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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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No Inquest into the Death of Dr. David Kelly

16-07-2007 11:14

The Elephant in the Living Room of the United Kingdom

"Where the law ends, tyranny begins" Henry Fielding

Just as Uncle Sam is busy shredding the constitution, so too is John Bull over here in the UK. But there is little concern being registered in the mainstream media, which subtly reinforce casual disregard for our laws.

Dr David Kelly was found dead on Harrowdown Hill four years ago. This is made prominent by the recent "abdication" of Mr Anthony Blair, and the publication of the diaries of his aide, Mr Alastair Campbell, seemingly transcribed and selected by the author himself. The death is spoken of as 'suicide' by almost all servants of the fourth estate. That the inquest was adjourned and never completed is not a cause for any wavering. The verdict has been assumed and so it stands.

There are many instances of this slide towards the whisper and the nods of ignorant agreement. The night after 52 persons met their deaths by bombing in London two years ago, Anthony Blair declared at the G8 summit that "a public inquiry would be ludicrous". Really? There has been no judicial response to these four atrocities, and yet it is widely accepted, including by "civil rights" spokespeople, that "radicalised" Muslims were the culprits.

The piece below underlines some central facts in the United Kingdom's handling of Kelly's high profile and unnatural death. Nothing was right about the ensuing investigation.

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Sir Ian Blair - "Pick on someone your own size - pr*ck!"

16-07-2007 10:52

Sir Ian Blair - I Charity Sweet will have your guts for garters mate!

YOU will be attending the Hague in the near future with your war criminal buddies.

Mark my words!

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Regurgitating Osama’s Greatest Hits

16-07-2007 08:41

In the wake of the Dorgan and Conrad amendment designed “to double the reward for information leading to the capture or death of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks,” as KXMB in North Dakota puts it, a “new” Osama video has surfaced, prompting the corporate media to circle like a brood of hungry vultures.

It remains to be seen if “al-Qaeda” or its purported “home-grown imitators” will strike this summer. No doubt, as usual, it will depend on political expediency, especially now that even neocon-friendly Republican Congress critters are weary of the neocon “effort” in Iraq.

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Mark Thompson asks for help to get liars out of the BBC

16-07-2007 01:11

Can we have a bit more of the old educate, inform and entertain please and less of the lies? Read the following memo from Mark Thompson, the Director-General of the BBC, to all BBC employees very carefully. Everyone who has evidence of BBC inaccuracy should contact him in the next 24 hours to make him aware of any programs which have mislead the general public. I believe his email address is: and the BBC's tel. no. at Television Centre is 0208 743 8000.

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William Rodriguez - inside the World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attacks

15-07-2007 23:52

William Rodriguez with
Witness interviewed - from inside the World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attacks

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Iran and Beyond: Total War is Still on the Horizon

15-07-2007 21:32

An invasion of Iran is imminent, because that is the only solution the Bush gang and the corporate mafia it serves can conjure to rally the American people behind their quest for global dominance. The Democratic Party is one with the Republicans in the mission to subjugate Tehran. Although the Iraq war failed to establish a New American Century, the century ain't over, and the imperial ambition remains. Barack Obama stands in the wings with a proposal to add 100,000 new troops to the military - reinforcements for a depleted and overspent machine that has been ground to a halt by Iraqi nationalists. When the ruling class demands unity of the people, they call for war. The next one will be against Ayatollahs whose names none of us can even pronounce.

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Michel Chossudovsky: 'Canada and the Afghan War' and 'America's "Long War"'

15-07-2007 20:36

Two presentations by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Canada and the Afghan War a keynote presentation at the University of Winnipeg from 28th October 2006 and America's "Long War", from the Truman Doctrine to the NeoCons, the History of US War Crimes an address to the opening session of the Perdana Global Peace Forum to Criminalize War, Kuala Lumpur, 5-7th February 2007.

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German TV: Kurds Used to Attack Iran

15-07-2007 13:03

Last month, as the corporate media mulched over renewed Pentagon claims Iran is providing deadly IEDs to Iraqi “insurgents,” German television reported the Maoist Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or Partiya Karkaren Kurdistan (PKK), has “killed over 200 Iranians,” a handful by way of IED, according to a PKK terrorist quoted by German ARD television (original in German).

