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Property of the state

Jonathan of the Burns family | 17.05.2010 21:38 | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War

An anti-system poem named 'Property of the state'. This poem refers to a mans life journey, a fight against oppression and finding the path to salvation.

Property of the Sate

Winter, 25 years ago
A free child, was born out of love
Not long after, without due hope
Unfortunately, the parents signed him to the state
At this time a person was created
A birth contract, tying him to slavery

By the age of 4, it was time to go school
Trained to comply to system control
Although not realised at the time,
had been conditioned just fine
Then reached the age of puberty
believed he lived in liberty
The labour goverment come to power
it was dawning for men of lower

He wandered into secondary school
System-training level 2
At the time, the swat didn't know it
By the end, dragging through it
Who's faith in the system fell to rot
His peers unfortunately, theirs did not

Soon after, it was time to venture, into work
He worked hard, he thought it helped
A life in the system, seemed not bad
Although at this time, he wasn't knowing,
A big storm had started brewing
his left brain programming began to fail
Life would become a living hell

After years of slavery, he saw the value of money,
and the truth of democracy

A system where we live under CCTV
It's 1984 in realitya
Where freedom is found only on tv

The media feed of tons of lies
Inside jobs made us scared to fly
Lots of bombs going off on trains
New York, London, heck, even Spain

So we come to the end of the journey
Where he fights off the Illuminati
where he has become debt free
The shackles have rusted into disarray
A piece of paper has no say
If you are a true member of the human race
The truth will be revealed, a person has no face
The controlling banks will crash to earth
and the world will rejoice..... in rebirth.

The End

Jonathan of the Burns family
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