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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Ignoring the Intelligence: How New Labour Helped Bring Terror to London

22-07-2005 17:34

By pursuing policies that are increasing the threat of terrorist attacks on Britain, New Labour has rendered itself fundamentally unfit to govern

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Farenheit 7/7

22-07-2005 15:36

The reaction sinces the bombs is creating an asmosphere of panic, hate and intollerance.

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Idea - New Anti-terror legislation

22-07-2005 12:32

I have an idea but I would like to run it past people, especially those of a legal persuasion

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In Times of Terror the Truth takes a Tumble

15-07-2005 21:45

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”, said Mark Twain. Modern communications help the lie travel even further, although Velcro having replaced lace-ups, the truth is not all that slow anymore in getting ready – mainly thanks to the internet.

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Sellafield closed due to terrorist threat

14-07-2005 21:09

Inside information on Sellafield

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Vigil in Solidarity with Terror Victims

14-07-2005 07:11

Vigil in solidarity with the victims of terror, in London and around the world. 6:00pm, Saturday 16 July, Southampton Peace Fountain.

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Interview on Terror Drills still on BBC 5 drive til Thursday

13-07-2005 08:50

Conventionally blinkered minds have been trying to rationalize away the eerie fact of the terror drills at the same time and places as the real explosions. They even cast doubt on the authenticity of the audio clip on Alex Jones website.

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7/7 Thursday: 7/7 Thursday: A failure of the emotions

13-07-2005 04:19

mole brigade
Written in couplets but as a poem in prose, an elegy without sentimentality

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London Terror Tip-off: Timeline Refutes Israeli Denial

10-07-2005 10:33

In all the rush and emotion of Terror Thursday, I had forgotten the number one axiom for a libertarian journalist: if a government says something, we have to assume they're lying. This goes double for the government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, which has turned "for you own good" paternalism into an excuse for a worrying authoritarianism.

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SEARCHLIGHT: No to fascist Muslim terror

09-07-2005 04:25

It seems likely that the bombings were the responsibility of Islamist terrorists – religious fanatics who are nothing more than clerical fascists.

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London terror bombings: a political crime

09-07-2005 00:11

The criminal nature of these outrages is underscored by the fact that they occurred in a city that has been the scene of innumerable protests against imperialism and war. In February 2003, more than 1 million people marched in London to oppose the plans of the US and Britain to invade Iraq.

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If the brit government really took the terrorists threats seriously..

08-07-2005 22:44

If the brit government really believed and took al-ciaeda threats seriously.

Knowing the fact that they were dealing with rich ruthless disassociated cold blooded killers (trained by our own ruthless dissociated psychopaths at CIA black ops in Afghanistan in the 1980's, programmed and trained to kill and maim Russian soldiers mercilessly).

The security services should have put in place, body frisking and bag searching check points at the entrance of London tubes and on entering buses a long time ago.

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What a great time for a "Terrorist Attack."

08-07-2005 22:33

The timing of the "Terrorist Attacks" in London is curious indeed.

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Anti-state terror action

08-07-2005 20:35

Leafletting outside Waverley Station. "London Bombs and G8-Politics - Terrorist Acts of a System in Crisis"

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G8 and Terror - Qui bono?

08-07-2005 13:57

comentary on yesterday's terror and G8 summit
Terror and who profits? The G8 becoming a farce.
terror in London compared to US-British involment in Iraq. The causes of terrorism and how we can fight them.

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08-07-2005 11:28

An historian´s analysis of 9-11 +

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Photos from 7/7 Edinburgh vigil against war and bombings

08-07-2005 11:28

Fight Poverty, Not (in) War(s)
Photos from a vigil held in Edinburgh last night. There are also photos of an Iranian contingent who were there last night and held a demonstration in the same location at 11am today. more info at