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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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beware the Nuclear Rennaisance in doncaster

16-02-2011 11:46

PROTEST AGAINST THE 'Nuclear Rennaissance' event

This thurs 17th at Doncaster Racecourse 9am onwards

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GLADIO - Secret Fascist Shadow Networks

15-02-2011 05:33

This documentary and following books and articles revealing how Britain and America used secret stay-behind networks, not for defence but to inluence political events when any popular movement in Europe that they labelled as 'left-wing' because they threatened the conservative establishment.

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Egypt police kill 10 in Sinai

12-02-2011 21:42

Police Kill 10 - Sinai jailbrek
Reporter: Egypt police kill 10 in Sinai jailbreak ........ EL-ARISH, Egypt - Clashes late Friday in the Egyptian Sinai left 10 people dead and injured 50 others, a Ma'an reporter said. The clashes broke out after Egyptian civilians descended on a police station in the town of El-Arish to free prisoners held by the regime. Twelve police officers surrendered to the crowd, which was able to secure the release of their friends and relatives.

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Assange, WAR and the anti-war movement. Make Space for Peace!

12-02-2011 07:35

Yesterday, Julian Assange's extradition hearing concluded, with judgment reserved until 24 February, when Assange will be back at Woolwich courts next door to Belmarsh high security prison, to hear the ruling.

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Integration instead of a Clash of Cultures?

11-02-2011 15:17

An open letter signed by over one hundred UK-based German students and academics critical of the format of the 'LSE German Symposium 2011 - Integration Debate' - in particular the invitation extended to Thilo Sarrazin and Henryk Broder.

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Related? "Forum of the Future"

11-02-2011 01:41

In a recent cable on Wikileaks, a NGO is mentioned: "Forum of the Future", which I didn't know, but saw a wesite in the US, but also one in the UK, Bristol region.

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U.S. Groups Encourage Spain to Prosecute Bush Officials

10-02-2011 15:50

"Please Do What the U.S. Won't. Prosecute Torturers."
Dozens of U.S. human rights groups will present an open letter to the Spanish public to consulates and Madrid officials on Valentine's Day. They will encourage support of Spanish courts in prosecuting U.S. officials who authorized torture.

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Assange's Extradition Hearing Resumes Friday, Manning Remains Buried Alive &....

10-02-2011 09:10

Catholic Workers reading a Litany of the Afghani Civilian and British Military War Dead outside the Extradition Hearing of WikiLeaks Founder Juian Assange - Woolwich Court/Belmarsh Prison/London.

***More info call Ciaron 079 392 90576 (outside uk) +44 79 392 90576

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Bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria

08-02-2011 23:46

Despot Mubarak in die BRD ?
Ex-minister suspected behind Alex church bombing ...... Egypt`s general prosecutor on Monday opened probe on former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly`s reported role in the New Year`s Eve bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria in which 24 people were killed, an Egyptian lawyer told Al Arabiya. Laywer Ramzi Mamdouh said he had presented a proclamation to Egyptian prosecutor Abd al-Majid Mahmud to investigate news media reports suggesting that the former interior ministry had masterminded the deadly church attack with the intent to blame it on Islamists, escalate government crackdown on them, and gain increased western support for the regime.

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Suleiman: The CIA's man in Cairo

08-02-2011 00:36

Merkel, Sarkozy, Suleiman & Co.
Suleiman, a friend to the US and reported torturer, has long been touted as a presidential successor. On January 29, Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s top spy chief, was anointed vice president by tottering dictator, Hosni Mubarak. By appointing Suleiman, part of a shake-up of the cabinet in an attempt to appease the masses of protesters and retain his own grip on the presidency, Mubarak has once again shown his knack for devilish shrewdness. Suleiman has long been favoured by the US government for his ardent anti-Islamism, his willingness to talk and act tough on Iran - and he has long been the CIA’s main man in Cairo.

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Vigil for Shaker Aamer(last British resident in Gitmo): Saturday 5 Feb

07-02-2011 18:47

Kate Hudson and Jean Lambert
The Save Shaker Aamer Campaign (SSAC) held a vigil outside Downing Street on Saturday 5 February at midday to mark nine years of Shaker Aamer’s illegal detention without charge or trial at Guantánamo Bay. Around 40 people attended and were joined by Jean Lambert (Green MEP for London) and Kate Hudson (Campaign against Nuclear Disarmament – CND).

