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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War

25-12-2014 17:24

Text “In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War”, which you can read below, represents a contribution of “Internationalist Communist Tendency” (ICT) to a debate that has been taking place in certain circles claiming “anti-capitalist struggle” since several weeks. The central points of this discussion are current events in Western Kurdistan, Rojava.

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Chelsea Manning demo US Embassy, London

18-12-2014 21:25

Yesterday, 17/12/2014, was the 27th birthday of Chelsea Manning. Several groups conducted a noise demo outside the US Embassy, London to support the call for her release.

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17 Dec: Noise Demo at US Embassy on Chelsea Manning's Birthday

09-12-2014 23:40

previous solidarity event at the US Embassy

On 17th December 2014, Welsh-American whistleblower and prisoner of conscience Chelsea Manning will celebrate her 27th birthday, her fifth while incarcerated by the US government. Today in the news we have had mainstream confirmation of the CIA torture program.

This torture took place in what have become known as CIA 'Black Sites' across the world. Let's not forget that that we only know about this because of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, Craig Murray and WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, all of whom made significant sacrifices to get this information to us and have suffered persecution for doing so.

NOISE DEMO for whistleblowers and against torture, 4.30 - 6pm, Wed 17 December, outside the US Embassy, London

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The Greatest Mistake in the Existence of „NSA“ and its Counterparts

05-12-2014 12:47

The late capitalist state does not make errors, it is a historical aberration. It talks of intelligent design while it smears a bacterial fighting gene into a food seed as to degrade the Earth to a mere factory floor and squeeze a quick extra profit out of its own inflated stupidity. But even though there is nothing to be corrected about it having made specific choices that contribute to its own detriment, and inflict severe damage upon its manufacturing of peace (or more precisely of abusive intimidation, such as through farm detectives checking crop design licenses) among the contradictory interests of its followers, they are fundamentally wrong. More important than that though is the absolute point that there shall be no coercion in evolution, and that stupidity and intelligence are cleanly separated by definition: While the scam „scientist“ when confronted with a contradictory situation is likely to describe it as „mostly compatible,“ the true scientist will understand the very same perception as „it is evolving a bit.“ The capitalist state however in its desperate attempt to outmatch natural evolution with unintelligent manipulation does not evolve, which is why it is being described as what it is in the first place.

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Get the bloody arms trade out of Bristol

19-11-2014 17:33

Babcock chief executive Peter Rogers said: “We are delighted that we are growing and strengthening our partnership with the Ministry of Defence through the acquisition of DSG.

“We are committed to working with our customer to ensure we are responsive to the evolving needs of the Army whilst achieving improved performance levels, enhanced operational agility and greater cost efficiencies.”

We need this like a hole in the head!!

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Brisbane G20 - Ciaron O'Reilly prohibited then arrested speaking out for Assange, Manning, Snowden

16-11-2014 21:46

vigil for Julian Assange prior to G20 summit

G20 resistance all but evaporates in Brisbane heatwave.

Policing for the G20 summit in Brisbane this past weekend was of overkill proportions. There was very little in the way of serious resistance, the Guardian reported that cops (6,000) outnumbered protesters and only 14 arrests were made. One of these was Manning and Assange solidarity activist Ciaron O'Reilly, who has been held in custody all weekend and will be brought before Brisbane Magistrates on Monday morning.

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A Sheffield-based Death Squad?

11-11-2014 08:00

It seems that a whistleblower is making some major revelations about an ultra "black ops" death squad organised around an extended family based in Sheffield.

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Suruc Diaries

08-11-2014 19:16

We are in Suruc-Kobane right now and we are sharing our information and observations in here. We will be here for one week and we will keep informing you day by day.

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UG#697 - The Estimable Russ Baker (Boston Bombings and the Family of Secrets)

08-11-2014 12:49

Unusually, we spend both hours on a single speaker, more unusually still, one who is new to this show as a main speaker. Some of Russ Baker's research is however familiar to use via Mark Gorton's Fifty Years of the Deep State. The first 30 minutes is a May 2014 interview about the Boston bombings, the remainder of the show is a 2009 interview by Bonnie Faulkner which centers on his book, "Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years."

