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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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What is the purpose of the Free Syrian Army

20-06-2013 13:27

The west seems to be supporting a very dangerous and disparate group in Syria.

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Free Bradley Manning. Free Bradley Manning's banners

14-06-2013 12:55

first (and possibly last) outing for 'truth on trial' banner

By way of a follow up to the recently published article - Bradley Manning, Banners and Welcome to Bristol I've just crossed the foot bridge across the M32 only to see two banners attached to the railings there. They are Bristol City Council items advertising Green Week. Needless to say there were no bully boys present, i.e. PC3153 Richard Hignett and PC2051 Russ Tucker.

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Demonstration against arms dealers in London, 12 June 2013

12-06-2013 17:48

Video arms dealers
Despite yesterday's eviction of the StopG8 convergence centre and a sad weather, a few people from different countries gathered today near London's Piccadilly Circus to demonstrate against arms dealers like BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and then the Charing Cross Police Station.
Amongst slogans seen and shouted were "Arms dealers are terrorists!" and "Police protects the killers!".

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July 4: Independence FROM America Day Demo at Menwith Hill

11-06-2013 07:34

Join the annual Independence FROM America demonstration at NSA Menwith Hill, N. Yorkshire organised by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB).

Speakers to include Salma Yaqoob, Andy Worthington, Martin Wainwright, Mizan the Poet. Food provided by the 1 in 12 cafe

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16 June: Anniversary Gathering at Ecuadorian Embassy for Julian Assange

10-06-2013 18:37


Original post at Veterans for Peace in the UK

Sunday 16 June, 4pm sharp

Come to the Ecuadorian Embassy, 3 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, London SW1. Nearest Tube Knightsbridge.

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Camden Solidarity Vigil for Bradley Manning: report and photos

07-06-2013 22:32

a new banner

London Catholic Worker and friends are holding a vigil and flyering for Bradley Manning three afternoons a week during the trial, currently outside Camden tube station. After three years of pre-trial detention and nearly a year of torture, the trial in Bradley Manning's court martial finally got underway this Monday at Fort Meade, Maryland, US. The WikiLeaks whistleblower has made probably the most significant anti-war leak of information in history and is being persecuted for daring to reveal evidence of war crimes and much more. Solidarity needed everywhere.

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UNITED WE STAND! "Hands off Syria / Iran "

06-06-2013 12:09

Invasion does not lead to liberation,but the opposite, control and oppression.
UK citizens must stand united if we are to be effective as a peace movement

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Top Italian Judge. Bilderberg : The Strategists of Tension

05-06-2013 15:31

Who says so ? none other than the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and former Senior Investigative Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, .
In a his recently Published Book Judge Ferdinando accuses Bilderberg of being behind 25 years of Terrorist attacks known jointly as "The Strategy of Tension" which plagued Italy in the 1970'-80's. "I found a document that left me appalled, when it comes to bloody terrorist also speaks of the Bilderberg Group !!

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65 Years of Ethnic Cleansing: Apartheid Israel Rebuked

05-06-2013 15:04

Protesting the celebration of Israel's 65th Birthday, London, 02.06.13
A documentary filmed on the day of Israel’s 65th Birthday Celebration in London, exposes an alternative narrative to Israel’s Propaganda Extravaganza. The short film titled ‘65 Years of Ethnic Cleansing: Apartheid Israel Rebuked’ captures the viewpoints of the public and those participating in a counter demonstration - watch the film here -

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Bradley Manning solidarity in south west Wales as trial begins

04-06-2013 19:09

banner on the foot/bike bridge in carmarthen

On the final leg of my five day Bradley Manning solidarity tour of Bristol and south Wales, I headed west from Cardiff early Sunday morning, through Carmarthen and on to Haverfordwest, where members of Bradley's family still live. My aim was to have a solidarity presence in Haverfordwest as Brad's trial begins in the US. See previous reports from: Bristol | Bristol/Cardiff. This report covers Sun 2 and Mon 3 June, with a few photos of banners etc. to illustrate.

