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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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fbi and cia "MISSION"

17-04-2008 17:23

The fbi and the cia are experts in deception, the time is come to uncover their criminal and murderous hold over mankind.

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'You don't have the right to silence'

17-04-2008 16:05

Yes, that's what officer 0801 from West Midlands Police told me today at Birmingham Airport when I said "No comment" to his surprising question: "Have you been involved in organising any protests in this country?" And since I was held for one and a half hours to be asked such silly questions, I thought I would waste another hour and a half writing about it.

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We Are Change UK - 11th of every month: US Embassy

17-04-2008 02:31

Members of We Are Change UK visited the United States Embassy in London this April 11th in support of the international autonomous grassroots campaign 'The Eleventh of Every Month'.

We encountered some Iraqi refugee's and a large number of police officers.

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Latuff's Palestine-Israel-Lebanon cartoons available for download NOW!

16-04-2008 21:23

Download for free a Zip file containing 283 high-resolution artworks (cartoons, photomontages, comics) produced by me from 2002 to March, 2008. All the artworks can be freely reproduced, without my formal permission.

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Tucker To Be Released Tomorrow From Holloway

16-04-2008 15:45

Dear Mr. Governor of Holloway...

GIVE HER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review: Independent Film Festival 2008 - BFI London - The Elephant in the Room

16-04-2008 12:05

A review of "The Elephant in the Room" a documentary by Dean Puckett on the 9/11 Truth Movement and First Responders screened at the Independent Film Festival - BFI London 14th April.

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Kings of the Nuclear Jungle

16-04-2008 01:06

Nuclear Kings of the Jungle
Russia nuclear support designs, German technology applications, Eastern European productions, Iran contractor equipment smuggling, Iran bank money-laundering, Russia contacts in South Africa and Uganda arranging Congo black-market nuclear yellow-cake, uranium, cobalt, beryllium, and columbite-tantalum ( coltan ) smuggling to Kazakhstan metallurgy processing, delivering new Iran strategic war plans using individual Tactical Nuclear Terrorists ( TNT ).

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Shut Down Guantánamo! London Actions in April & May

15-04-2008 20:44

All pictures courtesy of D. Viesnik
The London Guantánamo Campaign has held weekly demonstrations outside the US Embassy on Friday evenings since February 2007. This month, we decided to extend our demonstrations to target other co-sponsors and profiteers from torture and the "war on terror". For details of these actions and next month's schedule, read on.

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John C. Yoo-- USA's EICHMANN --photos essay

15-04-2008 17:12

Author of Bush's Torture Policy
John ("Jack") Choon Yoo is America's Eichmann. Bear with me, I am not making this up; I'll give you the links to "reputable" MAINSTREAM sites. Furthermore, Yoo is the biggest personal threat to the U.S. Constitution. He wrote two infamous Torture Memos of the U.S. Justice Dept. He has prepared legal briefs paving the way for George Bush (or some successor) to become an actual -- not virtual -- dictator of the United States. This testicles bit is so incredible I will just give you the link: He would authorize U.S. military and intelligence to crush the testicles of young boys to get their parents to talk! (And U.S. troops and CIA agents have proven themselves capable of worse atrocities.)

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April 11th 2008 - International Day of Truth Action - Photos

14-04-2008 21:35

Photos from protests from London and around the world from the autonomous grassroots campaign for International Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice.

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Turkey as a US Security Partner: RAND Corporation report

14-04-2008 20:06

According to the Financial Times [1], US President George Bush and Russia's President Putin decided at the NATO Summit in Bucharest that the alliance should welcome a missile defence system in Europe and extend it to Turkey and areas in the Balkans that would not be covered by current US plans. We publish below the relevant excerpts of a report by the RAND Corporation on US Foreign Policy towards Turkey. A recent article on Turkey [2] may help to contextualise the arguments put forward in this report.

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Carter: Zionist shill

14-04-2008 19:23

Jimmy Carter proved today that he had been bought by the Zionist lobby when he described attacks on the Zionist city of Sderot as "despicable" and "criminal".

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Torture is US

14-04-2008 16:06

Scooter meets his customers
This film covers the adventures of our intrepid Guerrilla film maker, Scooter as he turns himself into a entrepreneurial master of war. Scooter Twomey endeavours to set up his own independent torture company in lieu of the CIA being banned from Europe for extraordinary rendition.

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Extra London showing of 'On the Verge'

14-04-2008 12:56

On the Verge - extra London showing - 7pm, April 21st - London Action Resource Centre

Cos lots of folk missed it at Housmans (couldn't get in) State_of_Emergency cordially invites anybody who hasn't seen this important movie to an extra showing.

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Pope will pray for the redemption of Islamic terrorists at Ground Zero

13-04-2008 14:28

The Pope will pray for the redemption of Islamic terrorists when he visits
the site of the September 11 attacks in New York next week.

The pontiff will call for terrorists to convert to Christianity, saying:
"Turn to Your way of love those whose hearts and minds are consumed with

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Is the CIA behind the China-bashing Olympics protests?

12-04-2008 21:27

The “Save Tibet,” “Save Darfur,” and “Help Falun Gong” movements are as deceptive as the “war on terrorism.” The “causes” are controlled by Anglo-American intelligence apparatuses and/or co-opted by them, in order to provide the masses with the propaganda justification for wars and intervention, and resource conquest.

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Smash EDO tour comes to Sheffield!

12-04-2008 21:11

"Every bomb that is dropped, every bullet that is fired in the name of this War of Terror has to be made somewhere. And wherever that is, it can be resisted."

The Smash EDO film, "On The Verge" is being shown at 4pm on Friday the 25th April at Lecture Theatre 3 in the Arts Tower at the University of Sheffield

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The obstructor of the torch relay in Paris is spy from China?

12-04-2008 17:22

According to photos released by the chinese governmental press shows that the man who interfered the torch relay had been acting with chinese group.

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Remember:reopen All the SFO enquiries . . . . Minderbinder Aerospace Slushfund!

12-04-2008 14:33

A little success in court could expose a lot of problems to solutions - if the serious fraud enquiry is told to relook at all its "we wont follow up these aspects" pronouncements - most of all in relation to the dodgy "networks" of ex-covert ops types or "dual-payment scheme" neighbourhood watch types ( QUIS CUSTODIAT CUSTODIES INDEED! )- in the British Isles as much as globally - that shook cash out of this corporation amongst others then hid its actions under such spurious excuses as commercial secrecy or national security - in this case - most weirdly - Saudi national security, allegedly!!!!

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'War on terror' propaganda of the British press is in high gear

11-04-2008 22:52

The Times, 11 April 2008
Although the selected items below are from today's Times and Sun only, the British press as a whole is involved in this massive disinformation campaign.