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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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ITT Corporation Admit 208 Violations Of Arms Control Laws

01-01-2008 16:30

ITT Corporation have reached a settlement in a civil action brought against them by US State Department over the illegal export of classified military technology to several foreign countries including China, Israel and the UK . They have agreed to pay a £28 million dollar penalty.

The case is just the latest of ITT's criminal and unethical activities that shows nothing much has changed in their long history of collusion with fascism, war crimes and genocide.

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The Destabilization of Pakistan

01-01-2008 11:02

Baloch population in pink - In Iran, Pakistan and Southern Afghanistan
This US agenda for Pakistan is similar to that applied throughout the broader Middle East Central Asian region. US strategy, supported by covert intelligence operations, consists in triggering ethnic and religious strife, abetting and financing secessionist movements while also weakening the institutions of the central government.

The broader objective is to fracture the Nation State and redraw the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Anglo-American Ambitions behind the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

30-12-2007 08:16

It has been known for months that the Bush-Cheney administration and its allies have been manuevering to strengthen their political control of Pakistan, paving the way for the expansion and deepening of the “war on terrorism” across the region. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto does not change this agenda. In fact, it simplifies Bush-Cheney’s options.

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Motive: Benazir fingered MI6s Omar Sheikh

29-12-2007 23:43

Omar Sheikh
The fact that prime 9/11 suspect is still up to tricks - killing Osama Bin Laden in fact - and all on the David Frost show. Showing links between ISI and the CIA.

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Courage in the Crosshairs: Ron Paul and the Republic

29-12-2007 15:49

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, offers fresh insight on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. He poses an all-important question for Americans: if presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul also in the crosshairs?

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Creeping Fascism: Lessons From the Past

29-12-2007 12:11

You don’t have to be a Nazi. You can just be, well, a sheep.

In his journal Sebastian Haffner decries what he calls the “sheepish submissiveness” with which the German people reacted to a 9/11-like event, the burning of the German Parliament (Reichstag) on Feb. 27, 1933. Haffner finds it quite telling that none of his acquaintances “saw anything out of the ordinary in the fact that, from then on, one’s telephone would be tapped, one’s letters opened, and one’s desk might be broken into.”

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US Army using video game as recruiting tool

29-12-2007 09:15

Military recruiters are becoming increasingly creative as they work to boost enlistment rates.

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Sherlock Sam in Pakistan (by Latuff)

29-12-2007 01:22

Sherlock Sam in Pakistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Smash The Arms Trade Noise Demo 3rd January

28-12-2007 18:06

call out to all anti-arms traders, anti-capitalists, peaceniks, liberals, anarchists and everything inbetween. lets smash the arms trade together!

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Ron Paul: 'We're getting ready to bomb Iran'

28-12-2007 12:22

Despite a recent National Intelligence Estimate finding that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program, libertarian-leaning GOP presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) says there is still "a great possibility" of US military action against the country.

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Benazir Bhutto murder (by Latuff)

28-12-2007 11:47

Benazir Bhutto murder
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Neocons and the West too quick to blame ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘terrorists' for Bhutto

28-12-2007 08:49

Whenever turmoil is created in our world, such as assassination and bombing, and the neocons rush to point the finger of blame at ‘al Qaeda’ or some other associated ‘terror’ organisation, one can be reasonably sure that what the world has witnessed is yet another false flag operation perpetrated by a group or groups that have some ulterior, political, or even pecuniary motive or motives for creating such turmoil. And such is the case with the assassination yesterday of Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto.

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US prepares to increase occupation forces in Afghanistan

27-12-2007 21:09

The Bush administration is preparing to significantly increase US troop levels in Afghanistan in an attempt to quell growing popular hostility to the US and NATO occupying forces. It is doing so with full confidence that it will face no significant opposition from the Democratic-controlled Congress.

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Assemble January 12th for Freedom of Assembly!

27-12-2007 19:11

Where: top of Trafalgar Square
When: January 12th 2008, 1pm

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London Mayor 2008

27-12-2007 13:18

Brian Haw the peace campaigner is standing for London Mayor 2008

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Iraq: Struggle goes on! (by Latuff)

27-12-2007 07:26

Iraq: Struggle goes on!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Police State America - A Look Back and Ahead

26-12-2007 20:27

It's been that way ever since 9/11 with both sides of the aisle complicit with the administration. This article looks back at the record, and year end is a good time to review it. It's hard imagining another as bad with a President defiling the law and once telling Republican colleagues the Constitution is "just a goddamned piece of paper."

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Season's Greeting...

24-12-2007 09:59

Merry Christmas!

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Happy New Year! (by Latuff)

24-12-2007 04:23

Happy New Year!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Were US & Israel Behind the 9/11?

23-12-2007 21:46

"From areas around the Palazzo Chigi, nerve centre of direction of Italian intelligence, it is noted that the non-authenticity of the video is testified from the fact that Osama bin Laden in it 'confessed' that Al Qaeda would have been the author of the attack of the 11 September to the Twin Towers in New York, while all of the democratic areas of, America and of Europe, with in the forefront those of the Italian, centre-left, now know well that the disastrous attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and to persuade the Western Powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan For this, no word of solidarity arrived to Silvio Berlusconi, who has been the author of the brilliant falsification, neither from the Quironale nor from Palazzo Chigi, nor from representatives of the centre-left!"