PJAK enjoys full neocon support, as should be expected, never mind PKK’s supposed lunatic Maoist persuasion.

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Fortress Carmel Agrexco breached by Peace Activists

15-07-2007 12:20

Sunday the 15th of July, ten activists entered Carmel Agrexco depot in Hayes Middlesex. The Israeli flag that usually flies was replaced with a Palestinian flag and the black flag of anarchy took the place of the Union Jack.

Carmel Agrexco import illegal produce from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

These settlements, exist in serious breach of international law, are guarded by the Israeli army using numerous check points and the Apartheid wall, as a result of land theft from the Arab population in breach of international peace agreements

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Policing FIT for "serious and sustained" terror?

13-07-2007 23:41

...but I eventually got a portrait of all their unhappy faces

"[But]our services and police do a heroic job for our country day in day out and I can say that over the past years, as this particular type of new and awful terrorist threat has grown, they have done their utmost to keep this country and its people safe.As I saw again from the meeting of COBR this morning, their determination to get those responsible is total." Tony Blair 11 July 2005

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The Media on ‘Global Terror’

13-07-2007 22:17

Y‘know it’s amazing really, considering that for centuries Europeans have been invading other countries, enslaving their peoples, ripping off their resources and in the process impoverishing much of the planet. And what is more, moving in and taking up residence without so much as a ‘by your leave’ let alone being put through an intensive examination upon their arrival.

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How Terror Has Lost Its Meaning

13-07-2007 21:26

War can no longer be distinguished from terror

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Halo-8 Letting Animals Out of Their Cages

13-07-2007 16:55

Theatrical Poster
Controversial feature film Your Mommy Kills Animals get worldwide distribution

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GETTING OUT OF "The spin we're in". . . . REMEMBER "CONSPIRACY"?

13-07-2007 14:28

As last weeks USA Social Forum in NEW YORK votes to support the 911 re-inquiry, a few days after the ex-secret documents from 1973 are released to the public by the cia ( including references to the initial in-house research into "administration of the mind" - that conmens dream - the use of chemicals, electricity, radiation etc to exacerbate the effects of mesmerism -) old easy dismissals of awkward facts as "conspiracy" are obsolete to serious observers.

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Truth flyers interpreted as "terrorist literature" by police

12-07-2007 22:16

The Truth movement is interpreted as terrorist by Bradford police

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What drove a doctor to become a suicide bomber?

12-07-2007 16:55

The detention of at least seven medics in connection with last week’s failed terror attacks in Britain has added to the public’s sense of shock. All the more so since the alleged perpetrators of the attacks were both initially identified as doctors working at Glasgow’s Royal Alexandra Hospital.

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Scotland United Against Terrorism

12-07-2007 10:13

Scotland United Against Terrorism
It's been an incredible week. The despondency of the attack on Glasgow airport a week ago was turned on it's head in Glasgow today at the extraordinary Scotland United Against Terrorism rally.

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"Accidents" of War: The Time Has Come for an Honest Discussion of Air Power

12-07-2007 09:15

The first news stories about the most notorious massacre of the Vietnam War were picked up the morning after from an Army publicity release. These proved fairly typical for the war. On its front page, the New York Times labeled the operation in and around a village called My Lai 4 (or "Pinkville," as it was known to U.S. forces in the area) a significant success. "American troops caught a North Vietnamese force in a pincer movement on the central coastal plain yesterday, killing 128 enemy soldiers in day-long fighting." United Press International termed what happened there an "impressive victory," and added a bit of patriotic color: "The Vietcong broke and ran for their hide-out tunnels. Six-and-a-half hours later, ‘Pink Village' had become ‘Red, White and Blue Village."

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War Crimes, USUK Hypocrisy & Collective Responsibility

11-07-2007 17:11

The author, Günther Grass
The ultimate crime has been committed! And just as we judged post-war Germany guilty, we in the USUK are, in the eyes of truth and by our own erstwhile standards, collective war criminals now!

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Canadian PM says NO to extending Afghan combat mission

11-07-2007 17:09

Cdn Prime Minister Harper says he has no desire to prolong Canada’s combat mission in southern Afghanistan beyond 2009