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Australia: Ad campaign aims to attract all voters

Not your ABC | 27.05.2007 05:02 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | World

The message from the $0 cent campaign will also be reinforced through a campaign in 1,700 social justice centres, as part of Boycott the Vote week and pass it on.

Boycott the Vote week
Boycott the Vote week

All Australians are being urged to vote for Nobody in the largest ever advertising blitz undertaken by Indymedia (IMC).

Advertisements targeting 1 to 120-year-olds will go to air NOW, and appear here and there forever.

The message from the $0 cent campaign will also be reinforced through a campaign in 1,700 social justice centres, as part of Boycott the Vote week and pass it on.

Phil Dike from the IMC says people who have to sign on to vote can just vote informal forever.

"With changes to legislation passed by Parliament last year, it doesn't matter if the dealines have changed, making it even less important to enrol to vote and keep your details up-to-date," he said.



Vote Nobody

Poll shows 'mood for change'

A vote for Nobody is a Vote for Everybody. Boycott the election because Nobody represents you! Adam Ant!

Democratic Lost Property?
So far I've managed to note that these things are missing in our so-called "democracy." The democracy you may think you have doesn't exist in Australia today!!! We are calling for an abundance of people who don't believe in the official truth, which is a MONSTER and a lie all the days of your life, to vote for Nobody.

So Just Vote for Nobody This Federal Election. You don't live in a democracy you live in a pseudo democracy. The democracy you have when you don't have a democracy. Which is a dictatorship! You don't need a dictatorship! You're not a sheeple.

If John Howard and Kevin Rudd are a democracy then where is the Senate? COAG is not a Senate! If every time you vote you get a Labor State or Territory and a Liberal Coalition National Govt then you live in a dictatorship.

By the way what would happen with COAG if one party ruled both the National and State and Territory affairs? DICTATORSHIP. But if you consider that being a well-paid loser isn't a bad job and pays well then also consider the handshake between Lib/Lab that is a virtual one party.

If Rudd does get in because he is somehow portrayed as an alternative then I don't see it here? Bummer!

For instance:
Where is the opposition to WAR?
Where is the opposition to WAR Crimes?
Where is the opposition to Military Spending?
Where is the opposition to Draconian Laws?
Where is the opposition to Refugee Detainment?
Where is the opposition to David Hicks 5 year detention?
Where is the opposition to the AWB scandal?
Where is the opposition to Islamophobia?
Where is the opposition to Political Scapegoating?
Where is the opposition to Political Fearmongering?
Where is the opposition to Neo-Colonialism?
Where is the opposition to False Flag Operations by the CIA?
Where is the opposition to the FTA 'Investors Rights Agreement'?
Where is the opposition to HIV Discrimination?
Where is the opposition to the Privatisation of Health?
Where is the opposition to Desecrating and Ignoring Aboriginal Affairs?
Where is the opposition to Subordinating Scientific and Medical Research?
Where is the opposition to Uranium Mining?
Where is the opposition to No WorkChoices?
Where is the opposition to Not Enough Public Housing?
Where is the opposition to Not Enough Public Education Funding?
Where is the opposition to Social Services Reform?
Where is the opposition to Desperate and Disabled to Work?
Where is the opposition to 6 weeks Social Security Payments Cut Off's?
Where is the opposition to Work for the Dole instead of Getting Better Education and Skills for Better Employment Opportunities?
Where is the opposition to Rorting the Social Security System by Corporate Greed?

Vote Nobody Next Federal Election
People want things to change but when ask what they think will change it they ask for more of the same? If things are going to change then they're never going to change whilst people give validity and credibility to a totally flawed system. Federal elections are coming up and it's the same old joke as usual - a "choice" that isn't one! Instead of not voting, how about voting for Nobody?

You should vote for Nobody, because:
- Nobody keeps election promises.
- Nobody has all the answers.
- Nobody will represent you.
- Nobody will improve your community.
- Nobody has your best interests at heart.
- Nobody will make a real difference!
- A vote for Nobody is a vote for Everybody!

OK, seriously now...
It's not just about making a mockery of the farce that is "representative" democracy. It's also about producing more spoiled ballot papers with "Nobody" scrawled across them than the official winning candidate, thus undermining their "legitimacy" (as if they ever had any) to push the same old business-friendly, community-trashing policies that they always do, regardless of who gets in. But whoever wins, ordinary people always lose! Nobody will change that, so vote for Nobody next Federal Election.


