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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Is Irun part of the axis of evil?

19-05-2007 12:10

The ongoing 'war on terror' - in reality the 'great game speeded up' as John Pilger puts it could be extended to Iran next. Where is Iran? Could it be confused with Irun in Spain? A certain not too intelligent US President might well do so.

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Charges dropped against police in de Menezes shooting

19-05-2007 08:05

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has dropped disciplinary charges against 11 front-line firearms and surveillance officers involved in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes on July 22, 2005.

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The US war and occupation of Iraq—the murder of a society

19-05-2007 05:11

130 deaths for every 1,000 births in 2006
According to this report, Iraq recorded a staggering 150 percent increase in the rate of infant deaths between 1990 and 2005. In raw figures, 122,000 Iraqi children died in 2005, half of them newborn babies. The rate was 125 deaths of children under five for every 1,000 live births, compared to 50 in 1990. According to the Iraqi health ministry, conditions have only worsened since, with the ratio climbing to 130 deaths for every 1,000 births in 2006.

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Hillary and the Blue Pill Democrats

18-05-2007 13:07

Sure, Democrats will argue, as the 2008 selection closes in, Hillary Clinton is less than perfect—but she’s better than the mob boss stand-in Rudy Giuliani or the Manchurian candidate, John McCain. In fact, we can bet the farm Democrats will once again take the blue pill, believing whatever they want to believe. Democrats will vote en masse, not unlike lemmings stampeding to the precipice, for Hillary or Obama, most likely Hillary as not so subtle indicators reveal she is the One.

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AFP Challenged on False News Story Regarding Iran's Nuclear Energy Programme

18-05-2007 08:06

Campaigners have today demanded that the Agence France Presse (AFP) retract an incorrect and misleading news item regarding Iran's nuclear programme. Despite the immediate rebuttal of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) against AFP's false report last week alleging Iran's non-cooperation with the IAEA inspectors, the AFP has continued to publish the item on its website and refuses to issue an apology or a correction. The IAEA has confirmed that Iran has never denied access to its nuclear facilities by the inspectors.

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Is US behind assassinations and bombing of markets?

18-05-2007 03:41

An Iraqi who asked not to be identified had disclosed some of the US activities such as assassinations and bombings in markets that aim at sparking sectarian fighting among Iraqis so as to facilitate the partition of the country.

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5th citizen inspection of the NATO Response Force base in Valencia

17-05-2007 23:41

In the 5th Citizens Inspection, on the 12th May, at 11.30a.m. a team of 7
citizen inspectors entered the main facilities of the NATO Response Force base
despite security vigilance measures, demand its closure and conversion into a
social and ecologically friendly space, as part of a week of actions against
military installations.

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London Counter-Recruitment Picket, Friday May 18th 1:30pm

17-05-2007 15:23

Tomorrow - 18th May – at the Bloomsbury armed forces recruitment centre, people will be going armed with fliers to give a counter view of what life is like in the army. The Bloomsbury recruitment centre is located in the same building as the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO), the government's arms sales agency.

With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raging the chances of being killed and injured have increased dramatically over the past few years. But even if ex-services personnel make it back alive many are still scared for life from their experiences.

We encourage everyone to help us hand out fliers and let people know what it's really like in the military!

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Two imprisoned for violating Official Secrets Act

17-05-2007 10:51

Punished for exposing Bush and Blair’s crimes in Iraq

The imprisonment of David Keogh and Leo O’Connor under the Official Secrets Act is a flagrant violation of democratic rights. In part aimed at intimidating opponents of the occupation of Iraq, it is bound up with efforts to conceal the contents of a discussion between George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair on actions illegal under international law.

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AUSTRALIA: Convicted attention seeker to be released from Perth Prison

17-05-2007 00:46

Dreaming about becoming Osama Bin Laden
He was one of a number Muslims whose homes were raided by ASIO in a nationwide security crackdown that followed the September 11 US false flag operation perpetrated by the G W Bush administration. Apparently Roach was highly trained to contact ASIO about the Israeli Embassy plot so they arrested him. Why not he was giving himself up right?

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The Strategy of Tension

16-05-2007 11:50

"We are at War
against International Terrorism,
defending our Values
and our Civilization."

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Dobson Hallucinates Iranian “Existential Threat”

16-05-2007 07:45

James Dobson, chairman of the board of Focus on the Family, told his radio audience. "Many people in a position to know are talking about the possibility of losing a city to nuclear or biological or chemical attack. And if we can lose one we can lose ten.”

