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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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hundreds descend on faslane for the big blockade

01-10-2007 10:02

100 arrests so far as 600 actvists block entrances to faslane nuclear weapons base. alex salmond sends message of support to protestors

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Rabbis Say Iran Seeks Peace, Respects Judaism

01-10-2007 07:46

Rabbis met with Ahmadinejad_24 Sep 2007
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman of Neturei Karta International, issued the following statement on the eve of the group's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Khalid awan 's case ,A great example of Harassment,threats

01-10-2007 00:16

Mr. Awan has filed court documents that assert he falsely confessed to crimes because FBI agents threatened him with lethal injection and said that they would have RCMP officers arrest his sisters in Montreal. "I tried to give answers so they would be pleased and not give me the death penalty," Mr. Awan wrote in court documents.

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The Big Lie called the "War On Terror"

29-09-2007 15:38

The fraudulence of the "War on Terror" is clearly revealed by looking at the pattern of actions that preceded and followed its launch.

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Authorities Ban Anti-War March

29-09-2007 05:40

On Monday 8 October the Stop the War Coalition will be marching fromTrafalgar Square to Parliament calling for all troops to be brought home immediately. The police have now said that all demonstrations are bannedwithin a mile of Parliament whilst in session. This is a new development and threatens our democratic rights.

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IRAQ: Video - Voice to the voiceless: Iraqis under imperial terror

29-09-2007 01:59

Alive in Baghdad was formed to counter the sound-bite driven, “Live From” news model. Through the work of a team of Americans and Iraqi correspondents on the ground, Alive in Baghdad shows the occupation through the voices of Iraqis. Alive in Baghdad brings testimonies from individual Iraqis, footage of daily life in Iraq, and short news segments from Iraq to you.

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UK-US Military Alliance Creates Fascist UK-Faslane

28-09-2007 18:49

Who can deny it 'go l**ney, go p*ki, go n*gger, go p**ftah as well as sch*z, go y*ppee and lesser verbal intimidation is heard every day in the UK moreso then most other places in western europe. This is the most common that I have known such verbal abuse since being born in 1961. Who can block now at Faslane?

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Burma : The Old Covert Ops Criminal Types Tax Haven Of Choice

28-09-2007 14:40

1 : daily demos, 12 - 1 lunchtime . . . . BURMESE EMBASSY 19a charles st,
2 : this sunday, 11.30 trafalgar square to the Burmese Embassy
3 : pass these facts to media types, those with actual influence. . . . each other!
4 : where you are, all the time, if you could : researching the publicity organs or western corporations trying to influence media opinions, or playing "tail wag dog" games with some of the "junta". There is talk of recent actions of some soldiers seeming those of "automatons", or use of drugs to machinate them in these current times . . . . its possible some of this has more subtle effects, but

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73,846 U.S. Troops Dead

28-09-2007 14:29


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B-52 Nukes Headed for Iran: Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East

27-09-2007 18:36

WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

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An old Zionist dream: the partition of Iraq

27-09-2007 15:32

Finally the Imperial Senate calls for Iraq's partition.

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Craig Murray

27-09-2007 14:45

Does anyone know why his site is down?

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Iran’s Impending Destruction: Is Ahmadinejad Clueless?

27-09-2007 00:28

Either way—if Ahmadinejad is sincerely clueless or an agent working for British-U.S.-Israeli intelligence—it is truly astounding the president of Iran glossed over what should be considered, with a heaping dose of trepidation, the brutal and criminal shock and awe reduction of his country to a “failed” Neolithic condition.

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Upsidedown begging bowls! Spititual traditions reject the "Muggers" Tithe: Burma

26-09-2007 15:05

recent NEWS . . . . monks take casualties to shield people, to protect future free thought, to keep the integrity of parents, mothers mothers, fathers fathers, to break the "western" media shrug-blockade.

Demos at embassy - easy access - loads of tubes, buses etc,(google Burma Embassy location)
Pressure good - of serious sorts - see comment with "time for movement against war to evolve"-
"voice of democracy burma" also has background.
"boom, boom" - people ARE dying - but - ACT.
Open door - push. Despite the "media-opinion-influencers" doomgloom-crusade that is something we should all expect, then see past, this IS a moment for burma, etc. In burma the armed forces high-ups must have a mix of opinions about all this - they did ALLOW that democratic election in recent times - despite reneging upon its results - so if they are encouraged to listen - forced to listen - to people saying they should come to some accomodation with the democratic forces - but allowed a way out of the current-dictatorship situation too, a responsible, bounce-back global popular bit of effort, with imagination, acceleration, etc, then GLOBAL peoplepower should work.
Without ruling out actual armed intervention, with the actual or tacit support of china - perhaps with the involvement of china too - of a multi-national force - several different SHARP economic measures are possible that dont harm the poulation, or are so fast in effect, that , say, with fooddrops etc the iraq disaster of almost deliberately stupid economic measures could teach us how to do it a different way. But all the actual gravytrain corporate types in the west - or "offshore tax havens" as most are these days - shouldnt get away with the usual distractions this time - or the twisting of the news against china for some old "coldwar replay" either.
I Expect the media spin to show a "threpressionwastotalitsallover" - but, in actual fact - its "boomboom - they've blown the bloody doors off!"
That media blockade is extinct.

If you are in the media, or a spiritual tradition, different religion, different culture or different people - these shots might get used as a "media-influencers attempt at a full stop" or you might see it as a sort of trumpet intro for the new "drum'n'bass" of a quickening, STRENGTHENING pulse - with a grin that reflect strength back to you - that reminds you of what it is to act WITH the good spirits, the good intentions of community- of all people - if we are to have a free future - or a future at all.

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Full text of Ahmadinejad appearance at Columbia University

26-09-2007 02:15

Well, here I'm your guest. I've been invited by Columbia, an official invitation given for me to come here, but I do want to say something here. In Iran, when you invite a guest you respect them. This is our tradition required by our culture, and I know that American people have that culture as well.

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The Cuban Five

25-09-2007 13:24

I attended a briefing by Leonard Weinglass (he of the Daniel Ellsberg/Pentagon Papers fame, of the Amy Carter tribulations, and other famous efforts to achieve justice against at times huge odds) at Howard University's Law School on Wednesday, 12 September. I was stunned by what counselor Weinglass revealed...

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Consequences of a forced regime change in Iran

25-09-2007 00:03

As the Neocons and their allies continue to push for a devastating war against Iran, they are joined by some Iranian exiles who profess that they cannot wait a minute longer for the war to start. They are claiming, as their Iraqi counterparts did, that they are supporting the Neocons because they want to free the long suppressed Iranian People.

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US on the Warpath with the IAEA

24-09-2007 19:47

Being at the IAEA these days has once again reminded one that US diatribes are not limited to regimes and states that act contrary to US goals or even wishes. In the usual alliance of the government and the media -- clearly the US media has its own interpretations of a "free" media -- the Americans have launched a blitzkrieg against the IAEA and especially its head, El Baradei.

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Schnews: Iraq And A Hard Place

24-09-2007 17:21


“A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” - Josef Stalin

And how proud Old Joe would have been of our Soviet-style self censorship! Here’s one that slipped past the headlines - the death toll in Iraq has now passed the one million mark.