Instead of the current system of pseudo-democracy we believe in Direct democracy which is based on equal participation. In order to be free & happy, we need to run our communities, our workplaces & our own lives. Freedom is a way of organising society in which everyone has an equal say on how things are run. Freedom is about standing up for ourselves and resisting unfairness; it is about sharing resource so everyone has what they need and it’s about creating a more peaceful world where we are free from poverty, violence and war. Free people believe there are alternatives to the current political system where a minority force their decisions on a majority and where a few people hold all the power and wealth. We want accountable delegates rather than careerist politicians, shared ownership rather than private profit, human need rather than economic growth, & mutual aid rather than Investors Rights Agreements. Politicians say “vote for me!” We say VOTE NOBODY!
And start organising for ourselves!

”Choosing between politicians in our fake democracy is like choosing between Coke and Pepsi – they’re all the same, just with slightly different packaging” “Putting an ‘X’ in a box every 4 or 5 years is not real democracy. I’m fed up of seeing politicians forgetting about the promises they made to improve our lives once they’re in power.”

“I’m sick of accepting the least worst candidate. Every one of us deserves to have a say in the way our own lives are run. I’m voting nobody and starting to represent myself!”

“Nobody on the ballot represents me, and the very nature of the system means Nobody ever will. Nobody cares about the things we’re really passionate about, and nobody will fight for them except us”

“All politicians are liars - they’ll all keep privatizing everything and crapping on ordinary people”

Vote for Nobody for Victory and remember the Ants.....
Show them that we're not happy with the current system of unfairness this Federal Election. Help get the word out and pass this on to all your networks.

1 Ant can't act alone but in Australia 16 Million Ants can..........!

Don't Vote! It only encourages them.

Written and authorised by Adam Ant for the Ants...


Amnesty hits Aust on refugees, women's rights, Aboriginal, Hicks, WOT
"We've seen a wave of xenophobia and racism against groups like Roma, we've seen a rise of Islamophobia and anti-semitism on the back of fear about security, about terrorism," she said.

Australian nursing home deaths reveal chronic under-funding
One of the principal reasons for the lack of qualified or trained nursing home staff, however, is the chronic underfunding imposed by the federal government and the lack of any legislated minimum staffing requirements.

Govt ad spending to top $100m
It has been revealed the Federal Government will spend more than $100 million on the 18 advertising campaigns it is currently running.

Australia: Police-state measures for APEC summit in Sydney
The APEC operation is part of a wider assault on basic democratic rights under the guise of combatting terrorism. Since 2002, the federal and state governments have combined to impose a raft of measures that would have been previously unimaginable, such as detention without trial, the outlawing of selected political groups, semi-secret trials and far-reaching sedition laws.

$33m spent on staffing immigration test
The Federal Government has spent an extra $33 million on extra staff to introduce a citizenship test and implement changes to skilled migration visas.

Crackdown on 'nasty' summit protesters
DEMONSTRATORS and anyone under suspicion can be arrested and held without bail under unprecedented police powers being brought in for the APEC summit in Sydney.

Defence greenwash on war games a toxic lie
In 2005 the Australian Defence Force commissioned an environmental report into the effects of military training exercises in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) just north of Yeppoon. While that report gave the military the greenwash they were probably looking for, it overlooked issues of the known toxicity of military chemicals and important social justice issues not addressed anywhere else. For the more cautious of us it also provided a valuable insight into the natural values at risk by war games in that area.

WWII bombs dispute headed for High Court
A long-running dispute over who is responsible for clearing World War II bombs from Albany's harbour is headed for the High Court.

Migrant truck drivers will put jobs in jeopardy
The government is about to allow foreign workers into Australia to become truck drivers. The so-called 457 Visa is intended to allow skilled overseas workers to fill labour shortages in Australia.

Hospitality industry urges expansion of 457 visas
The hospitality industry says the Federal Government's visa program should be expanded to include 'non-skilled' overseas workers.

Somerton workers defeat AWAs & Yallourn's stuggle on
Workers in Somerton (a northern suburb of Melbourne) have proved that it's possible to get off an AWA and onto award rates and an EBA. How did they do it? By resigning en masse and setting up a community assembly out the front of the work site.

Direct Action Beats AWAs In Somerton
Workers in Somerton (a northern suburb of Melbourne) have proved that it's possible to get off an AWA and onto award rates and an EBA. How did they do it? By resigning en masse and setting up a community assembly out the front of the work site.

Labor on AWAs
The Federal Opposition says if elected this year, it will allow Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) to stay in operation until as late as 2013.