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ISIS Beheadings Work Well As Red Herring Hiding Away Israeli Summer War Crimes

05-11-2014 22:45

It may very well be coincidence that just when Israel was starting to take some heat for its atrocious war crimes and policy in Gaza at the end of this summer of 2014 along comes a newly name-minted entity engaging in sensational beheadings for news-grabbing attention. Whether red herring cover just happens to be luck for Israel and the United States in regards to committing and tolerating war crimes or whether there was some conspiracy is not that relevant but what is relevant is that the people of the world cannot let other more recent events erase from memory what the world witnessed in Gaza.

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Death Drones are Arriving in Llanbedr - Protest

30-10-2014 10:14

Protest the use of Llanbedr airfield for drone testing - Noon 30 Oct

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UG#695 - Funding The Deep State Off-The-Books (Media Silence on Drugs for Guns)

26-10-2014 20:01

Two speakers help us examine the off-the-books funding which has routinely funded CIA operations since its inception. We begin with a recording by Emile De Antonio from the classic show of US dissident thought Alternative Views, centered on George H W Bush, but which reviews the history of state assisted drug trafficking and encompasses a bunch of other key deep state operatives. Next it is journalist Craig Unger on his response to Sep 11th, and we conclude with Peter Dale Scott on the early history of the CIA and its related TLAs. He opines that the seized Nazi assets formed the base of a black budget which has always been available for funding off-the-books deep state operations.

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Isreali Ambassador Greeted by Protest During Cambridge Visit.

26-10-2014 16:49

The view from Park Street.
On Monday October 20th Daniel Taub, the Isreali Ambassador for London visited The Cambridge Debating Union (aka the Union) to speak, and was greeting by a noisy protest.

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UG#694 - Social Destabilization Tactics Post 1989 (The Terrifying War On Terror)

19-10-2014 17:47

We look this time at the terrifying reality that is "the war on terror", and the effects of that terror on two target populations - US and UK. Our first speaker, author, academic and activist asks why more US citizens today consider torture acceptable than did during the Bush presidency. Our second speaker, a senior lecturer in Risk and Corporate Security analyses the disproportionate reaction to the purported threat of terrorism. We conclude with more from Sibel Edmonds on the global heroin trade, and especially on its close connections with NATO.

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A month of solidarity with Chelsea Manning (Part 2)

09-10-2014 20:18

A stroll along Dun Laoghaire east pier
Last month, the Manning solidarity crew in Wales and Ireland were back in action, organising a visit to Dublin for Chelsea Manning's Welsh-Irish mother during which Afri (Action from Ireland) hosted a memorial evening for the late Gerry Conlon who died this summer and who met members of Manning's family during a previous trip to Dublin last year.

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‘In Defense of Kubani’ – Call for Actions of International Solidarity

06-10-2014 12:46

Urgent call for acts of international solidarity with the people of Kobane from the comrades of Anarchist Network, an international network of Persian-speaking anarchists.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Turkish embassy cars burned in Berlin by Commando Beriva

06-10-2014 12:10

Kurdish Martyred Resistance Fighter Berivan Sason
People of Kobane, hear us. In this bitter hour of the inhuman threat, we see you freedom lovers in the world and we call to you: take courage. The city of Kobane is surrounded by the ISIS-murderers. On three sides ISIS confronts the city. If they take the city. it will inevitably lead to a massacre of the remaining Kurdish people on site.

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Glasgow anti-war demonstration Saturday October 4th 2014

06-10-2014 10:38

Photos from the anti-war demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 4th October 2014. There is also a link to the RT report of the London anti-war demonstration of the same day.

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UG#693 - Social Destabilization Post WW2(Operation Phoenix to the War On Terror)

03-10-2014 18:12

A new speaker on the show, Douglas Valentine, outlines the CIA's development of "Operation Phoenix", which helps explain how the Police State in the USA today has been so rapidly rolled out after 9-11; social destabilization techniques which the CIA tried out in Vietnam and developed in Latin America in the 1970s are being applied in Mexico and increasingly in USA itself. In our second hour, we continue with more from FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Operation B in Turkey, and NATO's links with high level drug trafficking.

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Peace Strike Statement Re: Air Strikes On Iraq

27-09-2014 13:18


Yesterday the British Government voted to go to war -yet again- in the Middle East. This time it will support a coalition of USA, France, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,Quatar and Jordon in conducting air strikes within Iraq. The target is the Islamic State Extremists IS.