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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Unlayering the Middle East War Agenda

30-01-2011 06:13

Reality is almost like an onion.

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Police Turn Egypt into War Zone

29-01-2011 22:37

DOWN with Dictator Mubarak !
NEW YORK - Egypt's DICTATOR Hosni Mubarak is facing the most serious threat to his 30-year-old TERROR-regime. ......... Video:

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Holy Land 5: "The Nelson Mandelas of the 21th century"!

26-01-2011 22:42

It can always become worse. In 2009 5 members of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) are tried to 15 - 65 years of detention in the Wild West. Why? For donating emergency (medical-food) goods and supplying money to the refugees of the Gaza-strip! In 2001 the Bush administration shut the foundation down, although no direct links have been found with Hamas. Guilty by association. Israël and the FBI were folowing HLF from 1993 onwards and harrassing the members of HLF.

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My call to ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the sick and disabled.

26-01-2011 04:53

A disabled person calls ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the disabled and sick ATOS deems fit for work, in preference to being forced to die from starvation, neglect or homelessness. 7 minute call.

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Careers Group defends inclusion of arms company BAE Systems in careers events

25-01-2011 11:54

Protesters unite under the Ban BAE banner
The Careers Group (University of London) organises the Guardian Graduate Fair which last November exhibited numerous companies including BAE Systems (the worlds largest weapons producer. Students and campaigners protested in front of the BAE stall and at their presentation and an open letter signed by student representatives was presented to the Careers Group and The Guardian asking for the company to be excluded from future events. (To read open letter see We have received a vague response from the Careers Group defending the inclusion of the arms company at the event and we have responded with another letter, both of which are available to read here.

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Send a Solidarity Letter or Postcard to Anti-WarResister ChrisCole in Wandsworth

25-01-2011 06:50

Chris Cole Prisoner Number: A81 47 AZ
HMP Wandsworth
Heathfield Rd.
SW18 3HS

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11 Day Fast to in D.C. to Close Guantanamo Ends with Blockade of Dept.of Justice

24-01-2011 05:49

Flickr Slideshow and Video of Blockade of Department of Justice in Washington D.C.
at conclusion of 11 day Fast to Close Guantanamo (11/1/11-22/1/11) on

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Demonstration outside Chilcot Enquiry

22-01-2011 14:40

Tony Blair caged
21 Jan 2010. Stop the War Coalition called for a demonstration for Tony Blair's appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry. A small gathering met outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster.

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Middle East Peace Envoy Calls For More War

22-01-2011 09:41

Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair uses his appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry to call for another and suggests war in the Middle East.

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Chilcot, Coulson, corrupt cops and Rupert Murdoch

21-01-2011 17:23

What I learned from the TV news channels today

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Collateral Damage - WikiLeaks In The Crosshairs

20-01-2011 12:20

The horrific killing of six people in Arizona, and the wounding of a dozen more, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, generated a wave of discussion on the impact of violent political rhetoric.

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Wikileaks Cables on Israel's Gaza Onslaught

20-01-2011 01:13

CounterPunch has accessed Wikileaks’ file of cables on Israel’s Gaza assault two years ago (Operation Cast Lead, December 27, 2008 through January 18, 2009). Though the cables often simply rehash Israeli press reporting, providing little new insight into Israel’s attack or the planning behind it, they show with pitiless clarity the U.S. government to be little more than a handmaiden and amanuensis of the Israeli military machine.

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Fabricating Terrorism III: British complicity in rendition and torture

19-01-2011 23:02

Cageprisoners releases the latest update on the report Fabricating Terrorism. This study will be presented to the UK inquiry into British complicity in rendition and torture.

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helestine visits advanced manufacturing death park

19-01-2011 12:03

Lordy Lord Helseltine the old wrinkly had a party with his chums at the Advanced Manufacturing (Death) Park last week...

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Jan 15th Reports of Anti-War Actions taken on the Anniversary of this 20 Year On

17-01-2011 10:50

- White House, Whitehall, London, Dublin, Menwith Hill, Wellington, Christchurch, Brisbane
***VID (3 mins 14 secs) 100 folks vigil outside the White House at 7 pm Saturday Jan 15th. (Martin Luther King Day in the United States midnight London, Dublin,), the exact prime time for U.S television that the 20 year ongoing war on Iraq began Jan 15 1991.

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Contact details for the NPOIU

16-01-2011 17:06

Am putting this up as there is a lot of interest in the NPOIU.
This information is from 2002.

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Wrexham marks Gulf War anniversary

16-01-2011 09:31

The first bombing raid of the Gulf War was launched on Iraq 20 years ago. In Wrexham, members of Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum and supporters organised a stall in the town centre on Saturday with a display of information about the effects of war and sanctions on Iraqi children over the last 20 years.

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UG#533 - The False Flag Formula (9-99, 7-7, Iraq and Other Fake Bomb Plots)

15-01-2011 10:24

This week we hear a range of voices on False Flag terror attacks by national 'security forces'. After an introduction by James Corbett, an insider's account from 2007 by Annie Machon of why she and David Shayler quit MI5. Next we look at the '9-99' apartment bombings in September 1999 by the Russian FSB, whose director, Putin, was swept to power, and which served as a pretext to attack Chechnya. After reports from Iraq of false flag terror attacks by the occupying forces, sections on the 2009 'underwear bomber' and the '7-7' London bombings of July 7th, 2005.

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Sat Jan 15 7.30 p.m. Public Meeting Marking Start of the now 20 Year War on Iraq

15-01-2011 08:57

WHEN: Saturday January 15th. 7.30 pm *Midnight vigil outside the U.S. Embassy
WHERE: next to 49 Mattison Rd. Harringey, London N4 1BG
- closest tube Manor House
- 29 (bendy bus) from Trafalgar Square to "Mattison Rd." stop on Green Lane
WHY: Anniversary of the start of the now 20 year War on Iraq

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Obama's Arizona Speech - Reality Check

13-01-2011 21:03

Obama's Speech
A deconstructed reality check on Preacherman Obama's soothing words.