Budget: War is good for Business
The working poor in debt bondage continue to hve their faces at the grind stone smeared while ex Pollies like Peter Reith now at Tenix military tech are profiting from war. Injustice - you bet your cadet kids life ! "Since the coalition government came to power in 1996 the defence budget has increased from $10.6 billion in 1995-96 to $22 billion on 2007-8, which represents a real increase of about 47 per cent during this time," Dr Nelson said.

Commonwealth urged to act on NSW homeless crisis
The New South Wales Government says the Commonwealth must take more responsibility for the state's emergency accommodation crisis for homeless people.

Look at this sucker
Election ploy, going for the kids...
Costello sells early childcare rebates
Federal Treasurer Peter Costello says many low income families will now be eligible to receive childcare rebates for the first time.

The Real Dole Bludgers
Unemployment figures scandal story (longish)
The important thing is that the only concern anyone in the media appears to have in all of this is the potential of a conflict of interest – not the more basic question of what this means for the labour movement. Will our new leader restore the CES? Does he give a flying fuck about the unemployed? He slept in a car a few times. That gave him “labour values”. We are expected to accept that as a consolation and a proof that he is a lesser evil than John Howard – which is like being called a lesser evil than Dracula. - R.B.

Australian government cuts thousands of welfare recipients off benefits
This relentless assault on the most vulnerable sections of society has proceeded without a murmur of opposition from the official political establishment. In fact, the groundwork for it was laid by the Labor Party during its 13 years in office between 1983 and 1996. It is therefore not surprising that Labor has dropped its previous criticisms about sole parents and the disabled being incorporated into the new regime.

Conference told distressed workers costing economy millions
A survey of nearly 90,000 Australian workers has found 5 per cent are showing signs of stress, depression or anxiety.

Nobody will change that!
In the recent NSW Election a definite chain of command was in evidence: Socialist Alliance functioned as cheerleaders for the Greens, and the Greens supported Labor. Both organisations promoted illusions that Labor could be pressured at the ballot box, and that it represented a “lesser evil” to the Liberals. In line with this, the Greens concluded a preference deal with Labor’s state executive, while Socialist Alliance allocated first preferences to the Greens and second preferences to Labor.

ALP and uranium
Oh, what a surprise. The Labor Party are a pack of untrustworthy BASTARDS who will force uranium mining onto us. OK. A question for Labor hacks. In which year did I first say the quote above?

If anyone seriously believes that the ALP is anti-nuclear, I have a jar of specks of light I can sell you, for any offers over $100. For another $100 I'll throw in a progressive ALP policy that has actually been carried out since 1972.

Lockdown over radioactive future
Activists this morning locked down Victorian headquarters of the ALP headquarters to voice their disgust that each party is locking Australia into a dangerous nuclear future.

The Environment
All the parties go on about the environment but Nobody is actually protecting it. Global Warming is a proven fact just look around you. We must reduce our consumption of coal, oil and gas and so what does the government do? It wants to build Nuclear power stations across Australia. to PRETEND that nuclear energy and the uranium fuel cycle is:

Coal subsidies far outweigh funding for renewables
Greenpeace has accused the Federal Government of spending billions of dollars on the coal industry and failing to subsidise cleaner energy sources.

Scrap Growing Esteem Say NO to cuts in education
In reality the university has decided to go down this road not because of the educational merits but for reasons of status and profit. In 2005, when the model was first proposed, the Vice Chancellor highlighted that over the past 25 years guaranteed federal funding has gone from 90% to 23% of university revenue. Therefore the university perceived two choices, continue to grow at the current rate or opt for a radical rethink.

Time to go to war with your country?
Unemployed to be offered jobs in war forces. She says the scheme will provide opportunities to unemployed people who would not otherwise have considered a job in the ADF?

The news that the French government has drafted a law to give everyone a legally enforceable right to housing should be of interest to the 100,000 homeless people in Australia.

Interest rates to blame for house repossessions: Minister
New South Wales Minister for Housing, Matt Brown, has blamed rising interest rates for the number of house repossessions in Sydney.

Youth homelessness inquiry head tells of 'crisis point'
A national inquiry into youth homelessness has been told an accommodation shortage is one of the main reasons the problem is getting worse. It is estimated there are about 35,000 young homeless people in Australia and the number is rising.

'participatory democracy'
Firstly, I do not see a single candidate I want to speak on behalf of me. Why should I 'participate' in a system which does not represent me? Secondly, our only option to 'participate' is limited to once every three years or so. Ticking a box in secret is hardly 'participatory'. Thirdly, if we DO 'participate' our voices are nothing, when the elected few make decisions which we have NO say whatsoever. For example, despite 90% opposition to Iraq invasion - our leaders took us there. Stop putting fuel in a car that has no wheels. Abstain.

