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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Chance for peace: UN should accept Iran's offer to implement Additional Protoco

01-03-2008 00:48

The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) appeals to the 5+1 group to positively consider Iran’s offer of implementing the Additional Protocol and enter into unconditional negotiations with Iran.

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Lakenheath SOCPA Trial Postponed Again

29-02-2008 16:10

The trial scheduled for 26,27,28 of March has been postponed again. There will be a Pre Trial Review on 31 March to set the date for a preliminary hearing and the trial.

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Home Office Appeal against SIAC Decision: No Deportations to Libya!

29-02-2008 15:33

Peace and Justice in East London outside High Court
Another one of those issues happening right under our noses that we know little about: the British government is seeking to deport foreign "terror suspects" to countries where they face the risk of torture and the death penalty. The British government must respect human rights law and understand that a "suspect" is no more than that.

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Ex-SAS man accuses Britain of wholesale complicity in extraordinary rendition

29-02-2008 13:05

Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier's banned speech to Stop the War conference in London on Thursday 28 February on Britain's involvement in extraordinary rendition. A gagging order was put on him immediately afterwards.

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Help Farid Hilali - Please Sign Petition

29-02-2008 10:45

Farid Hilali was extradited to Spain on February 8th 2008, after the House of Lords ruled that he may be sent under the terms of the European Arrest Warrant. This was in spite of a number of irregularities with the warrant, not least that it was reliant upon phone evidence that had previously been deemed inadmissible within the Spanish judicial system. Please sign the petition and help him.

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Media cover up.

29-02-2008 05:33

Cynics who dismiss conspiracy theories might like to take a look at a conspiracy fact for a change.

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Students Call For An End To University Involvement In The Arms Industry

29-02-2008 00:09

On Wednesday 27th around 40 students assembled in front of the Portland Building on University Park campus to hold a ‘die-in’ in protest to the Universities’ involvement with the arms industry. This event was part of a ‘national day of action against University involvement with the arms trade’, and similar events took place at Universities around the country.

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Danger or Nuke storage etc, near Derby, Glasgow, Plymouth globally

27-02-2008 19:17

Earthquake near old nuclear bomb storage depot Faldingworth village, possibly connected to explosions reported in Market Rasen paper in last few weeks. This relates to nuclear leak after earthquake in Japan than was only around 6.5, just above our 5.3 felt in Southampton.
Threats in UK to Derby rolls royce raynesway nuclear uranium processing,PLymouth & Faslane near Glasgow Trident.

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Iraq War stork (by Latuff)

27-02-2008 07:29

Iraq War stork
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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London MET Police Launch New Anti-Terror Campaign

27-02-2008 00:00

This time it is the photographers and videographers we have to fear.

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Israeli Targeted Killing Assassinates Hezbollah Co-Founder

26-02-2008 14:39

With the steady elimination of Israel's enemies, the New Middle East evolves into an Israel-friendly zone.

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Peace Strike #24

25-02-2008 22:20

Pre-emptive Peace Strike #24

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Will Turkey be complicit in another war against another neighbour?

25-02-2008 09:43

This paper is an attempt to redress the information deficit and highlight especially the psychological operations being directed at Turkey to pave the way for conflict with Iran, so that the Turkish and world public perceive the danger and act in time to avert it. Circulation to all interested and concerned parties is encouraged.

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The Creeping Coup - Brezinski Seizing Control Over US Policy

25-02-2008 03:19

World Crisis Radio - In January 2007, Tarpley apparently left RBN and moved to Genesis, where he presented originally the Thursday edition of Genesis World Report; his slot has since moved to Saturday. The format remains as a "world intelligence roundup", quite similar to his RBN show.

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Beeston meeting on 7/7 March 9th

25-02-2008 00:22

Speak out on the 7/7 events in the vilified homeland

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Britain’s Guantánamo: control orders renewed, as one suspect is freed

23-02-2008 16:23

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” contrasts the British government’s extension of control orders on alleged terror suspects with the case of Cerie Bullivant, whose control order was dismissed by a judge yesterday, because there was no “reasonable suspicion” that he intended to take part in terrorism.

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Miliband on Diego Garcia and “extraordinary rendition”: Is this a joke?

22-02-2008 20:44

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” notes that David Miliband’s confession about “extraordinary rendition” flights refueling on Diego Garcia does nothing to quell well-founded claims that the island has actually housed a secret “War on Terror” prison.

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BBC bury story - Iranian TV Debates the London Bombings

22-02-2008 19:29

Press TV debate the London Bombings discussing whether or not there shoud be an enquiry into the killings. The British government have consistently denied relatives of the victims and the bombing suspects an enquiry. The result: a verdict handed down on television by Sir Ian Blair and Home Secretary at the time John Reid.

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Iraq : Are there any Tears Left?

22-02-2008 16:39

In the Inquisition-scale horrors, inflicted upon Iraq, since a month short of five years ago, the ghosts of the Western-imposed human cull over the previous thirteen years - from life's dawn, to those in its twilight - sometimes, very temporarily, briefly flicker and fade slightly, in the light of another immediate atrocity of enormity. They always return, as they must, in a sight, a scent, a phrase, a 'phone call. Reminders of sins of overwhelming enormity in high places, as Washington and Whitehall bleat about their infantile 'war on terror' and 'rogue states'.