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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Arabs unite against Jordan Terror

13-11-2005 15:00

In a display of anger against the triple bomb attack in the Jordanian capital Amman, Jordan’s Iraqi population joined forces with their brothers and sisters, in a demonstration to denounce the attacks, which took place on Wednesday 9/11/2005.

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state terror GOP Memo

12-11-2005 14:01

ok so i haven't seen the actual memo, but its a corker of a story

have you seen the memo???

if you have post it here


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Howard’s Terrorists

12-11-2005 12:11

When forced to produce, what do we get? The same fanatic imbeciles that were paraded on the local media after the London bombings and some others armed with PVC pipe, ‘sticky-tape and chewing gum’! Compare these outcomes with real bombings in George St. Sydney, in the seventies. Most Australians are aware that, like all other nations, we have always had our share of extremist fanatics, they can be easily located in mosques, churches and synagogues around the nation. There is nothing new in this regard; the existence of social misfits does not warrant the implementation of draconian policies on a national level.

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Dangerous handyman terror threat?

11-11-2005 08:39

Ant-Terrorism Bill!
But the only mother of SATAN here is John HoWARd and his new Ant-Terrorism Bill!

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Terror suspects 'kept in dark'

10-11-2005 23:03

Kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions
"They're all kept in solitary confinement, they're kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions and they're very oppressive," he said.

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09-11-2005 17:20

MP's vote against 90 days detention - first government defeat!

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Blair Terror Bill is an attack on all civil rights, not just on Muslims

09-11-2005 14:00

ALL people INCLUDING Muslim youths would be deprived of rights if the Blair Bill was not stopped. That there has been no evidence produecd in any court of law that ANY independent religious group had been responsible, for any excuse that Blair Terror was based on.

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Lobby against anti-terrorism bill TODAY

09-11-2005 12:15

Protect our civil liberties.

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Queen glorifies terrorism?

08-11-2005 14:06

Queen buys 'terrorist' land

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Terrorism and Security: Canadian Media a Haven for Single-Issue Activists

05-11-2005 15:55

Government policy analyst lodges request for investigation of lop-sided media coverage of two terrorism related cases. Poor journalism widespread while watchdog bodies ineffective or biased.

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CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

03-11-2005 16:29

Salt Pit
American newspaper Washington Post publsihed an interesting article yesterday, 2nd November, about secret prisons run by the CIA on foreign soil. Unsurprisingly, the agency, as well as top US politicians, are trying hard to keep the information secret, as the article shows.

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Terrorism Bill majority falls to one

02-11-2005 17:25

The government's majority fell to one on a rebel amendment to the terrorism bill.

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Hatuel Engaged 18 Months after Family Killed by Terrorists

01-11-2005 12:31

David Hatuel, 34, has engaged a Jerusalem woman as he tries to rebuild his life following the savage May 2004 murder of his pregnant wife Tali and four daughters by Arab terrorists.

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Media neglect of Pakistan, Kashmir quake victims - media crave terror news

29-10-2005 23:18

Why the ‘developed world’ media who control the ‘developing world’ media are wrong to prioritise the agenda of terror

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America's "War on Terror": Part II

28-10-2005 12:38

The American attempt to dominate the Middle East inevitably produces a strong counter-reaction.. America's hegemonial foreign policy has led to a geo-strategic alliance between China and Russia.. The lights could go out over the whole world.

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7/7 or The mysterious case of the non-existent train time

28-10-2005 02:46

Citizen Investigator, London-based Bridget Dunne has been blogging about her attempts to establish the official facts about the London 7/7 bombings.

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Cracks in terror solidarity

27-10-2005 23:16

Struck down by the High Court as unconstitutional
But Mr Howard's push is in trouble as a growing number of solicitors-general, senior members of the bar and legal bodies are swaying premiers to take more time to examine the bill, its judicial safeguards and the possibility it will be struck down by the High Court as unconstitutional.

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Censorship under the Terrorism Bill

26-10-2005 06:29

Criticism and opposition to the Terrorism Bill has concentrated on the proposal to detain suspects for 90 days. The Bill also includes powerful powers of censorship.

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America's "War against Terror" (Part I)

25-10-2005 14:13

"Beginning an offensive war is the most serious international crime," the 1948 International War Crimes Tribunal declared.. The model of a peaceful world of law changes into a Hobbesian world of lawlessness in which only power conquers.

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Terrorist Law to be Used on Activists

25-10-2005 09:18

Todays Times reports Charles Clarke saying the new anti-terrorist law will be used on Animal Rights activists.