Bradbury-Garrett-Rudd; Hidden Agendas and Allegiances
The choreography was near Stalinist in its execution. Peter Garrett "the legitimate voice of anti-uranium dissent" does his token tantrum Saturday morning. It's all handshakes by the evening and Rudd and Garrett

Govt closing in on Labor's lead???
The Government has again closed the gap on the ALP in the latest Newspoll out today but Labor still holds an election-winning lead.

Ant Music

Bush (Custer) Last Stand In Iraq - War Drums in Washington
The majority of American citizens have the delusion that they actually decide who governs them, when in practice the Democrats and Republicans are only two wings of the same ruling class that owns Congress, just as it owns the land, the banks and big corporations, the newspapers, and radio and television companies.

Stop Voting - Stop Supporting Pseudo Democracies
Just as communicating with the Feds about abandoning the way we live now is a futile process that only buttresses the legitimacy of old ways of thinking and living, continuing to vote within centralised political processes only reinforces their continuing relevance. Citizens who continue to reside within totalitarian-democracies can, at least partly, abandon them by not voting at elections that will never lead to abundance and a better way of living.

War criminals need time, not a timetable: Community
Not only has Labor left the Iraqi's in the lurch by being complicit in the illegal and degrading act of aggression killing over 655,000 people in a holocaust but now they say, after the fact, that they won't leave the Iraqi's in the lurch. So why have we been left in the lurch?

The MONSTER destroys itself, so why do we fight the MONSTER? Why not just build our own world? Think of cost benefit of our time, money and our investment in building a new world - opposed to trying to stop the MONSTER who is always right. I know! We might save some lives! Nah! The monster said… that those people had to die and they'll have to lock people up if they disagree. So we say… well lock us up then. And they do! Then they go off and continue to do the killing while people are locked up. Because that was the right thing to do - because they were just terrorists and you were just a wild animal that doesn't understand capitalism and the way the system works. I know! We'll stop the war in Iraq? But Afghanistan is okay so well just keep on building democracy over there?

Lib/Lab Truth Scale TV
Yeah there was Johnny Howard lecturing about how the Liberals could lead NSW with a Peter Debnam's 'Let's fix NSW' campaign. But the way I see it they know how to 'fix it', all right! In more criminal ways than one. You just have to think like a war criminal and invite the spirits in for a chat about history...

How is it that Prime Minister John Howard can accuse other people of some crime or lies? No, you do not need to be clairvoyant or have any special supernatural talents to meet up with or to see one of the more see-through inhabitants of politics in Australia today. You just need a strong heart and an eager mind. While other people, who are being accused, belittled, tainted or desecrated by numerous criminal politicians and their media allies. Politicians who don't lead us by any form of example and who break their own morals, principals, values, and ethics. Politicians who break their own laws in order to deceive us and to suit their own political ends.

Australia: The New 51st State
John Howard's servility to the US is even greater than Tony Blair's and has earned him the nickname Bush's deputy sheriff. The conspiracy between Washington, the media and politicians is eroding the country's freedoms

If you're waiting for Lib/Lab then you're just waiting for a catastrophe!
What about all the scapegoats the Howard government has produced for their war on terror/resources? Most, still languishing in isolated segregation prisons and still waiting to be heard. Rendition and torture of our citizens? 20 years for thought crimes? Jury asked to push on when they couldn't make up their mind? Rules of evidence and standards lowered in our local courts? 5 years in Guantanamo without trial or charge? Military style Kangaroo Courts, Control Orders? Detention Orders? Indefinite Detention? Then we have Australian citizens being held in detention and even being deported?

Possible Torres Strait survivor sightings ignored, inquest hears
The coronial inquest into the sinking of an Immigration Department boat in 2005 in the Torres Strait, in far north Queensland, has heard survivors may have been spotted alive in the water during the rescue search.

Rescue expert blasts efforts to find Immigration boat
One of Australia's top search and rescue experts has compiled a damning report about efforts to find an Immigration Department boat that went missing in the Torres Strait more than a year ago.

US/Australia: Refugee Deal Trades in Human Lives
(New York, April 18, 2007) – A deal between the United States and Australia to trade refugees housed at Guantanamo Bay for those held on the island nation of Nauru upends international refugee standards, Human Rights Watch said today.

