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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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National Squat Meetup. 14/15 March. Bristol Area

06-02-2009 18:23

national squat meetup
NATIONAL SQUAT MEET 2009 to be held in the Bristol Area, in March. Come get involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photographers snap into action over new law

06-02-2009 15:29

Comedian Mark Thomas is to join with NUJ members in an event to highlight the threat of a new UK law that could be used against press photographers taking pictures of the police.

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Jail for photographing police?

06-02-2009 12:58

The relationship between photographers and police could worsen next month when new laws are introduced that allow for the arrest - and imprisonment - of anyone who takes pictures of officers 'likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'.

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women's unruly peace cam(pain) - continues in the face of adversity

05-02-2009 22:25

Peace women defeat Ministry of Defence in freedom to protest case

A Ministry of Defence (MoD) byelaw banning camping outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston was quashed by the court of appeal today. The case, heard on 26th November 2008, was an appeal in the Judicial Review of the Secretary of State for Defence's decision to introduce byelaws which would have criminalised camping as a form of peaceful protest.

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The War on Terror is a Hoax

05-02-2009 22:18

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush’s last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.

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Obama: Release Binyam, Stop Torture Cover-Up - Demo Friday, 6pm, US embassy

05-02-2009 21:09

US torture and British complicity in it has been in the headlines this week, along with government cover-ups on both sides of the Atlantic, in light of the urgent case of former London resident and current Guantánamo detainee Binyam Mohamed.

Please join us for a demonstration on Friday, 6 February, from 6-7pm, outside the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, London. W1A 1AE (nearest tube: Bond Street / Marble Arch).

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The Other Side of Gaza

05-02-2009 21:06

The Israelis invaded Gaza the day I went on leave. My Blackberry started buzzing with messages, and did not let up for 22 days. One of my contacts in Gaza City SMSed me on the first night of bombing: ``WE R NOT ALONE. ALLAH + US. 3 YEARS SIEGE. WE STILL STRONG.''

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Welsh Assembly Govt implicated in Israeli war crimes

05-02-2009 20:26

Welsh Assembly Government money has funded research facilities which have been used to develop military hardware employed by the Israelis during their recent onslaught against the people of Gaza.

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Change? Or Just Charisma

05-02-2009 15:41

Lest one tallies up its achievements, of the 1330 dead Palestinians: 437 children, 110 women, 123 elderly men, 14 medics and 4 journalists. 5000 injured, of which 1890 are children. An estimated destruction worth $ 1.5 billion, the use of white phosphorous and other illegal weapons, and over 1.5 million horrific stories to listen to. Only the sadistic fascist type would later bathe in self-exuberance by calling this a ``success''. Yet in Israeli politics, launching the all-out war machine and destroying the lives of innocents in the name of `security' to gain or retain votes isn't new.

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Did the Israeli Army Wage a Jewish Jihad in Gaza?

04-02-2009 21:43

Extremist rabbis and their followers, bent on waging holy war against the Palestinians, are taking over the Israeli army by stealth, according to critics.

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Take URGENT ACTION: Binyam Mohamed/UK involvement in torture

04-02-2009 18:10

Bring Binyam Back
On 1 February, several newspaper reported that Binyam Mohamed, who has been on hunger strike for over a month, is "close to death". Today, a High Court judgment revealed that the US bullied the UK into not disclosing information it has about Binyam's torture in Morocco or it would not share intelligence information any more (please see Reprieve press release below). Take action now...time is running's now or never for Binyam!

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TONIGHT Tamil Solidarity Film & Discussion Night 8pm

04-02-2009 12:09

Tamil Solidarity Film & Discussion Night

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Killing More Of Them - reporting war crimes to the Police

04-02-2009 11:05

A short film about Chris Coverdale from Make Wars History reporting war crimes to the police. Please visit for more information about the Laws of War and how you can report war criminals at your local police station.

Produced and Directed by Dean Puckett

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Gaza DEC appeal veto Birmingham's 'BBC Mailbox' Studio picketed 31st January 09

04-02-2009 05:58

Mukhtar reading a poem
The BBC claims it cannot show the appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee because it does not want to compromise its commitment to impartiality" Its head Mark Thomson has neglected to mention his visit to Israel in November 2005, where he held “peace talks” with Ariel Sharon over alleged anti-Israeli bias in the BBC. or his Jewish wife Jane Blumberg is a Zionist,

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Tamilgotcha! Westminster Bridge occupied for 3 hours - Sat 31st Jan

03-02-2009 02:24

The march arrives at Parliament Square, 3pm
On Saturday 31st January, 100,000 people marched past the Houses of Parliament in protest at Sri Lanka's war against it's own Tamil minority. A breakaway group of around 80 left the prescribed route and sat down on Westminster bridge, the police were able to quickly drag them back onto the pavement. But when a far larger group pushed through police lines to join them, the police were overwhelmed. Having only allowed for a march of 5,000, they were unable to move the protesters on until sufficient backup units arrived hours later.

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Palestine Teach-in: February 7th

02-02-2009 22:23

On Saturday 7th February from 9.30 am Nottingham Stop the War Coalition are organising an all day educational event entitled, "Palestine and the War on Terror: From Words to Action."

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Continuance of unabated creeping Fascism - Photographing Police - Go to jail

02-02-2009 15:40

Bruising from baton injury
The Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 set becomes law on 16 February, amends the Terrorism Act 2000 in regards to offences relating to information about members of armed forces, intelligence services, or police

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President Obama, Don't Become Complicit in Their Crimes!

01-02-2009 21:01

On Thursday, January 29th, I sent President Obama this message:

"Mr. President: The Bush Administration lied to the people in pursuit of war. As a result, at least one million Iraqis and thousands of U.S. soldiers are dead. Thousands more are maimed. The stature of the U.S. is severely damaged. The U.S. Constitution is in shreds after signing statements, wiretaps, and torture. Your obligation is to investigate and bring to justice those who violated U.S. and international law, such as the torture treaty. Failure to do so makes you complicit in their crimes."

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Westminster Peace Procession

01-02-2009 18:36

Thou Shall Not Kill.
This is a call for all Peace campaigners from all faiths, and no faith, to gather on the first Sunday of every month outside Westminster Cathedral, to carry a petition and various banners through to Westminster Abbey, through Parliament Square, to Downing street (where the petition is handed in) and then on to the Edith Cavell Memorial.

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Tamils protesting in London 31/01/09

01-02-2009 13:48

About 100,000 Tamil protesters marched through the streets of London on sunday (31/01/09) to highlight the need for an intervention in Sri Lanka.