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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Wedding 'Die-In' Protest at London Afghanistan War Base, Wed 27 May

27-05-2009 20:41

A bride at Northwood station
Wedding Party peace protest at UK Military HQ in Northwood on Wednesday 27 May 2009 against killing of civilians in Afghanistan, on second anniversary of US attack on wedding party, killing 47.
Pictures Copyright (C) Peter Marshall, 2009. All rights reserved.

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battle of the tamil flags - parliament square

27-05-2009 11:21

proscribed LTTE emblem
when is a flag a terrorist flag? the answer, it seems, depends on who and where you are! to a tamil student in parliament square, it is, and they're arrested (and fined?!). but if you stand outside new scotland yard and challenge the police to arrest you and test it in court, suddenly it magically becomes the tamil eelam national flag and is NOT proscribed. murky goings-on at parliament square.

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Sri Lanka seeks to deflect U.N. rights scrutiny

26-05-2009 10:29

Sri Lanka has marshalled its allies to try to quash Western censure of alleged human rights abuses committed during its final phase of war against the Tamil Tiger rebels, diplomats said on Friday.

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Tim Martin Interview and the Tamils, London - pictures.

23-05-2009 15:38

The civilians of Vanni.
Mr Time Martin is a former aid worker who has lived and worked in rebel-held Northern Sri Lanka. He is currently on hunger strike in Parliament Square while at the same time trying to appeal to the Americans at the US Embassy in London.

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parliament square - battle of the tamil flags

22-05-2009 23:21

legal tamil eelam flag
police, rather than test the truth in court, have taken to their usual method of unlawful seizure and intimidation in the battle against tamil flag waving in parliament square

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Sri Lanka conflict: And Then They Came For Me

22-05-2009 11:00

by Editor, 'The Sunday Leader'
Published: 11 January 2009

This was Mr Wikramatunga's last editorial, who was brutally assassinated on 8 January. The opinions expressed are the author's own. Extract was also published in the May/June 2009 edition of Amnesty Magazine.

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Tamil Hunger Strike Tim Martin, London - pictures

21-05-2009 22:30

A wounded nation.
On the day US President Barack Obama signals for the enlisting of the power of fundamental values, Tamils continue to demand the British Government take action to help the Tamil people of Sri Lanka as they fall into unsupported statelessness.

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South Africa calls for investigations into violations of Geneva Conventions

21-05-2009 19:36

It has been left to South Africa to call for investigations into violations of Geneva Conventions in the recent conflict, as the western world appears, atleast, to procrastinate.

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Appeal for release of Doctors arrested by Sri Lankan Gov't

21-05-2009 19:27

The whereabouts of Medical Superintendent Dr. Shanmugarajah who was attending the wounded at the makeshift hospital at Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal junior school, Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) doctors, Dr. Varatharajah and Dr Sathiyamoorthy, arrested by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) after fleeing the Safety Zone Saturday, are still unknown, and several Rights groups feared for doctors' lives, sources in Colombo said. The same applies to 12 ICRC workers who tirelessly served the wounded civilians including hundreds of children with the very minimal medical help and medicines and under continuous bombardment.

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100 prisoners murdered by the US

21-05-2009 13:19

This is a deliberate repost of Fred Spencer's "Human-Rights: USA-CIA-Torture".
With apologies to Fred, most people here stop reading when they see an article in German, and his title indicates this is about torture. It isn't, it is about mass murder, so I've linked to the source article and the Democracy Now! interview.

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Tamil leaders 'killed as they tried to surrender'

20-05-2009 10:16

Text messages sent by Sri Lankan officials told the rebels how to give themselves
up. They obeyed the instructions – but were shot dead.

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Sri Lankan Army burying the evidence of war crimes?

20-05-2009 09:53

A day after the conflict was said to be officially over, there are reports coming out of Sri Lanka overnight that over 1000 Tamils were shot on sight in the enclave where civilians & LTTE forces had been confined in the last few weeks. There are reports that Sri Lankan soldiers were using mechanical diggers to dig large holes in the same region (Mullaivaikal - northern Sri Lanka). An estimated 25,000 people are dead since January this year and 30,000 injured. This figure is expected to rise dramatically if the whereabouts of 25 to 50 thousand civilians who were left in the enclave and still confirmed to have been there last Sunday can no longer be verified.
Meanwhile, Tim Martin from Act Now! continues into day-3 of his indefinite hunger strike outside the US Embassy.

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NPOIU Pops Up In Brighton Mags Court Hearing

19-05-2009 23:10

4 defendants on trial this week for alleged offences connected to the June 2008 Brighton Carnival against the Arms Trade were blessed with a court visit by the secretive National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

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Is Venezuela in an orbit of international class struggle?

19-05-2009 16:19

Apart from some valiant exceptions, the historical question is: why did the European workers so readily follow Hitler and Mussolini? Could this happen again?

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Obama: I understand why Israel considers Iran an existential threat

19-05-2009 13:02

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with President Obama at the White House
“Leon Panetta, the CIA director, flew to Israel two weeks ago to warn [the Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the defence minister, not to surprise Obama with a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.” reported the Sunday Times; on the eve of Netanyahu’s meeting with President Obama in Washington.

So, we are led to believe that President Obama, who was elected as “the peace candidate”, will restrain the nakedly belligerent Israeli government.

In his Newsweek interview published online the same day, whilst reiterating the same old propaganda, Obama’s tone was more blunt than usual…

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London Tamil Protest Policing Questioned/ video and blog

19-05-2009 12:32

Video of Monday 15 May, includes assaults and threats of arrest to journalists, and catches spurious comments by a police officer about the press "parasites".

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police attacking tamils tonight

18-05-2009 23:53

eye-witnesses claim many injured as police push tamils from two sides, leaving them with nowhere to go. there is panic among the peaceful protestors, and people are being crushed against barriers. police are not in riot gear because they have experienced over and over that the tamils are completely non-violent.

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War in Afghanistan Going Well

18-05-2009 22:34

ISAF: Afghan war statistics show 55% increase in Western troop deaths, April 2009 and 64% increase in 'insurgent' attacks.

Wonder if there is a correlation between Afghani deaths due to Nato actions, and 'insurgent' attacks.

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Tamils in Parliament Square need tents

18-05-2009 18:10

Call-out from supporters in the Square. Please come into the crowd with tents.

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tamils just broken police lines again

18-05-2009 15:30

monday 4pm tamils at parliament square have once more flooded the roads and brought the area to a standstill