Australian governments covered up 1975 execution of “Balibo Five” newsmen
A coronial inquest, due to resume in Sydney next month, has produced telling new evidence of a cover-up, orchestrated by every Australian government since 1975, of the facts surrounding the execution of five Australian-based newsmen in the lead-up to the Indonesian invasion of East Timor.

John Howard's Terror Tactics
Minister denies Adelaide using last 40 days of water
The South Australian Government says claims that Adelaide has only 40 days of water supply left are incorrect.

Anyone interested in war criminal John Howard's vision for 2020?
War criminal John Howard outlines vision for 2020?

Australian government argues for mass detention power in “war on terror”
The solicitor-general specifically cited the September 2005 Council of Australian Governments communiqué, in which Prime Minister John Howard and the state and territory leaders declared: “A terrorist attack in Australia continue to be feasible and could occur.” The communiqué unveiled draconian new “counter-terrorism” laws, including control orders and “preventative detention”.

'X marks the spot': ICANW launch in Melbourne
The Australian branch of the International Campaign against Nuclear Weapons announced its official launch today at Parliament House in Melbourne...

British Lancet medical journal calls for defeat of Australian government
The editorial condemned “Prime Minister John Howard’s indifference to the academic medical community and his profound intolerance to those less secure than himself and his administration”. As the latest example, it cited Howard’s comment on a Melbourne radio station last week, declaring that people living with HIV should not be allowed to enter and live in Australia.

Politics of fear damaging traditional values: Fraser
Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser says the Federal Government has used the politics of fear to damage traditional Australian values.

Australia: Labor conference outlines pro-war agenda
The 2007 Labor conference again demonstrated that the anti-war and anti-militarist sentiments of millions of working class Australians find no expression within the official two-party system. While the Howard government is rightfully despised for its criminal foreign policy record alongside the Bush administration, a Rudd Labor government will be no less ruthless in pursuing the international agenda of Australian imperialism.

for the lack of a heart
The man from DFAT and a Christian to boot; surely that should be enough to identify a conservative, liar and hypocrite – our Kevin from Qld.

David Hicks very lucky to be tortured, isolated for 5.5 years for nothing?
John Howard must repudiate the deal as it was illegal - done under duress and with an illegally constituted tribunal which didn’t conform to Australian standards of justice. Any confession is obviously worthless. That on the same basis that having David Hicks meant they could do whatever they wanted to him – and did, now that Australia has him we will treat me with the dignity and respect for legal institutions that we should always do.

The US war and occupation of Iraq—the murder of a society
According to this report, Iraq recorded a staggering 150 percent increase in the rate of infant deaths between 1990 and 2005. In raw figures, 122,000 Iraqi children died in 2005, half of them newborn babies. The rate was 125 deaths of children under five for every 1,000 live births, compared to 50 in 1990. According to the Iraqi health ministry, conditions have only worsened since, with the ratio climbing to 130 deaths for every 1,000 births in 2006.
The US war and occupation of Iraq—the murder of a society—Part two
The US war and occupation of Iraq—the murder of a society—Part three

A vote for Nobody is a Vote for Everybody. Boycott the election because Nobody represents you! Adam Ant!

ALP to vote on uranium mines policy


Vote Nobody Next Federal Election

Nobody wins Welsh election!
As a result of yesterday's Welsh election results nobody did win!

Voting Nobody
"TW voting for "nobody" just allows the established parties to carry on the swindle in my opinion, and is never going to change ANYTHING."

I voted "nobody" and here's what it did for me: Faced with a choice of Lab, Lib dem and Tory I spoiled my Ballot, afterwards I felt by doing so I had solidified my belief that I don't want to be represented by bullshit politicians, and that I intend to do all I can to take the power back. kind of ritualistic I guess, but I came away feeling empowered even by this little snub. So it changed something in me, I didn't get suckered in the false pretence of democracy, this election. Fly posters

Nobody's victory rally at the Welsh Assembly
Here's a video of the victory rally outside the senedd after Nobody got 56.3% of the vote in the recent Welsh assembly elections


Rudd has to get past this:

(PNAC) Project for the New American Century, (WTO) World Trade Organisation, (AMIC) American Military Industrial Complex, (IMF) International Monetary Fund, (AIPAC) The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, NATO, World Bank and the CIA economic hit-men and jackles who are all part of the problem.

Only then can he get to this:

Bush (Custer) Last Stand In Iraq - War Drums in Washington
The majority of American citizens have the delusion that they actually decide who governs them, when in practice the Democrats and Republicans are only two wings of the same ruling class that owns Congress, just as it owns the land, the banks and big corporations, the newspapers, and radio and television companies.

Not your ABC


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