts directed at U.S. citizens, a slice of a much larger information operations effort to influence public opinion. But no matter how much they spend on P.R. and information operations, the facts on the ground show that the Afghanistan War isn't making us safer, and it's not worth the costs.

Join us as we fight back against the spin.

More info:

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Activists Occupy Parliament!

08-09-2010 16:46

The view from Parliament
Two activists have today occupied the Houses of Parliament, with banners against the illegal war in Afghanistan, and even a section 6 legal warning. They intend to stay for as long as possible.

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Counter Terror Expo - 19 - 20 April 2011 - Olympia, London

08-09-2010 10:25

The Counter Terror Expo in London is looking for speakers...! :-)