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Peace activists in Lincoln court after planting peace garden at RAF Waddington

04-06-2013 10:41

Peace Garden

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Solidarity with Bradley Manning in Bristol and Cardiff (round-up)

02-06-2013 18:53

Banners in Bristol...

Bradley Manning's trial starts Monday 3 June and this weekend activists around the world have been taking action in solidarity, including in London [Photos here | Links to reports etc. here] where around 250 people from all over gathered outside the US Embassy to hear speakers including Peter Tatchell, Vivienne Westwood and Craig Murray, music including David Rovics. There was also an ill-fated banner drop in Bristol [Report here], a smaller one with a replacement banner in Carmarthen and a presence in Cardiff and Haverfordwest. This is a brief report with some photos from Bristol and Cardiff.

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1 June International Day of Action for Bradley Manning: Join Cor Cochion in Cardiff

26-05-2013 07:01

Banner at Cardiff Castle

Saturday 1 June is an international day of action for Welsh-American WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, facing Court Martial on over 20 charges including 'Aiding the Enemy' and a possible sentence of life without parole or even potentially the death penalty if convicted. The trial starts on 3 June and is expected to last over two months. Bradley Manning dared to reveal the truth about US-led wars, US interference around the globe and much more, hoping that this information would trigger "worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms... if not... then we’re doomed as a species." He went on to say "I will officially give up on the society we have if nothing happens."

Brad still has many family members living in Wales. Cardiff Reds Choir/Cor Cochion Caerdydd is organising a solidarity event in Cardiff on 1 June. In London, there will be a protest outside the US Embassy . Worldwide events listed at

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Guantanamo: A pinnacle of depravity!

24-05-2013 14:11

The folowing article considers Guantanamo as an example of the banality of evil. It also notes the similarity between the illegal enslavement, deprivation and torture of the detainees at Guantanamo - to produce information; and earlier forms of US slavery - to produce different commodities.

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Hurley tramples on half a million Chechens

23-05-2013 15:31

Please let Elizabeth Hurley know what you think of her and another scumbag french actor Gerard Depardieu going to Chechniya to make a film.

We don't know how much she's been paid, but half a million dead Chechniyan people killed by its present president will have put most actors from touching Ramzan Kadyrov with a barge pole.

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Children's Art from Gaza: Report on talk by Rod Cox in Wrexham

22-05-2013 15:55

Rod Cox with the Exhibition [photo: Stillshooter]

In the final week of the 'Loss of Innocence' Exhibition of Children's Art from Gaza at Wrexham Cathedral, Rod Cox came to speak about how he collected this artwork in early 2009 as part of the Aid Convoy in the wake of the 'Operation Cast Lead' bombardment of Gaza by Israel, about the children who created the artwork, their trauma, injuries, lost families, destroyed homes and shattered lives, as well as their hopes for a peaceful future free from fear.

The Exhibition has now moved on to the local Yale College of Further Education where it will be open for viewing by students and the public in the Learning Resource Centre (library) for the next two weeks. From 4 June it will move again to St. Christopher's School in Hightown.

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast#3 Sibel Edmond: the most gagged person in the USA

21-05-2013 20:17

FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds was described as “the most gagged person in the history of the United States” by the American Civil Liberties Union. This week, Nafeez mosaddeq Ahmed released an article about her story which has gone viral. You can read the article "Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief spiked?" here

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Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief spiked?

18-05-2013 21:15

FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds was described as "the most gagged person in the history of the United States" by the American Civil Liberties Union. Was the Sunday Times pressured to drop its investigation into her revelations?

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Is NATO planting the 'sectarian' bombs in Iraq & Pakistan?

18-05-2013 00:32

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Moscow to try to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to agree to his plans to get his friends in the US and the EU to invade Syria and Iran but gets a frosty response. Meanwhile another Russian fleet moves into the Eastern Mediterranean and Syria and Iran get a Russian upgrade to their anti ship missile systems.