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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Opportunities for young psychos (by Latuff)

13-10-2007 02:02

"Be All You Can Be"
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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US hires mercenaries for Iraq (by Latuff)

12-10-2007 02:19

Mercenaries in Iraq
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Iran, the Decider, and the Enablers

11-10-2007 23:27

The dates can only be guessed. November for the triggering incident, December for the trip to the U.N., February for the ultimatum, perhaps March again for the strikes. The repetition would suit his taste for boyish acts of defiance.

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Dragonflies with a byte: new spy insects being used to surveil antiwar protests

11-10-2007 22:28

Spy “Insect”
Yesterdays Flashpoints discussed the spy bugs that are being deployed at anti-war protests across the US with Dick Becker, International ANSWER Coalition and Ian Thompson, attorney and co-coordinator of ANSWER:

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Sheffield Guantanamo Protest 11th October

11-10-2007 20:29

Some photos of the regular protest against the Guantanamo Bay Camp X-Ray held on the 11th of every month in Sheffield.

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Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games

11-10-2007 08:22

These war games are being conducted amidst mounting US threats to actually declare a "real war" on Iran.

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CND video of 'Troops Out' demo

10-10-2007 12:18

3 minute long video of the 'Not One More Death' demo, from Trafalgar Square to Parliament on Monday 8th October 2007. Organised by Stop the War Coalition and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Includes an interview with CND Chair Kate Hudson

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Oil Laws - Colonising Iraq’s Economic Prize

10-10-2007 11:58

An Equitable Sharing of Resources?

We are led to believe that Western societies are free and open. In many respects this is true: freedom of speech and the right to protest still exist, albeit within ever-tighter constraints. At root, however, much of what we see and hear in the corporate media has been shaped by money, power and greed. What passes for vibrant public debate is often a sham.

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Video london anti war march 08-10-07SD

10-10-2007 02:30

A Short Video report on the days event when the demo called by the anti- war coalition marched towards parliament sq despite the Police intially telling them they couldn't eventually were given permission.

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Hidden Detainees, East London Camp Xray

09-10-2007 18:20

Three minute short film of the start of a six day event in which two people are detained camp xray style in a cage on Whitechapel highstreet to draw attention to the blight of 23,000 people held without trial by the american military regime in ghost prisons around the world.

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Stop the war march goes ahead

09-10-2007 08:09

Stop the war march
Thousands march on parliament to demand troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan

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Speak out against Iraq War (by Latuff)

09-10-2007 07:25

Don't be silent!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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IRAQ, War Reports, Troop NEWS

09-10-2007 02:11

Demonstrations now for the first time being led openly by veterans in uniform, issuing open challenge to Washington through open display of American flag as belonging to the troops and people.Open calls for serving soldiers to join, display of anti-war veterans and serving comrades as people representing the majority of the public.Including invitations to help the new change expand further.

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London Underground CCTV firm replaces fugitive CEO

08-10-2007 22:50

Verint's fugitive CEO Jacob 'Kobi' Alexander
Ten months before the 7/7 London bombs Verint Systems signed a 30 year contract with privatised London tube company Metronet Rail. Metronet is now in liquidation so many are asking is that contract still valid? They are also asking because Verint's last chief executive, ex Israeli army officer Kobi Alexander, is a fugitive in Namibia who has run off with $13m and is wanted in New York under 35 counts of fraud. Verint was also Delisted from the NASDAQ in February this year for failing to file accounts to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Troops Out Now: Interview with Tony Benn

08-10-2007 21:33

A short interview with Tony Benn to Indymedia prior to the protest.

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Surveillance Society - the future now

08-10-2007 21:08

A report, recently released, describes the state of the UK in 2017 - a surveillance society from our worst sci-fi nightmares. This is not the product of some conspiracy theory, but rather the more banal outgrowth of business-as-usual. More terrifying as a consequence.

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TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08: a view from the "feverish fringe"

08-10-2007 18:11

All the pieces will be in place. The top officials in town. The Iranian problem presumably still unresolved. The usual alphabet soup of security agencies represented. The majority of the citizenry rendered fully docile by the reporting and editorial pablum of mass media narcotics purveyors like The Oregonian.

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Evidence Of FBI And CIA Death Messagings

08-10-2007 17:09

The fbi and the cia have many ways to threaten, intimidate, or otherwise communicate with the Target of their homicidal plots. One method is to send suggestions via the site meter of a website owned and managed by the Target himself. The following report shows how this is done and at the same time reveals the cowardly nature of the global hoodlums sometimes referred to as the fbi/cia.

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RAF Lakenheath Blockade

08-10-2007 08:35

Six people are currently blockading the main gate at RAF Lakenheath. Their banner states: Stop the War Crimes Not The Protests. They have photographs that indicate that 492 Squadron from Lakenheath dropped over 1,000 bombs in the recent 4 month deployment in Afghanistan possibly including cluster bombs.