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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Parliament Square - State Opening of Parliament - Pics

29-05-2010 12:32

Breakfast meeting in the peace garden
A selection of images from the Democracy Village and other goings on in Parliament Square, London on the day of the state opening of Parliament, on Tuesday, 25 May 2010.

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UK arrests & raids, possibly climate action related

27-05-2010 21:23

At lunchtime on Wednesday 26th May two addresses in Belper, Derbyshire, were raided by the North Yorkshire Counter Terrorist Unit.

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Brother Who Possibly Loves Murdered Sister and Country Jailed in Ireland

26-05-2010 23:59

A brother appeared in court in occupied Ireland today, charged with a bomb attack in Newry, Co Down three months ago.Nothing unusual about that, it happens all the time in British occupied ireland.Ciaran Farrell, whose sister Mairead was one of three IRA members shot dead by the British SAS in Gibraltar in 1988, stood in the same magistrates’ court in Newry that he is accused of blowing up.

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Hunger Strike Occupied Ireland

26-05-2010 06:06

Liam Hannaway a traditional Irish republican, from a well-known west
Belfast republican family, who is a relative of Sinn Fein leader Gerry
Adams has ended his 42 day hunger strike in occupied Ireland.

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Iran, Israel and the "threat to peace" (by Latuff)

24-05-2010 20:34

Peaceful Israel and its 200 nukes...
Iran is real threat to peace, not Israeli arsenal estimated at 200 nukes...

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Rolling back nuLab's anti-freedom agenda?

24-05-2010 15:04

Do a Conservative/ Liberal Democrat Coalition government offer more opportunities for UK freedoms to flourish after a decade of nuLab's bonfire of the liberties?

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Democracy Village pics (Days 19-20)

21-05-2010 20:59

Images from the Democracy Village, Parliament Square, Westminster, London taken on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th May, 2010.

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Synthetic Telepathy - The Article Wikipedia Did Not Want You To Read

21-05-2010 10:28

The following article is an entry that appeared on Wikipedia. Within the last 24 hours a major "edit war" broke out and it appeared, at least to me, that the information was being suppressed. The article goes into depth about a field of espionage that employs a technology known as "silent sound" or "Synthetic telepathy". If you're interested in high tech espionage, this makes for a very good read.

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Soldiers solidarity

20-05-2010 21:33

Anti-war protesters scale the roof of St Margaret's Church, near the Houses of Parliament, to make their point about British troop presence in Afghanistan.

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Thailand's Class War

20-05-2010 19:15

Some of this info has been taken from wikipedia.

State violence has been met by violence from the Red Shirts, who targetted the stock exchange, shopping malls, banks and media outlets in Bangkok seen as sympathetic to the government. The Bangkok Post and Channel 3 television were both evacuated. Outside Channel-3, cars parked outside the building were set on fire and protesters then entered the Channel 3 building and set it on fire. In total, 30 buildings were gutted with fire, as a curfew was laid down and extended to 21 provinces across the north and north east of the country overnight. The curfew has been extended by 3 days.

Will this mean the rural working class will finally get listened to? Probably not just right now but this just the start. Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra is right to say that the government clampdown will see the start of a guerrilla war. Investors/companies are already moving out of Bangkok. The Red Shirts may have lost the battle, but the may just win the war in view of the potential that exists in view of their sheer numbers, despite a heavy state clampdown. Time for the rich elite to cede some of their power, otherwise even more significant chunks of the middle class will turn against them as well and join in their complete annihilation.

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Bring Shaker Aamer home now! Demo in Parliament Square, Tue 25 May

19-05-2010 12:25

Shaker Aamer has been imprisoned without charge or trial in Guantánamo Bay for over eight years. He is a legal permanent resident of the UK, married to a British national, with four British children (the youngest of whom he has never met) living in Battersea, south London.

Next Tuesday (25 May), on the day of the state opening of Parliament, a demonstration and rally in Parliament Square has been organised by the Save Shaker Aamer Campaign:

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Property of the state

17-05-2010 21:38

An anti-system poem named 'Property of the state'. This poem refers to a mans life journey, a fight against oppression and finding the path to salvation.

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NHS doctors are providing info on political activists & Muslims to the police.

17-05-2010 01:13

GPs are being required to pass information to the police regarding people that they think are at risk from crime or at risk of committing one. This is meant to safeguard children and safegurad women who might be victims of domestic violence, rape, female circumcism or murder. It is also meant to protect people with mental health problems and others affected by it.

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US War Plan: ... little Nuclear Munitions

16-05-2010 12:14

Little Nuclear Bombs .....
US War Plan: Talk about Thermonuclear Bombs - But Use little Nuclear Munitions ...... Politicians and talkers of all sorts drone on endlessly about Global Thermonuclear Weapons and suck all the oxygen out of a room when you’re talking about any other subject. Reliable sources say nuclear war targeting requires about 300 actual nukes. The thousands of nuke weapons in the inventory in addition to the required 300 are pointless overkill for politicians to prance around about. They go on and on about reducing the gross number of nukes that are ready to go. It is all an absurd and ridiculous theater for ignorant civilians who are fooled into thinking politician X or Y has done the world a favor.

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Her Majestys Revenue and Customs e-mail: Alex Salmond SNP leader should be shot

16-05-2010 12:02

This is unbelieveable and shows a Civil Servant at Her Majestrys Reveune and Customs in breach of the Civil Service Code.

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Five new UK screenings of “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantanamo”

16-05-2010 11:29

Between May 21 and June 2, in London, Oxford and Brighton, there will be five screenings of the new documentary film, "Outside the Law: Stories from Guantanamo," followed by Q&A sessions with former prisoner Omar Deghayes and journalist and co-director Andy Worthington. Come along and find out how to put pressure on the new government to secure the release from Guantanamo of Shaker Aamer..

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These internal HMRC docs show false sexual allegtions in Andi Ali BNP case

15-05-2010 20:14

Proof if proof was needed, that HMRC conspired to submit false sexual allegtions against andi ali after being harrassed by the BNP

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Communist Discussion Group: Imperialism and the National Question

14-05-2010 11:45

Attached is a recording of the Sheffield Communist Discussion Group on Imperialism and the National Question which was recorded on Tuesday 11th May 2010.

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Peace activists reclaim tree outside Downing Street

13-05-2010 15:02

Photos by Yvonn Jakobsen
At approximately 14:10 yesterday, two concerned citizens from the Democracy Village on Parliament Square climbed a tree outside Downing Street and unfurled a banner which read: "Come on Dave, its time for peace, bring the boys home". This action is part of an ongoing campaign by citizens at the Democracy Village to call on the new government to withdraw British forces from Afghanistan.

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Democracy Village Guerilla Gardening this saturday

10-05-2010 11:56

The Democracy Village in Parliament Square would love to invite you to a Guerilla Gardening event this saturday!