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Sir Ian Blair - "Pick on someone your own size - pr*ck!"

Charity Sweet | 16.07.2007 10:52 | SOCPA | Repression | Terror War | London | World

Sir Ian Blair - I Charity Sweet will have your guts for garters mate!

YOU will be attending the Hague in the near future with your war criminal buddies.

Mark my words!

Westminster V. Haw

Peaceful protest is a lawful use of the Highway. There is a public right of peaceful assembly on the Highway provided it does not reasonably impede the primary right of the public to pas and repass. DPP V. Jones Tab 2 pg. 254-255

The right to freedom of expression can only be interfered with for a legitimate aim where it is necessary in a democratic society. The state has a position/obligation to protect the citizens Article 10 Rights due to the importance of freedom of expression as the lifeblood of democracy.

Westminster CC V. Haw

The fact that a person is exercising their right to freedom of expression and is doing so on a political issue is a significant factor in whether the use is reasonable. Tab 1 para. 22

Provided the protest is peaceful and orderly the protesters right to demonstrate and of freedom of expression should not be interfered with. Otton J. in Hirst & Aug Tab 3 at page 151 quoting

Lord Denning MR in Hubbard V. Pitt

Charity Sweet
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