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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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3rd international week of solidaridad with the Basque Country

10-02-2010 19:53

London Basque Solidarity Campaign would like to invite you to the 3rd
International week of Solidarity with the Basque Country. With different events In the SOAS (13-02-10) and the Goldsmiths College (16-02-10).

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Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat

10-02-2010 10:38

Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly.

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Uncle Obama's Cabin (by Latuff)

09-02-2010 00:54

Uncle Obama's Cabin
Cartoon for Black Commentator website:

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Pianeta di Amore Planet of Love Planeta lásky 愛的行星 Planeet van Liefde Planet of

08-02-2010 02:24

Flag to plant on the Planet of Love
Radical performative global action: how 'bout a hug?

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Afghan proverb (by Latuff)

07-02-2010 20:38

We have the TIME!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Hard lesson for Obama (by Latuff)

05-02-2010 02:03

Hard lesson for Obama
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Save Bita Ghaedi from deportation and certain execution.

04-02-2010 17:00

Bita Ghaedi at Downing Street.
Bita Ghaedi is an Iranian woman who has been living in London since fleeing domestic violence in her native Iran. She has been on hunger strike for nearly two weeks and is terrified that the deportation to Iran will lead to her being returned to a country in turmoil as pro-democracy protests are now tearing at the very fabric of the Iranian clerical regime.

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The Stockholm Programme: 1984 is Here

04-02-2010 15:14

Pamphlet produced by a Bristol No Borderer Available to download

"1984 is here, no really, this time we're not lying , honest. "

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6 February:12-2pm:Downing Street:Demo:Shaker Aamer:8 Yrs in GTMO

04-02-2010 10:37

Early February marks 8 years since British resident Shaker Aamer, who has a British family in south London, was sent to Guantánamo Bay among the first group of prisoners. 8 years on, no charge, no trial, no release date. Why? The British government, recently implicated in his torture, asked for his release in 2007, but he is still there. Join us as we demand the government takes action to see him return home to his family

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Congressional hearing reveals US intel agencies shielded Flight 253 bomber

03-02-2010 12:59

A January 27 hearing of the House Committee on Homeland Security established that US intelligence agencies stopped the State Department from revoking the US visa of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The Nigerian student, whom US officials suspected of being affiliated with the Yemeni terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, attempted to set off a bomb on Northwest Flight 253 into Detroit on Christmas Day. Revocation of Abdulmutallab’s visa would have prevented him from boarding the airplane.

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Anthony Blair Testimony, Iraq Enquiry, London - pictures.

29-01-2010 20:14

On an emotional day for many, the Iraq Enquiry hears testimony from former British Prime Minister, Anthony Blair, over his part in the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.

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Iraq Enquiry: Sir Michael Wood Damns Blair, Straw and Croney Goldsmith

26-01-2010 14:37

Sir Michael Wood confirmed today that the consistent advice from the FCO's Legal Advisers was that it was illegal in international law to invade Iraq without a second Security Council Resolution following UNSCR 1441. He also made plain that he consistently over two years advised both Blair and Straw direct that the war would be illegal.

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Blair at Iraq Inquiry - Protest!

25-01-2010 14:58

Tony Blair will appear at the Iraq inquiry on Friday 29 January. on the same day anti-war British soldier lance corporal Joe Glenton will begin a preliminary hearing for a court martial. Glenton faces a decade in prison, Blair faces no prison sentence.

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A Politician Should Not Rule on the Legality of War

25-01-2010 12:55

Tomorrow morning, Sir Michael Wood, former Foreign and Commonwealth Office Legal Adviser, gives evidence to the Chilcott Inquiry. To my mind, this is the most important evidence to be given so far. Michael's then deputy, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, who resigned over the war of aggression, will give evidence in the afternoon, I believe speaking in public for the first time since her resignation.

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Hogmanay in Parliament Square

25-01-2010 09:48

A 1,000 word report of December 31st (Hogmanay) 2009 in Parliament Square, London. The other Parliament Square (in Edinburgh) is also featured. 20 photos are included.

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PMOI vigil for Political Prisoners. London - pictures.

24-01-2010 15:43

Outside the Iraq Enquiry building at Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London, PMOI (Peoples Mojahedin Organisation of Iran) gather to hold a vigil inside Westminster Abbey for political prisoners currently held by the mollah regime in Iran and who are scheduled to be executed.

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Craig Murray: Jack Straw's Biggest Lie

24-01-2010 09:29

I was a British Ambassador at the time of the events covered by the Iraq Inquiry. I know many of the witnesses and a great deal of the background. I can therefore see right through the smooth presentation. Jack Straw was the smoothest of all - but he told lie after lie.

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Nafeez Ahmed interview on Obama, the War on Terror, energy resources and more

22-01-2010 13:10

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed provides us with an overview of the role played by US military and intelligence practices in the creation of terrorism, particularly Al-Qaeda. He tells us about the status of investigations into the Blair government’s complicity with the Bush administration in supporting the invasion of Iraq. He discusses possible factors behind Americans’ long-held denial and dismissal of dark US foreign policy practices as conspiracies. Mr. Nafeez talks about the Obama administration, the ongoing posture of US corporate interests and the desire to dominate world energy supplies, the so-called liquid bombing plot and how it was mythologized in the US, and more.

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Yemen, Energy Crisis, and the Nigerian Crotch Bomber

21-01-2010 15:11

On Christmas Day, 2009, 23-year old Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, allegedly tried to blow up a plane on route from Amsterdam to Detroit by detonating a device stitched to his underwear. Fortunately, in yet another example of the level of sophistication of the new league of violent extremists, Abdulmutallab succeeded only in setting fire to his own crotch, before being apprehended by fellow passengers.