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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Police State

27-05-2007 11:13

The government is considering giving police officers across the UK "stop and question" powers under new anti-terror laws, says the Home Office.

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Fixed up for the hols, old bean? How abite a week in the Kempinski Grand hotel?

27-05-2007 09:14

The unelected masters of the universe will be meeting next week to discuss more ways of making the poor even poorer and starting more wars. Here is some info about their venue with a few photos.

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Care for a stop and a quiz?

27-05-2007 07:22

The Home Office is planning to give police new powers to "stop and quiz" anyone nationwide in a new set of anti-terror laws that are to be put before Parliament.

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Australia: Ad campaign aims to attract all voters

27-05-2007 05:02

Boycott the Vote week
The message from the $0 cent campaign will also be reinforced through a campaign in 1,700 social justice centres, as part of Boycott the Vote week and pass it on.

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British Oppression Downing Street protest - the usual suspects strike again

26-05-2007 22:56

Well, well, well, or not, as the case may be. Friday 15th June appears to have a "Muslim" protest organised at which Muslims are urged to "Respond to the call of Allah and the Messenger." This apparently, means that Muslims should protest against British Oppression outside Downing Street, although this is likely to have to be outside the fortress gates of Downing Street, rather than immediately outside the front door of number 10, if it even gets that far because Downing Street happens to be part of an exclusion zone that prevents the population of the UK from protesting against anything, much less British Oppression, anywhere near Parliament or Downing Street without first having obtained express permission for so doing. Of course, there is nothing oppressive about having to obtain express permission from the very State against whom you wish to protest, unless it happens in some far off land such as Uzbekistan. Doublethink is good for you and better for your country.

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CASMII Strongly Criticises the Guardian for Anti-Iranian Article

26-05-2007 09:17

The Guardian was today strongly criticised by CASMII for republishing unsubstantiated Bush Administration propaganda on its May 22 edition.

It is feared that the front page article which lacked basic journalistic professionalism, will be used to provide justification for an escalation of the US military surge in Iraq and possible military action against Iran.

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Bush pre-empts Al-Sadr’s Return

26-05-2007 05:14

Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr re-appears just two days after Bush’s statement to the American media that next month (we assume June) will be a critical period in the ongoing travesty that is the Iraq occupation. Bush may have finally received some accurate information regarding al-Sadr’s plans to unite with Sunni leaders and hopefully form a unified and powerful front against invading and occupying forces.

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PNAC Plot Against Lebanon Advancing Rapidly

26-05-2007 01:51

Note that there have been several acts designed to perpetuate and escalate this "crisis", attributed to the group, that American Extremists created, for which no actual evidence can be found.

Sensing a pattern here?

Cui Bono?

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The flaws in the control order 'fantasy prison' mind game

25-05-2007 22:21

No bars, no release date, no point staying

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The March to War: Syria Preparing for US-Israeli Attacks

25-05-2007 21:44

It is no mere coincidence that fighting has broken out in Lebanon between Fatah Al-Islam, a previously unheard of radical militant group, and the Lebanese Armed Forces, days after David Welch, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. State Department, held unprecedented meetings with General Michel Sulaiman (Solomon) the Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces. Although Saudi Arabian, Jordanian, and American channels created Fatah Al-Islam, Syria is conveniently being blamed as the perpetrator in a calculated move to strengthen the manufactured war dossier against Damascus.

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Stop Torture Flights - Demo outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 24th May

25-05-2007 15:36

Here are some photos from the protest against rendition flights which took place outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Thursday 24th may.

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More Right Wing Guardian Propaganda

25-05-2007 11:44

In the light of three men under control orders apparently absconding, the right wing media are having a field day.

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"Anti-British stickers spark protests"

24-05-2007 22:53

offending muslim sticker anti-british
"Residents in an inner city suburb are calling on local authorities to tear down a rash of anti-British stickers which have appeared round Alum Rock."

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Guardian at the Gates: Surging Toward War With Iran

24-05-2007 21:27

US military spokesmen have been trying to push implausible articles about Shiite Iran supporting Sunni insurgents for a couple of years now, and with virtually the sole exception of the New York Times, no one in the journalistic community has taken these wild charges seriously. But The Guardian? Yes, the Guardian. Cole is rightly dismissive of "this silly article," but its silliness, its credulous stupidity, doesn't mean it can't have serious and sinister ramifications. Just as the New York Times was used to "launder" the Bushists' warmongering propaganda on Iraq into "straight news" -- from the leader of the "liberal media," no less! -- so too the Guardian makes an ideal patsy for fomenting war fever against Iran. On Iraq, Bush and Cheney solemnly cited the scary stories their own minions had planted in the Times, now they can refer to the stories in Guardian as proof of the reality of Iran's "acts of war" against the United States. In fact, the Guardian's reputation as a left-wing, even "socialist" paper makes it even more effective in this regard.

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Pentagon Propaganda Occupies the Guardian's Front Page:

24-05-2007 15:32


"Today's article was based on statements made by several senior US officials who are intimately familiar with the problems facing coalition forces in Iraq. I requested the interviews, not the other way round. These officials asked not to be identified. I am confident that they were telling the truth as they see it, on the basis of information received from a variety of sources." (Simon Tisdall Email to Ian Thomas, May 22, 2007)

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London lecture: 9/11 official story, fact or fiction?

24-05-2007 13:11

Friday 8th June 2007 - Separating Facts from Fiction - Why the Official Account of 9/11 is contradicted by genuine Scientific Research ...with Gordon Ross and Calum Douglas

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[POSTPONED] Public Meeting: Voices from Guantánamo

24-05-2007 09:22

Attached is a flyer for a public meeting organised by the Sheffield Guantánamo Campaign titled, "Voices from Guantánamo, How the War on Terror terrorises the innocent". The meeting is to be held on 7 June at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield. The full details follow, please print and distribute this flyer.

For background information please see the National Guantanamo Coalition, Cageprisoners, and Justice for Omar Deghayes,

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Amnesty hits Aust on refugees, women's rights, Aboriginal, Hicks, WOT

23-05-2007 22:21

"We've seen a wave of xenophobia and racism against groups like Roma, we've seen a rise of Islamophobia and anti-semitism on the back of fear about security, about terrorism," she said.

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B52 Two NOT Guilty

23-05-2007 11:23

Jury decides - not-guilty: intention to damage US bombers destined for Iraq was lawful

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Holocaust Iraq: An inconvenient Truth

23-05-2007 03:26

Today, the American public is no longer able to claim ignorance over the real cost of filling their SUVs with gas nor are they able to deny their status as a hypocritical, ungodly, pariah nation. Few people anywhere are unaware of America’s dirty little grab for the resources of weaker nations. For every full tank of gas INNOCENT human blood has been spilt, particularly the blood of those least able to defend themselves, CHILDREN. When faced with undeniable and unpleasant realities Americans seek refuge in the unreality of their televisions or other distracting entertainments. The cost of the American lifestyle today is served to local populations for breakfast, however, the media is careful to neatly package all distasteful material in justifications, propaganda and flagrant lies (that have no currency anywhere but America).