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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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CSIS report: Turkey would be the optimum route for a possible Israeli attack on Iran

21-03-2009 11:53

Israeli srike against Iranian nuclear facilities - Possible strike routes
The excerpts below clearly set out the Anglo-American and Israeli strategy to attack Iran in the near future.

Promoting this agenda will probably be the main purpose behind the US President Barack Obama's visit to Turkey in about two weeks time.

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The Iraq war - a fading memory?

20-03-2009 21:54

Since the illegal invasion of Iraq six years ago to this day, over one million Iraqis have been killed. Two million have been forced to flee the country and nearly three million are displaced within Iraq. Nearly five thousand coalition soldiers have been killed and several hundred thousand injured and yet no one has been brought to book for the war crimes committed.

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The SOCPA zone: one year dead

20-03-2009 15:35

It's now a year since the government said they accepted that SOCPA s132-138 should be repealed, but still there is no bill before parliament which would repeal, and the government can only repeat that they aim to...

"My Lords, I absolutely believe in everyone’s right to protest within the law. That is exactly what we are aiming to do. We are intent on repealing this provision, which clearly was not a clever thing to have done in the first place."
- Lord West of Spithead

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Smash We Can! NATO summit coming up.

19-03-2009 19:11

It's time to start making plans to travel to the NATO summit in Strasbourg France, here are some links

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Resisting War Crimes is NOT a Crime

19-03-2009 15:22

The Message is Simple
Free Elijah James Smith and Robert Alford

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Islamophobia and the Jailing of Hicham Yezza

19-03-2009 13:44

In May 2008 Hicham Yezza, an IT technician at the University of Nottingham, was arrested, together with student Rizwaan Sabir, in a well-publicised anti-terrorist swoop. They had downloaded al-Qaida material from the US Department of Defense website as part of Sabir's academic work on terrorism.

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Indigenous Activist Arrested at Calgary Bush Demo

18-03-2009 15:03

Well known Indigenous activist Splitting-the-Sky, a veteran of struggles including, Attica and Gustafsen Lake, was arrested in Calgary during a speaking engagement by former US President George Bush. STS and others arrested were protesting Canada's refusal to enforce war crimes law which compels suspects be barred from entry or held for trial.

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Britain’s insane secret terror evidence

18-03-2009 08:17

A month ago, when Britain's Law Lords ruled that three men who have each spent between six and eight years imprisoned without charge or trial, or held without charge or trial under strict bail conditions amounting to house arrest, could be deported to their home countries, even though there was a risk - or, perhaps, even a probability - that they would be tortured or subjected to ill-treatment, the British media briefly woke up to the story. This was almost exclusively because one of the men was Omar Mahmoud Othman (more commonly known as Abu Qatada), a man routinely described as "al-Qaeda's spiritual ambassador in Europe," even though this claim has never been tested in a court of law.

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Solidarity with Tristan Anderson, another victim of Israeli Apartheid (Latuff)

17-03-2009 17:36

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of Rachel Corrie, Brian Avery, Tom Hurndall, Tristan Anderson and all the peace activists wounded or killed by Israeli Occupation Forces while defending the Palestinians.

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Water Access for Armed-Conflict Victims

17-03-2009 17:07

United Nations.The International Red Cross (IRC) has called government to ensure that victims of armed conflict or other violence have sufficient access to water.

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Free The EDO 2

17-03-2009 15:54

Free Robert Alford and Elijah James Smith.


21st March 4 till 5.30, Horfield Prison, Cambridge Road off Gloucester Road. Meeting at Golden Lion at 3pm onwards.

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Scotland Yard aid in quelling dissent in Greece

17-03-2009 14:44

The Greek mainstream news source Kathimerini announced yesterday that an appeal to Scotland Yard was made by Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to aid Greek authorities in stamping out dissent in the country.

Greece has seen a wave of politically motivated rioting, occupations and direct action since the killing of a teenage boy by a police officer in December last year. The situation remains tense as protests have continued into 2009.

According to the article key figures from the British police force will be offering advice on dealing with dissent across the spectrum from bombings to low level vandalism.

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Canadian lawyers want prosecution of Bush

16-03-2009 16:42

Efforts continue to bar George W. Bush from entering Canada, or to indict him, because he is credibly accused of torture and other offences constituting war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.

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Protesters Want Bush Handcuffed on Landing Tomorrow

16-03-2009 10:24

A leader for the protesters said Canada should not welcome a "war criminal" on its soil. he said Canadian police should put Bush in handcuffs for the alleged torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. "The guy is supposed to be in jail on the 17th, he is under our jurisdiction."

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Teaching the High Court Australia, the Rule of Law and basic Human Rights: when

15-03-2009 12:12

Teaching the High Court Australia, the Rule of Law and basic Human Rights: when is Ignorance NOT an excuse?

The article demonstrates the stranglehold lawyers have on the media. We make Judges out of these people! No wonder the country is in a mess. Lawyers refuse to accept HREOA1986 as law, because it makes their monopoly profession, an illegal one, and without discrimination, anyone can be a lawyer/advocate.

Combine it with our Notice of a Constitutional Matter, Writ of Mandamus, Lets see if we cant celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the year that Australians get confirmation of their already passed and underused Bill of Rights

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We Dare Not Blink: Ramsey Clark on George Bush in Calgary

14-03-2009 20:00

We dare not blink at the magnitude, diversity and pervasive impact of the known crimes committed by the Bush administration. Your acts in common cause an enormous encouragement...

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LONDON: Eleventh of Every Month Until Justice Campaign

14-03-2009 11:48

Pictures from London and the March 11th 'Eleventh of Every Month Until Justice' street action. Visit for more details on International Days of Truth Action and to see more pictures/reports from around the world.

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Hersh: 'Executive assassination ring' reported directly to Cheney

13-03-2009 19:14

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when he told an audience at the University of Minnesota that the military was running an "executive assassination ring" throughout the Bush years which reported directly to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

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Pakistan - Public meeting with prominent author Ayesha Siddiqa

13-03-2009 15:47

With war on terror moving further into Pakistan, the need to asnwer the challenges of neo-colonialism is pressing. South Asian Alliance has invited prominent Pakistani author and analyst Ayesha Siddiqa, with whom we would be discussing present situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan and people's resistance against Imperialism.

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Police 'turn themselves in' over abuse of power claims

13-03-2009 13:08

After yesterdays presentation in parliament of a report into the abuse of police powers during the climate camp protests at Kingsnorth in 2008, the Kent Police have taken the unusual step of reporting and turning themselves in to be investigated by the IPCC. They will investigate claims that the police engaged in a systemic campaign of phycological terror against the campers which included sleep deprivation through helicopter overflying late into the night, mock night and dawn raids by tooled up riot police, and the infamous 'Flight of the Valkyries' incident.