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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Anthrax Attack Was State-Sponsored Terror (But the State Was America)

12-08-2008 18:23

They needed a patsy to pin the attacks on and deflect the fact that this was
a false flag operation which also implicated an illegal bioweapons program.
The anthrax attack was a state-sponsored crime in search of a patsy.

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War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation?

12-08-2008 17:19

Are we dealing with an act of provocation, with a view to triggering a broader
conflict? Supported by media propaganda, the Western military alliance is
intent on using this incident to confront Russia, as evidenced by recent NATO

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DSEi Downing Street legal observer cleared of obstruction on appeal

12-08-2008 09:56

A legal observer convicted in February of obstructing a police officer during a stop and search outside Downing Street won his appeal at Southwark Crown Court in London on Friday, 8 August following a one-and-a-half-day hearing. The incident occurred during a peaceful vigil and blockade of Downing Street last September in memory of victims of the arms trade. The demonstration took place while arms dealers from around the world congregated in east London for Europe’s biggest arms fair.

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Climate Campaigners Target Military Base

11-08-2008 17:13

Message to the Base.
At USAF Mildenhall today, activists linked to the climate camp made a surprise appearance. Dressed as military aircraft and traffic jam both with CO2 technicians. They attempted to entertain whilst defiantly educating the troops and passers by. They said they where there to raise awareness of the large CO2 emissions created by Military aircraft.

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Inventing Terror at Home

09-08-2008 17:57

U.S. so-called "intelligence" agencies have always been in search of
enemies, real and imagined. They are abetted in this evil enterprise by
corporate media organs that spread domestic hysteria, and by a Congress that
seems eager to classify all dissent as "homegrown terrorism." The author, a
former congressperson and current presidential candidate on the Green Party
ticket, dissects legislation that would classify as terroristic "the
activities of many organizations of the civil rights era." By such
definitions, "Dr. King's type of resistance to the U.S. version of apartheid
could surely be considered homegrown terrorism."

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Major Geopolitical crisis looms in ME as world watches Olympics

08-08-2008 19:25

There have been major developments in the Middle East. Russia and Georgia have exchanged hostilities in South Ossetia. A massive US naval armada is enroute to the region and the stage is now set for a confrontation between all the major players in the region over petroleum resources, pipelines and geopolitical aims. Focus and organize now!

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Gitmo, Art, Torture, Entertainment - "Waterboard Thrill Ride" opens in NYC

07-08-2008 15:13

probably supplied by the lowest bidder - that is the capitalist way
"Waterboard Thrill Ride" is the name of an art installation by Steven Powers which has just opened in New York's Coney Island amusement park. Beckoned by a sign reading "It don't Gitmo better!" happy tourists can witness 2 robots simulate water boarding
if they put one dollar in the slot and peak through the bars..

They can then go away unhappy tourists.

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Barack Obama in Berlin: "Send more troops!"

06-08-2008 15:07

The flow of people from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column in the heart of Berlin seemed truly endless. On 24 July, up to 200,000 people came to Berlin's central park, the Tiergarten, to hear a speech by U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama. As with the "fan mile" for the European Cup, which had been in the same place on month earlier, there were jumbotrons alongside the countless beer and sausage stands.

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Psyops, terror and policing of the climate camp

06-08-2008 02:50

Police mounted an outrageous terror attack on the camp in the early hours of Wednesday 6th, sounding sirens, circling their helicopter over the site, cutting the flood lighting, then deploying van loads of tooled-up riot cops at the gates in the darkness and getting them to number off and yell 'get up, get up' into the camp....

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PsyOp: Is Washington Intent on Sabotaging the Beijing Olympics?

05-08-2008 20:38

Pre-Olympics PsyOp creates Atmosphere of Fear and Insecurity

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Little Peace Boat Sails Into London, Climate Camp To City Hall, meet 4pm

05-08-2008 20:31

Invitation to meet at Tavistock Square midday for the Hiroshima Memorial or outside City Hall at 4pm for the welcome of "Be Disarming" The Little Peace Boat. Give it a welcome and then a rousing send off returning to the Climate Camp.

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Binyam Mohamed: judges grill MI5 agent and question fairness of Guantánamo trial

04-08-2008 14:12

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” reports on the explosive developments during last week’s judicial review, in the British high court, of the case of British resident and torture victim Binyam Mohamed, imprisoned in Guantánamo and facing a trial by Military Commission.

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DSEi - Downing Street legal observer re-trial on Thursday

03-08-2008 18:45

A legal observer convicted in February of obstructing a police officer in the course of a stop and search outside Downing Street will have his appeal heard at Southwark Crown Court in London on Thursday (7 August). The incident occurred during a peaceful vigil and blockade of Downing Street in memory of victims of the arms trade held last September, while arms dealers and other war criminals gathered in east London for an international arms fair.

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Little Peace Boat on the way to The Climate Camp

03-08-2008 18:14

Nearing the end of an epic voyage, a veteran peace campaigner is about to sail down the Medway and join the Climate Camp protesters, before sailing on to Westminster for the anniversary of Hiroshima

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His High Imperial Holiness Obama Does Berlin

02-08-2008 13:29

While we should recognize that John McCain is a dangerous extremist and dunderhead, many have recently begun the overdue process of demystifying His High Imperial Holiness The Dali Obama in the United States. The sooner the Europeans do the same the better for all concerned.

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Secret “War on Terror” Prison on Diego Garcia Confirmed

01-08-2008 21:58

Andy Worthington, author of ‘The Guantánamo Files’, reports on the latest confirmation, from deep within the US administration, that a secret prison existed on the British Overseas Territory of Diego Garcia, despite persistent US and UK denials, and profiles the six “high-value detainees” held there and later transferred to Guantánamo, plus the “ghost prisoner” Mustafa Setmariam Nasar.

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EDO Corp Fraud Whistleblower in US Court Battle

01-08-2008 13:46

A former EDO Corp employee in the US claims that flaws in troop protection equipment made by a newly acquired subsidiary of the company were covered up so as not to place strain on corporate relationships.

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Another Letter For The Pope And For Ireland

30-07-2008 14:57

Another Letter For The Pope And For Ireland

While the White Pope plays the PR game at home the Black Pope does the biz abroad.
Nothing new in East Timor, Vietnam, Rwanda or Croatia

The following Letter appeared in the Irish Independent dated Wednesday 30th of July 2008. Its contents , which I believe, and which, apart from other references , is intelligible, hinge not too remotely on Papal hypocrisy as well as the infinite depravity of my country under the Papacy’s influence. The Popes even give Caesar a bad name!

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The possibility of a retaliatory attack by Iran on US bases in the region

30-07-2008 11:28

[4] Sunday Times, 13 July 2008
The US Airbase in Incirlik, Turkey contains 90 nuclear warheads. As was the case in Afghanistan and Iraq, this base is likely to play a crucial role in a prospective war against Iran. Moreover, the Sunday Times map (see item 4) indicates that the use of Turkish airspace by Israel is also being planned, with the tacit consent of the Turkish authorities.

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Exploring BBC Conspiracy Files: 9/11 the Third Tower

29-07-2008 04:52

This piece does a 'walk thru' of the TV documentary by the BBC on the collapse of WTC7
on 11 Sept 2001 which was shown originally on BBC on 6 July last.

The most significant sequences in the programme are described with critical comment following where appropriate.