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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Main japanese opposition party questions 9/11

18-01-2008 15:36

At the National Diet of Japan on January 10, 2008, Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Democratic Party of Japan, the main opposition party questioned 9/11.
Later the Japanese government took rare steps to force parliamentary approval of a controversial bill reviving a naval mission in the Indian Ocean in support of US-led forces in Afghanistan.
Ahead of the voting Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Democratic Party of Japan, made a statement
at the House of Councillors, the National parliament of Japan,
For 30 minutes he questioned the official version of 9/11 presented to the japanese government and the public by the US administration
He concluded that the japanese governments support of the "war against terror" is solely
based on information provided by the US-administration. He demanded further investigations and questions being answered in the face
of the governments drive to support the war more actively.

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America's "Divide and Rule" Strategies in the Middle East

17-01-2008 20:26

It is no secret that the 2008 presidential tour of George W. Bush Jr. to the Middle East is more about rallying hostility and antagonism against Iran and those forces resisting Washington’s political and socio-economic curriculum for the Middle East.

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A letter from Guantánamo

17-01-2008 15:09

Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison, tells the story of imprisoned al-Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj, and reproduces the text of a recently declassified letter from Guantánamo.

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EXCLUSIVE: Historical analysis of the philosophy of war - much food for thought

17-01-2008 04:53

Exclusive to here and good old Radio 4 All who seem to have been having server problems of late

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Guantanamo protest

16-01-2008 18:37

Several Bradford residents stage an impromptu demonstration marking the sixth anniversary of Guantanamo bay in Cuba.

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Economic Terrorist Network

16-01-2008 16:52

Mark Logan Pedley - Leader Of The Dominion Of Melchizedek
THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK, a global economic terrorist network has supported fraud and money-laundering in the U.S. and overseas for over 20-years using sophisticated criminal shadowy tradecrafts targeting individuals and businesses the U.S. government claims it cannot protect against.

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US appellate court rejects British victims’ suit for Guantánamo torture damages

16-01-2008 04:51

On January 11, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed a case brought by four British citizens seeking money damages to compensate them for having been tortured by the US government. The four individuals were held for more than two years at the United States Naval Base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

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Breaking News: Adel Hamad is Back in Sudan!

15-01-2008 15:58

Shut it down - Get em' out..... NOW!
We finally have some great news to report. Adel Hamad is back in Sudan. Over two years after being cleared for transfer, Adel Hamad has finally arrived in Khartoum and was immediately released and allowed to reunite with his family.

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Photo Exhibitition at the Cowley

15-01-2008 14:03

The Wombles arrive at Dowing St. Halloween day of action against war.
The Cowley Club in Brighton is now hosting an exhibition of images related to the WAR OF TERROR.

Including pics of anti war actions.

Images from occupied Iraq.

Pictures from the Justice for Jean campaign.

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Gordon Brown urged to act for British residents in Guantánamo

15-01-2008 13:22

Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files, reports on the presentation of a letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, asking him to request the US authorities to return two British residents who are still held in Guantánamo, and also asking him to request that the prison be closed down.

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Blood price for US support to Turkey's PKK operation: Military base against Iran

15-01-2008 09:19

Having given no support to Turkey’s struggle against the PKK for a long time, the US supported the Turkish army’s recent bombing of the Qandil mountain.

The reason behind this support is becoming clear now: An agreement made between the US, Turkey and the Federal Administration of South Kurdistan for the construction in South and North Kurdistan [i.e. Northern Iraq and Southeastern Turkey respectively] of two strategic US military bases targeting Iran.

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It's not torture when U.S. forces are doing it...(by Latuff)

15-01-2008 05:26

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff (to be published in "Ideias" magazine, of the Sindicato dos Servidores da Justica Federal, Rio de Janeiro).

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Sunday 3pm - Loose Change Final Cut at Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford

14-01-2008 16:09

Loose Change Final Cut at the Phoenix
"A country that hides something is a country that's afraid of getting caught."
George W Bush

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Six years of Guantanamo: Amnesty International

14-01-2008 10:59

In the two cages
Amnesty International ( organised an overnight vigil on Jan 11-12 with a Guantanamo-style cage and a mass demonstration to mark six years of this unlawful prison camp and continue the call for its closure. Short text and 3 pictures. Pictures are copyright.

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London Guantanamo Campaign, Friday 11 Jan

14-01-2008 10:43

Leafletting on Park Road,
Report and pictures from last Friday's day of campaigning around the city. Pictures are copyright - see web site for details.

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Freedom of Assembly Demonstration

13-01-2008 21:02

Determined protest January 12th 2008

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Police Farce Belgravia - Absolute Bollocks!

13-01-2008 19:11

Same shit, different day.
Same shit, different country.
Same old shit no matter how you slice it or dice it.
Corruption is an ugly state of democracy.

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Jan 15 press conference: Scotland Yard to investigate Blair&Goldsmith war crimes

13-01-2008 12:44

Press Conference, Room C, 1 Parliament St.
(just off Parliament Sq.)
Tuesday 15th January 2008 3pm

John McDonnell MP and members of the Campaign to Make War History will brief MPs and the media on allegations of war crimes committed against the people of Iraq by Britain's former Prime Minister and former Attorney General.

Officers from Scotland Yard have commenced a criminal investigation into the deaths of Iraqi citizens killed during the armed invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Metropolitan Police are acting in response to crimes reported by peace activists from We Are Change UK and The Campaign to Make War History. In an unprecedented step, the case was handed to the War Crimes division of the Counter Terrorism branch who are now investigating allegations of 14 criminal offences committed by Tony Blair, Lord Goldsmith and others. The offences are under the International Criminal Court Act 2001, which came into effect under English common law, just two days before 9/11.

Two Members of We Are Change UK and a representative from the Campaign to Make War History were interviewed for six hours at Belgravia Police station on the 20th December 2007. Evidence was provided to the police relating to the crimes of:-

• genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and conduct ancillary to these crimes under Sections 51 and 52 of The International Criminal Court Act 2001.
• a crime against peace and complicity in a crime against peace under Articles 6 and 7 of The Nuremburg Principles.
• murder, incitement to murder and conspiracy to murder under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.
• conspiracy to commit genocide, a crime against humanity and war crimes under the Criminal Law Act 1977.

Details of the alleged breaches of international treaties and violations of the laws of war will be provided at the meeting.

Chris Coverdale (The Campaign to Make War History): 020 8540 2865;
John McDonnell MP: 020 7219 6908;
Simon Moore 0208 560 1319, Rob Little 07915 063322 (We Are Change UK)

83, Priory Gardens, London N6 5QU Tel: 020 8540 2865

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Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel

12-01-2008 23:10

Despite the official and media portrayal of the incident in the Strait of Hormuz early Monday morning as a serious threat to US ships from Iranian speedboats that nearly resulted in a "battle at sea," new information over the past three days suggests that the incident did not involve such a threat and that no US commander was on the verge of firing at the Iranian boats.

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SOCPA - permission denied for anti-socpa demonstration - please support

12-01-2008 14:47

Maria in Downing St on 9/1/08 with assorted MPs and a Peer of the Realm
Despite the assurances that the Commissioner MUST give "authorisation" for demonstrations, Maria, from Parliament Sq, has been denied that very thing. She will now be holding demonstrations OUTSIDE Downing Street next week. She welcome you if you feel you can support her there, no matter how briefly - Monday 14th - Thursday17th 10am - 2pm and on Wednesday 16th between 5pm and 7:30pm