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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Liverpool Unites To 'Unwelcome' Terrorist Mastermind Rice

31-03-2006 19:36

A crowd of at least two thousand Liverpudlians and welcome guests flocked to the Catholic cathedral on Hope Street to protest against neo-Condi's gala gig at the Philharmonic. In a show of awesome potential power, we decked the steps in a sea of defiant humanity. The message was loud and clear: terrorists and torturers are NOT welcome on Merseyside! As one speaker yelled, "We're not havin' it"!

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Austin Indymedia on FBI Domestic Terrorist Watch List

17-03-2006 21:23

In a guest lecture at the University of Texas School of Law on Wednesday, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and the Communist Party of Texas as “Terrorist Watch” cause groups in Austin, US.

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FBI Charles Rasner names Austin Indymedia, Food Not Bombs Terrorist

13-03-2006 04:48

And then a perpetrator or bunglar on the side of militaristic over reaction in the Waco tragedy has the nerve to call indymedia free speech supporters and a group 'food not bombs' that gives away vegetarian meals 'terrorists' ! ? Truly when the Bush Regime confines 'free speech' to a cage or 'corral' what more does Mr. Rasner want in his rage to gut the Constitution and the First Amendent ?

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Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

11-03-2006 05:33

The land of International penny stock fraud makes for strange bedfellows and here often right wing cons of all stripes lie together.So it should come as no surprise that by touting or allowing his name to be used to tout a Michael Zwebner pump and dump penny stock scam(one of many over the years) President of Israel Moshe Katzav not only mixes his name and reputation with American mafia and international crooks and gangsters but also Mr.Zwebner's business partner in a number of scams over the years including UCSY or Universal Communications Systems is the infamous Mohamed Hadid,a Palestinian of ill repute connected to the Herndon,Virginia Muslim charity suspected in both money laundering and terrorist funding activities,including Al Qaeda.

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Law Lords Rule DSEI Arms Fair Section 44 Terrorism Act Use Valid (Liberty Audio)

08-03-2006 15:42

Interview update on today's law lords appeal ruling that use of section 44 of terrorism act during protests for stop and search is not a violation of the right to peaceful protest since its use did not deter protests and as such was valid, but that section 44 should not be used when police didn't believe the target of the search was likely to be a terrorist... hmmmm.

Interview with Alex Gask from Liberty and next legal steps
8 mins 11 secs MP3 mono 2.8MB @ 48kbps

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A series of Sunday screenings & debate on ‘The War on Terror’

06-03-2006 20:13

Please print and put up a poster
At The Vaults & Garden Organic Café,
University Church, Radcliffe Square, Oxford

Sunday evenings in March
- Doors open & delicious organic food on sale from 7.15pm -
All films start at 7.45pm

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“Terrorist” Mohammad, “Democrat” West

05-03-2006 21:32

Publication of cartoons portraying prophet Mohammad as a terrorist by Jyllands-Posten, a reactionary Danish newspaper on September 30th, 2005 and their re-publication in Norvegian papers on January 10th, 2006 and in French, German, Spanish and Italian papers on February 1st, 2006, opened the way for a serious discussion and a political confrontation.

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The Media, Islamaphobia and the War on Terror

04-03-2006 16:29

The role of the media in the war on Iraq and the "war on terror" will be discussed at a public meeting open to all. Speakers: Mark Steel (The Independent), Jonathan Steele (The Guardian), Sami Ramadani (Iraqi writer), Yvonne Ridley (Islam Channel), Tim Lezard (NUJ President)

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Mayday proposal and meeting - Against the terrorism of everyday life

03-03-2006 23:15

Meeting to discuss what to do for this year's Mayday. 7pm Wednesday 8th March at the Square social centre, London, Russell Square.

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Mission against Terror

27-02-2006 06:01

The title sound like a B-grade movie, but this documentary is about one of the worst legal atrocities of our time: the Imprisonment of 5 cubans keeping watch on terrorists in Florida.

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24-02-2006 09:05

Amnesty International today (23 February) released a damning 83-page report exposing the damaging effect of the UK's anti-terrorism policies on human rights.

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The Real Face Of Terrorists- taking their mask off

23-02-2006 05:29

I found this show right on target, laying out the source of the endless war we find ourselves in filled with a lot of insight to how it is maintained, the manufacture of dissent, the anti-WTO movement and NGOs. Kosovo, war and globalization, financial warefare, the support of Islamic insurgencies and terror networks, the Taliban and drug trade in Afghanistan, the War on Terrorism to justify nuclear war. bellow is a link to a audio stream of the information.

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Jeb Bush linked to Florida's 911 Terrorist Flght School

19-02-2006 00:21

At the same time their planes were flying back and forth from Venezuela with illegal cargo Hilliard's charter service was also, unbelievably, being utilized at virtually no cost––despite the fact that rentals for Lear jets can run as high as $1,800 an hour––by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

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Death squads & torture. State terror in Iraq in context.

18-02-2006 13:24

A brief summary of developments in Iraq with useful references.

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12-02-2006 20:26

Time to RESTORE democracy.

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Turin Winter Olympics: Red Synthetic Terror Alert

11-02-2006 07:20

The intense international intelligence warfare pattern mandates a move to red alert -- the highest vigilance -- for the upcoming superbowl Sunday in the USA and the Turin Winter Olympics, and perhaps all the way to the March 20 opening of the Iranian oil bourse, which spells the beginning of the end for six decades of world dollar hegemony.

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War On Terror: The Board Game

09-02-2006 17:12

Not strictly news, but on sale now and just looks ace:

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Black flags to Memorialize Victims of u.s. sponsored terrorist acts up in Cuba

07-02-2006 12:29


The Cuban People have unveiled a large New Monument outside the u.s. spy base in Havana.
The monument counters a scrolling illuminated propaganda - displayed on the building by u.s. agents.

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Site for investigating the 7/7 bombings

02-02-2006 06:18

This looks like this might be a promising site for anyone interested in what happened on july 7 last year.

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9/11 Special - Dutch Television Documentary: "THE WAR ON TERROR IS BOGUS"

31-01-2006 10:04

For most people this TV documentary about the 9/11 drama is a shocker, it is like 'swearing in a church'. For all the others 'in the loop', it confirms what they know and understand.