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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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December 11th 2007 - International Day of Truth Action - Photos

12-12-2007 23:33

London - Broadcasting House
International Days of Truth Action on The Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice

A selection of photos from 9/11 truth protests from around the world, held on 11th December 2007.

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Putin Prepares For War

12-12-2007 20:19

NATO are responsible for the Western move towards fascism
Love him or hate him Vladimir Putin is one of the only world leaders to take seriously the frightening issues of the transatlantic ruling elite's move towards fascism that the 9/11 Truth movement also been exposing.

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The war in Iraq and the assassination of Kennedy

12-12-2007 13:16

AT 44 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the war in Iraq and the Bush family saga have magnified the need to declassify documents related to the November 22, 1963 attack that affected not only the United States but, to a surprising degree, Cuba, and the rest of the world.

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Dont let the Palestine-Israeli Peace Processes etc Drop Out Of The News

11-12-2007 16:29

A call for fresh thinking about peace processes.
Dropping out of the news, palestine-israeli voices, amongst others, are too often quietened when the potential for unblocking the situation is greatest.

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Channel 4 - Political Awards - nominate Brian Haw

11-12-2007 13:34

Channel 4 News are drawing up a short list of the 'most inspiring political personality of the last ten years'.

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The globalization of fabricated terror plots

11-12-2007 12:31

Human Rights Watch have documented the case of 22 men who were accused of plotting terrorist attacks by the Egyptian government. The evidence was gleaned from tortured confessions and the media hype surrounding the case enabled the state to extend its emergency powers. However, they remain silent on the question of probable CIA involvement and homegrown manufacured 'plots'.

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Guantánamo Britons To Be Released: A Mixed Result

11-12-2007 12:29

Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison, explains why news that four British residents are to be released from Guantánamo provides grounds for cautious celebration, but also points out that two British residents will not be coming home.

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Moazzam Begg and Andy Worthington on Human Rights in The War on Terror

11-12-2007 01:12

Audio Moazzam Begg
Moazzam Begg, Guantanamo Survivor and author of Enemy Combatant, Andy Worthington Journalist and Author of Guantanamo Files, a student from the Amnesty Society and Shazia Rashid from the Stop Islamophobia Society all spoke to a public meeting titled Human Rights in The War on Terror at Sheffield University on 10th December 2007.

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The Cuban Five: Leonard Weinglass Interview

10-12-2007 21:47

With an energy belying his age, the lawyer has just completed a hectic 10-day tour of the UK in order to mobilise international support for the five Cubans, who are currently languishing in prisons scattered across the US.

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Irish Allies of US Stoptorturenow Show: CIA Can't Keep A Secret

10-12-2007 18:19

CIA Plane: Spotted in N. Carolina, tipped to planespotters at Shannon.
Pity the poor CIA. What use is a secret service that can't keep a secret? Agents of other secret services should be aware the the loose lips and poor tradecraft of the Americans put the foreigners at risk of arrest and worse.

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Property prices set to plummet as Gordon Brown backs deadly virus lab

10-12-2007 01:26

London property prices are predicted to plummet as Gordon Brown gives backing to deadly virus containment facility. Residents of Camden, Islington and Westminster are likely to see the value of their property decrease by millions as the threat of deadly viruses becomes reality...thanks to the MRC/ Wellcome #Trust /Cancere Research successful bid for land at St Pancras.

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Gordon Brown Backs World Class Deadly Medical Facility

10-12-2007 00:32

Gordon Brown Prime Minister backs horror facility despite widespread condemnation throught UK.

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Bush and the oil price

09-12-2007 12:28

The invasion of Iraq and the ongoing threats against Iran are often explained by radicals as an attempt by the US and UK to appropriate their oil reserves for the benefit of their oil companies. Yet this explanation ignores the significant gains for oil companies which arise from conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere. Tese gains derive from a seemingly permanent increase in the oil price.

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Clandestine aims of NIE report

06-12-2007 23:42

The latest U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program was released on Monday and caused various reactions.

Unfortunately, in Iran many people hastily responded positively, and even some government officials expressed the view that the report was favorable to Iran.

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Pre-emptive peace strike: Don't attack Iran

06-12-2007 22:58

We the peace Strike are no longer prepared to stand by and let our brothers and sisters of any country to be victims of the mass global corporate greed that instigates unacceptable aggression towards innocent civilian populations.

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US intelligence report heightens danger of Israeli strike on Iran

06-12-2007 20:00

The Israeli government has bluntly rejected the conclusion of the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), released on Monday, that Iran currently has no nuclear weapons programs. The NIE report directly contradicts previous Israeli claims that Tehran represents an imminent nuclear threat to Israel and the world. While government ministers continue to call publicly for greater diplomatic efforts, there are obvious signs that a discussion is underway in Israeli political and military circles about possible air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

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Against religious intolerance

06-12-2007 19:45

The case against the Danish cartoons and a case for a law against incitement to religious hatred.

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Guantánamo Bay Q & A with Zachary Katznelson – 10 December, 7pm

06-12-2007 15:12

To mark International Human Rights Day on Monday 10 December, the London Guantánamo Campaign invites you to learn about one of the grossest human rights abuses of our times - almost six years since the illegal detention camp opened, we invite you to ask any questions you may have about it to someone who has visited many times and represents several dozen detainees.

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The Faceless and The Dead - The Guardian and Iraq’s Refugees

06-12-2007 14:55

“See The World Through Their Eyes”

For several months now, non-UK visitors accessing the Guardian website have been shown an endlessly revolving animation in three segments that would not look out of place on FAIR, ZNet, or indeed Media Lens.