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Civil Disobedience at Downing Street for 9/11 Justice

06-02-2011 21:55

Gareth reports:

On Monday 31st January 2011, in solidarity with Jon Gold’s action outside the White House, I took a ‘911 Truth’ sign to Downing Street – the British Prime Minister lives at No. 10 – and sat down outside the gates. Within seconds I was approached by a policeman carrying a machine gun who demanded I immediately move, a request with which I respectfully declined to comply with. After ten minutes I was approached by two Ministry of Defence policemen who issued the same request. We talked a little about 9/11. Moments later a police van pulled up and four police officers got out – I was also surprised to see a further four Ministry of Defence policeman approaching to see what was going on. After explaining that I was respectfully going to decline all further requests to move on I found myself being dragged from where I was sitting, put into the police van, and driven away to Charing Cross Police Station

I was released later the next evening having been detained for 30 hours. I’m glad I took a good book!

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We Are All Egypt!

05-02-2011 10:54

We are all Egypt!
Rightly proud of their history, Egyptians like to announce, especially to other Arabs, that Egypt is the world’s mother. The Arabic version is far more tender and poetic 'Misr Um el Dounia'! Light-hearted banter will often ensue between Egyptian and non-Egyptian friends when that statement is brought into the conversation. Today, I think every Arab will concede that, indeed, Misr Um el Dounia!

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UG#535 - Peter Dale Scott on The US War Machine & C.O.G.

05-02-2011 03:27

This week, 2 contributions by Peter Dale Scott, a long established researcher into what he calls 'deep politics'. We begin with a talk on Continuity of Government from the 2010 Santa Cruz 'Understanding Deep Politics' conference, and conclude with a 90 minute interview on the contents of his new book, "The American War Machine - Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and The Road to Afghanistan", interspersed by 8 minutes of Dwight Eisenhower's valedictory address from half a century ago in which he warns of the military industrial complex.

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Clegg confronted by Anarchy & Peace at death park!

04-02-2011 16:35

Deputy Prime Sinister thought he'd sneak into Rotherham today but his visit didnt go unnoticed!

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Khaled El-Masri: ""Extraordinary Rendition" has a human face, and it is mine"

04-02-2011 09:35

From Egypt, where the new vice-president has been overseeing torture for the CIA for over 15 years, to Europe (Germany, Macedonia, everywhere else), countries of this world are implicated in a dense spider's web of torture and deceit...and their victims?

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The Great Unravelling: Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire

02-02-2011 14:59

The toppling of dictator Ben Ali in Tunisia in the wake of mass protests and bloody street clashes has been widely recognized as signifying a major transformation in the future of politics and geopolitics for the major countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). There is little doubt that the Tunisian experience triggered the escalation of unprecedented protests in Egypt against the Mubarak regime. The question on every media pundit’s lips is, ‘Will events in Tunisia and Egypt have a domino effect throughout the Arab world?’

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FRI Feb 4th. *4.30pm-6.30pm *Free Julian Assange Vigil @ Austalian Embassy!

02-02-2011 10:46

* Please forward this email to those who may be interested, post on internet and facebook!
**If you know any Australians based in UK, ask them if they would like to sign the letter below to be delivered to the HIgh Commissioner on Friday.
Email: releasejulianassange AT

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Egypt and Tunisia – The 'arc of crisis' being radicalized! By Zahir Ebrahim

30-01-2011 21:56

Can anyone make sense of this Hegelian mind-fck: replacing their own installed tyrant who is empire-friendly, with a street revolution that is empire-inimical? It is like red-teaming blue-teaming an exercise where only the observers know what the real game is, but either team thinks their battle is real.

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Egypt: Death throes of a dictatorship

30-01-2011 12:22

US-!CANNISTER! used by Egypt-Police
The Egyptian tanks, the delirious protesters sitting atop them, the flags, the 40,000 protesters weeping and crying and cheering in Freedom Square and praying around them, the Muslim Brotherhood official sitting amid the tank passengers. Should this be compared to the liberation of Bucharest? Climbing on to an American-made battle tank myself, I could only remember those wonderful films of the liberation of Paris. A few hundred metres away, Hosni Mubarak's black-uniformed security police were still firing at demonstrators near the interior ministry. It was a wild, historical victory celebration, Mubarak's own tanks freeing his capital from his own dictatorship.