I’m experiencing that old déjà vu feeling again. Iraq has nukes or biologicals. Saddam is Hitler. Saddam and al-Qaeda will unleash a fury against the United States. Kindergarten children and old ladies will suffer and die. We have to do something. We have to mass murder a whole lot of people. Turn the place into a glass parking lot.

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Evil Empire: Is Imperial Liquidation Possible for America?

16-05-2007 00:53

In politics, as in medicine, a cure based on a false diagnosis is almost always worthless, often worsening the condition that is supposed to be healed. The United States, today, suffers from a plethora of public ills. Most of them can be traced to the militarism and imperialism that have led to the near-collapse of our Constitutional system of checks and balances. Unfortunately, none of the remedies proposed so far by American politicians or analysts addresses the root causes of the problem.

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Arms Dealers' Conference Disrupted!

15-05-2007 23:52

The Shepard Group annual conference on Electronic Warfare was successfully disrupted by activists Tuesday afternoon by a surprise action.

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David Hicks very lucky to be tortured, isolated for 5.5 years for nothing?

15-05-2007 22:45

I should be so lucky?
John Howard must repudiate the deal as it was illegal - done under duress and with an illegally constituted tribunal which didn’t conform to Australian standards of justice. Any confession is obviously worthless. That on the same basis that having David Hicks meant they could do whatever they wanted to him – and did, now that Australia has him we will treat me with the dignity and respect for legal institutions that we should always do.

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US government fans homeland terrorism fear

15-05-2007 20:41

The US government and Washington elites are aggressively ramping up their "war on terrorism" rhetoric and propaganda, stoking fear and paranoia in order to bolster its war agenda, and reinvigorate the mass public perception of new and growing "homegrown terrorism" threats to the US homeland.

The next phase of America’s war abroad (under the management of a post-Bush neocon/neoliberal consensus), and the deepening militarization of the US homeland towards a full police state, are well underway.

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Bollocks 2 Blair-Genocide is a war crime-case stated@tate Britain: State Britain

15-05-2007 17:30

"What sort of a country are we living in if a politician comes to Nottingham and speaks here to a group of people in the city centre and during his speech a heckler replies 'bollocks'. Are we expect this person to be incarcerated, or do we live in a country where we are proud of our Anglo-Saxon heritage"
- Mr. John Mortimer
QC in the 'Nevere mind the Bollocks - It's the sex pistols' case

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Revisiting 9/11/2001 --Applying the Scientific Method

15-05-2007 16:25

Dr. Steven Jones has published a new paper called "Revisiting 9/11/2001 --Applying the Scientific Method" at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, the introduction follows, download the attached PDF for the full article.

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Another rejected petition from our friends at Downing Street

15-05-2007 15:50

Is anyone home?

The lights appear to be on and I question as to whether they are all brain dead down the road that is Downing Street???

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Empire as a Way of Life, Part 7

15-05-2007 10:11


The current imperial slaughter in the Middle East, justified by the "Global War on Terror", that has resulted in at least 600,000 deaths in Iraq, is nothing new — the U.S. Empire has a long and sordid history of genocidal mass murder.

The history of the US imperialism and Empire is the subject of a series of ten monthly seminars from Dr John Marciano, "Empire as a Way of Life". Attached is a recording of the third of these seminars and the text upon which it was based. The first 8 of these seminars have taken place and the intention is to have the whole series published on this site; the last 2 will take place between now and June.

This seminar, recorded on 20th March 2007 by the L.A. Sound Posse, runs for 44 minutes and includes the discussion following. It has been made available under a Creative Commons license. If this recording is broadcast please let the L.A. Sound Posse know. This recording was originally made available on the A-Infos Radio Project site.

The following text has been reproduced here with the kind permission of Dr John Marciano and he can be contacted at He introduced this series of seminars in the following way:

A fundamental purpose of our meetings is to understand the systemic nature of the U.S. Empire and the economic and military imperialism that is its lifeblood. The historian William Appleman Williams argues that empire became "a way of life" in the U.S., a "combination of patterns of thought and action that, as it becomes habitual and institutionalized, defines the thrust and character of a culture and society." This "way of life" has convinced many U.S. "Americans" they have a right or "manifest destiny" to impose their political and economic policies upon others.

Dr John Marciano is Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Cortland, where he taught courses on social and historical foundations of education and class, gender and race.

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