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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Hicham Yezza released after 31 days in detention

16-06-2008 16:21

Following the cancellation order on his deportation, and after being detained for over 30 days, Hicham Yezza has been released on bail after the Home Office refused to grant him temporary release.

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Police brutality and snatch squad at Bush demo

16-06-2008 15:48

For those of you who think we're moving towards a police state, this video will show you that we are already living one.

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Policing of Bush visit (STWC).

16-06-2008 13:48

Pro-War policing on the front line.
Yesterday's anti-war protest at Parliament Square and the testing of the MPS's security operation to protect the US president.

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Pix from Bush demo Sunday

16-06-2008 13:44

Can't seem to upload pix for some reason, so flickr link will have to do, pix over 3 pages. Comments welcome:

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Blood on the streets as Bush enters via Brown's back passage.

15-06-2008 22:06

St James Park blocked off by riot cops
As demonstrators clashed on the barricades to Whitehall today, George W Bush snuck into Downing Street via the St James Park entrance. Riot police blocked the road from Parliament Square to the park, but few realised what had happened anyway.

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Guantanamo bay / Binyam Mohamed Protest, London 15.06.08

15-06-2008 21:02

UK, London. Binyam Mohamed / Guantanamo Bay protest. 2008
Images from the protest in London appealing for solidarity with Binyam Mohamed - the last UK resident in Guantanamo bay threatened with the death penalty.
Binyam Mohamed is a refugee from Ethiopia, who was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, was seized in Pakistan and rendered to Morocco, then sent to Afghanistan, and then Guantanamo Bay.

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If Bush-Obama-Rockefeller invade-nuke Iran march down motorways with truckers+??

15-06-2008 18:06

Fathers everywhere must be cursing people like George Bush today on fathers day.he was a military tank test driver roughneck safety coordinator. He knows how dangerous large dangerous machinery is.
Tanker driver-oil workers in UK want more for all of us & are striking from a key position like miners did in 1980's. Heres too to the stop war demo in London& the troopers whoes guns jam when silly orders are given& the people of Iraq.
The time for simple A to B corporate government sanctioned marches is over!The people demand more!!!!!

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Rwanda: Truth Emerges: ICTR Defense Lawyers Straight Up

15-06-2008 04:26

ICTR Defense Lawyers Straight Up on major developments re: US/UK Sponsored Regime Change and ICTR Trial Process. Check it out and spread the news!

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Israel putting pressure on the US to attack Iran (by Latuff)

14-06-2008 22:57

Israel pressures US on Iran
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Dear Londoners, Please tell Bush to get stuffed!

14-06-2008 22:19

I live 400 miles away in Edinburgh and would love to be there to protest Bush's disgraceful visit. I was there in 2003 for his State visit when the giant statue was toppled in Trafalgar Square. This time I'll be there in spirit. Best of luck to all who get there to tell him he's not welcome.

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Video -- Protest on 42 Days Detention

14-06-2008 02:06

Parliament Square protests on 10th and 11th June against the extension of the detention limit for terrorist suspects.

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42 Days: Creeping Internment

13-06-2008 23:08

The British state's attempt to push through detention without charge for 42 days is a precursor to a plan to impose indefinite internment, targeted disproportionately against Muslims and ethnic minorities.

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Fitwatch at Anti Bush Demo

13-06-2008 22:56

Last week, the Carnival Against the Arms Trade saw large numbers of people effectively tackling FIT.

In Brighton, we had them on the run. Now let's see if we can do it in London.

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9/11, Deep State Violence, and the Hope of Internet Politics

13-06-2008 15:28

Prof. Peter Dale Scott

The Deep State and 9/11

The unthinkable — that elements inside the state would conspire with criminals to kill innocent civilians — has become not only thinkable but commonplace in the last century. A seminal example was in French Algeria, where dissident elements of the French armed forces, resisting General de Gaulle's plans for Algerian independence, organized as the Secret Army Organization and bombed civilians indiscriminately, with targets including hospitals and schools. [1] Critics like Alexander Litvinenko, who was subsequently murdered in London in November 2006, have charged that the 1999 bombings of apartment buildings around Moscow, attributed to Chechen separatists, were in fact the work of the Russian secret service (FSB). [2]

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Iraq war could cost taxpayers $2.7 trillion (by Latuff)

13-06-2008 06:44

Iraq war cost to U.S. taxpayers
As the Iraq war continues with no clear end in sight, the cost to taxpayers may balloon to $2.7 trillion by the time the conflict comes to an end, according to Congressional testimony.

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Sheffield 11th June Guantánamo Protest

12-06-2008 22:18

Sheffield 11th June Guantánamo Protest
A protest was held in Sheffield on 11th June 2008 by the Sheffield Guantánamo Campaign to highlight the situation of Binyam Mohamed, the last UK resident in the illegal US prison at Guantánamo Bay and is potentially facing the death penalty.

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Colin Powell, Keep Out

12-06-2008 20:51

Powell: Slated for Vancouver speech.
Colin Powell, George Bush's former secretary of state and previously the general in charge of the slaughter of Iraqi troops in the first Gulf war, is scheduled to speak in Vancouver on June 12. Possibly setting a new standard for hypocrisy, the title of his talk is "Leadership in the 21st Century."

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As George Bush visits London, Reprieve tells Bush and Brown: Bring Binyam Back t

12-06-2008 12:32

Where: Trafalgar Square, in front of the National Gallery
When: 3 pm, Sunday 15 June
Who: Reprieve Director Clive Stafford Smith, former Guantánamo prisoners, Barney the Dinosaur and other special guests

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Daniel McGowan Transferred - Threat of Madison Grand Jury

12-06-2008 09:54

Daniel McGowan has been moved to the Columbia County Jail in Portage,
Wisconsin. The reasoning for his move is unknown, but could be related to
an as yet to be convened grand jury in nearby Madison.