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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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government plans to

14-04-2009 14:55

Coroners and Justice Bill 2008-09

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9/11: Time for a Second Look: David Ray Griffin - 14th April at 7pm

13-04-2009 22:03

An important lecture by Professor David Ray Griffin, who is widely regarded as the most scholarly and credible academic to vocally criticise the official narrative of September 11:

"9/11 Time for a Second Look"

Tuesday 14th April 2009 at 7pm

City University, Angel, London

(more details below)

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Law under section 76 - Photography, a crime?

13-04-2009 13:49

Smile, you're on camera.
The police passed a new law that says that any person taking photographs of a police officer may be considered illegal and can face fines or imprisonment up to 10 years.

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Tamil Hunger Strike (day 6), London - pictures

12-04-2009 18:58

Child with severe blast injuries.
As the Sri Lankan government announce a temporary truce in fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tigers, Tamils reach day 6 of their protest in London to object to the carnage being meted out to the Tamil civilian population. (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT).

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Stop the Genocide in Sril Lanka Protest - London April 11 2009

12-04-2009 17:40

Between 100,000 - 200,000 protestors attended the Stop Genocide of Tamils demonstration in central London on Saturday 11 April.

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Identify the Police Officers involved in Ian Tomlinson's killing

12-04-2009 11:41

If the police officers who witnessed the assault on Ian Tomlinson will not come forward voluntarily, then we ourselves must drag them into the public arena

Screenshots of the attack by police on Ian Tomlinson, just before his death.

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Tamil protest day 6

12-04-2009 00:22

The march was attended by 200.000 people or more, that is at least a third of the Tamils living in the UK. They are asking for an end to the genocide in Sri Lanka and a permanent ceasefire, and aid, aid workers, human rights observers and journalists to be allowed in the war zone. 271 Tamil people were slaughtered yesterday alone and up to 4000 in the last 6 weeks. All the Tamils living in UK have friends and relatives there, many had family members killed. Use of chemical weapons (prohibited by international law) have been documented.

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Tamil protest and Hunger Strike, London - pictures

11-04-2009 20:59

A hunger striker is given liquids.
As the Sri Lankan government continue to wage war on the Tamil Tigers and continue to cause serious loss of life within the Tamil population, almost a quarter of a million Tamils march in London to protest.

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Emergency Protest In London 11th April Please Come

11-04-2009 02:03


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Politically Timed "Terror" Arrests - the Real Bob Quick Scandal

10-04-2009 21:28

The mainstream media is in a flurry of excitement over the “Terror” arrests of students in the North West of England. Linked to this is the media feeding frenzy over the resignation of Bob Quick, Scotland Yard’s anti-terror chief. It is important to note that the Quick incident only brought forward the arrests by a few hours. Yet in all the acres of coverage in the newspapers, and all the hype on TV, nobody seems to have noticed the real story.

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Free The EDO Two Video

10-04-2009 17:47

Check the video out next prison demo 18th April

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Supporting the Tamil protests, SOCPA arrest

10-04-2009 14:46

Maria Gallastegui from the Parliament Square Peace Strike was arrested under s132 SOCPA yesterday when she went with a delegation of Tamil women to Downing Street to demand that they be seen by someone in the Government about the crisis in Sri Lanka and the young hunger strikers in Parliament Square. They were told that the Government were all on holiday. See 2nd press release below.

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Fabricating Terrorism II - British complicity in renditions and torture

10-04-2009 09:44

Attached is a new report from Cageprisoners, "Fabricating Terrorism II - British complicity in renditions and torture", following is the forword to it from Gareth Peirce, read the attached PDF for the full report.

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Whitehall to train pro-West Islamic groups to game Google

10-04-2009 08:27

Whitehall officials will train pro-West Islamic groups to manipulate their Google search ranking in an attempt to drown out extremist voices online, The Register has learned.

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UK Customs & Excise resort to intimidation of and theft from pensioners

10-04-2009 00:58

An extended community of old aged pensioners are held for an hour and a half by British authorities in Calais. Five are interrogated with malice, and three have £200 each worth of legally exportable tobacco confiscated. This is an eyewitness account which finds that this is not an isolated incident, but a pattern of regular brutality by these officers.

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Tamil Protest in Parliament Square: Students on Hunger Strike to the Death

09-04-2009 13:14

Day 4 of peace protest in Parliament Square: 2 students on hunger strike (no food, no drink) since Tuesday now too weak to stand...on hunger strike to the death... until there is a ceasefire

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Obama: Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile activity poses a real threat to its neighbors

08-04-2009 22:54

US President Obama and Turkey's President Gul
"If this relationship is so strategic, and so firmly founded on common interests and values, why is our image in Turkey so abysmal? Why is Iran more popular than we are?" wrote Mark Parris, a former US ambassador to Turkey, two months before last November's US presidential election.

Having engaged in a "charm offensive" during a two-day visit to Turkey this week, did President Obama really have a different agenda than his predecessor Bush?

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Tamil protest still going strong / 8th April 3pm

08-04-2009 14:07

Police repression still very high: solidarity needed! Go down and make sure the Tamils are not subjected to police brutality!

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Subvurt: Surveillance with The CCTV Caberet

08-04-2009 12:15

Tuesday April 14th 7pm at The Britons Protection (show starts 7.30)

A night of ace music, short films, comedy ranting and miscellaneous shenanigans about public space, civil liberties, the database state and more. Prepare to laugh, cry, sigh and get angry...