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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Straitjacket Bush: Los Angeles Times Headline

25-10-2007 16:26

The president's warmongering remarks on the Iranian threat suggest he is psychotic. Really.

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Londoners at risk from 'dirty' bomb - Government planning inadequate

25-10-2007 15:57

A US Congressional investigation has revealed the inadequacy of testing facilities in the event of a 'dirty' bomb attack by terrorists on London

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Video: Martin Bell - Media Censorship & War Criminals

25-10-2007 06:12

Martin Bell is a former television war correspondent and politician. Here he is speaking at Lancaster University on 18th October 2007.

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War criminals (by Latuff)

24-10-2007 21:00

War criminals
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Crown Colludes With EDO MBM Lies In High Court

24-10-2007 10:50

New information released under Freedom of Information Act shows how the Government assisted Brighton arms company EDO MBM's lies to the High Court in November 2005.

The Attorney General’s senior barrister provided at the time what appeared to be official confirmation of the company’s statements that it had never supplied Israel with military components, but this confirmation was nothing but an uncritical acceptance of the company's own argument without any evidence.

In this way the Crown colluded with the company to keep EDO's arms sales to Israel secret, and protect the comapny from a US Government legal action.

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Pre-emptive Peace Strike: "Don't Attack Iran" (on Saturday 27th October)

24-10-2007 00:40

Regular grass roots meetings for support and communication, working towards collective international 'peace strikes' in the event of military attacks on Iran.

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Smash Edo Fishersgate Rooftop Protesters celebrate as all charges are dropped

23-10-2007 12:54

The two protesters scaled the side of EDO-MBM’s arms factory in Fishersgate, Brighton on 30th august this year. The pair, both students at Sussex University, climbed onto the roof and unfurled a banner in protest of EDO-MBM’s manufacture of weapons for the US, UK and Israeli militaries, whose combined firepower have caused the deaths of over 1 million civilians in the middle east and central Asia.

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"From Guy Fawkes to 911" UK tour - 400 Years of State Sponsored Terror

22-10-2007 15:45

U.S. 'Terrorologist' author Webster Tarpley tours Britain starting this tour in London on Guy Fawkes night. History is full of examples of elements within the state using fake 'terrorism' to drive the political classes and people into the hands of despots and as an excuse for the loss of civil liberties. Since 9/11, evidence has come to light that contradicts that day's infamous terrorist attacks. American historian Webster Tarpley argues that this is nothing new, serious inconsistencies have been associated with terror attacks for hundreds of years throughout the Western world.

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Urgent help needed to Stop Germany Deporting People to Iraq

21-10-2007 18:36

Stop deportations imminent by the German state to Iraq - Protest against ZAGROS AIR - call for urgent fax
campaign - please read, fax and forward this message!

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Turner at The Tate, Liverpool

21-10-2007 01:17

Opening night of Turner Prize
19th October 2007

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Mon 22 Oct talk: Moral and legal foundations for the right to the truth on 9/11

20-10-2007 10:36

In his lectures, Elias will outline the moral and legal foundations for the right to the truth, the obligations of states to thoroughly investigate mass murder, and will illustrate the extent to which US authorities have violated their international obligations to establish the truth about what happened on 11 September 2001.

Elias’ empirical approach, devoid of speculation, provides powerful conceptual tools to those who are committed to defend democracy and the rule of civilised law at both the domestic and international level.

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Guantánamo’s ghosts and the shame of Diego Garcia

20-10-2007 09:27

A parliamentary committee is to investigate claims that the British colony - shamefully cleared of its native population to make way for a US base - has been used to hold "ghost prisoners" in the "War on Terror."

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Cindy Sheehan: The ‘Fix’

18-10-2007 18:52

There is quite a lot of interesting, but wild, speculation running around the blog-o-sphere, progressive circles and just plain dinner conversation these days about whether BushCo will allow a peaceful and constitutional transfer of Executive power in the ‘08 elections.

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Twelve Former US Army Captains: Reinstate Draft and the dark truth

18-10-2007 13:35

"Such constant rhetoric and legislation concerning conscription, in addition to warmongering with Iran and the continuation of the "war on terror" mantra has led some, including Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts , to warn that absent any real threat or attack, the Bush administration could stage false flag events and terror attacks in order to reinstate the draft, enhance military presence in the middle east and ultimately attack Iran."

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Expanding the Frame: The Holy Land Foundation Case

15-10-2007 21:09

Daily vigil was held across the street from the courthouse every day.
The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the nation. Its trial has serious repercussions for domestic issues, such as the right to face one's accusers in court and domestic wiretapping, as well as international concerns, like Palestine and the so-called "War on Terror." Cut through the propaganda and get informed.

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TOPOFF: Interview Schedule (w/ Urgent Update)

15-10-2007 20:49

Captain May Interview Schedule

The Portland nuclear exercises have begun today, Monday, October 15, and they will last all week. I will be giving regular updates via broadcast and Internet radio on the scenario and any updates. I have two scheduled interviews for today, and one on Thursday, October 18. I give all times in Pacific Standard Time, as the exercises are of most interest to people in that zone:

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"Drum Them Out!" The NSA Menwith Hill demo, 13 Oct.

15-10-2007 19:18

Dangerous activists needing section 20 containment!!
Britain has declared that spybase NSA Menwith Hill can be used as part of the American Missile Defense system. "Drum Them Out!" - was the recent demonstration to protest this and indeed the whole system of American bases in the UK and their total lack of accountability.

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Take Action for Ahmed Belbacha – let him return to the UK

15-10-2007 06:52

Ahmed Belbacha has been held in Guantánamo Bay for nearly six years. In February this year, he was cleared for releases and deemed to pose no threat at all but has remained there as he cannot return to Algeria where his life will be in danger and the Foreign Secretary did not include him on the list of British residents whose return he sought in a letter to the American government in August.

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Iraq war: Nightmare with no end! (by Latuff)

15-10-2007 06:27

Nightmare on Baghdad Street
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Monday STW 'banned' demo. In Pictures

14-10-2007 21:51

Banning the demo probably incereased the attendance from a few hundred to several thousand. It also gave the gathering a mood of defiance.

Perhaps we should get them to ban everything?