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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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7/7: The war comes home - a comment from Bristol

11-08-2005 15:01

Bristol activists from a number of groups have come together independently to produce a critique & comment on the recent bombs in London and the British state's response. We'll be printing several thousand flyers & posters to ditribute around Bristol.

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Treason & Terror

08-08-2005 18:56

This is much like the White House interfering to stop the FBI from investigating the Arabs the CIA was training, who were later blamed for the 911 attacks. Interesting ...

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7/7 London Tube Atrocity - Some questions that need to be answered.

08-08-2005 18:16

It was the enclosed article that led to the media frenzy in trying to get the chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque in the UK to step down or be fired. He has however received the full backing of his community.

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Second Parliament Square protest halted under anti-terror laws

08-08-2005 18:11

UK London Metropolitan Police continued to gag peaceful protest using laws designed to tackle organised crime and terrorism on Sunday 7 August.

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On Terrorism and the State

07-08-2005 18:51

It amazes me, after what we've witnessed throughout our collective history, how effective a tool this is to the State Apparati.

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Al-Qaida's Terrorism Rooted In Anarchism

06-08-2005 09:02

"For although it founds its ideology on religious references and speaks a language overwhelmed by religious symbols, al-Qaida falls largely within the modern tradition of revolutionary anarchists..."
writes Soumayya Ghannoushi, a researcher in the history of ideas at the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London, in an opinion piece for Aljazeera.

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7/7 revenge attack on disabled Hindu

06-08-2005 01:42

like 9-11, 7/7 is having an impact on anyone who even looks like a muslim. And the irony is the perpetrators are still unknown. Were the attacks even suicide bombers?

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All the alleged terrorists are Muslims

03-08-2005 06:31

Police aware of terror cells?
The AFP wants to misinform or spread disinformation in the community, by not providing the dangerous information they say they have, so we can be aware of the danger? But they want the community to share information with them about danger. Why is that? Why do we pay the AFP to lie to us about danger in the community, when communication is a two-way-street?

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UK Police use anti-terror law to disperse protest

02-08-2005 00:22

Five peace protestors were arrested today in a peaceful vigil outside the Houses of Parliament, as the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill (SOCPB) was enforced for the first time in London.

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Will US extradite terror accomplice to UK>

31-07-2005 17:29

"One of the suspects believed to be behind the failed July 21st bomb attacks in London is expected to be extradited to the UK.Hussain Osman, 27, stands accused of attempting to detonate a device on a train near Shepherd's Bush station. He will face an extradition hearing in an Italian prison."

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US "intelligence failure" could have helped 7/7 bombs..& reveal possible P2OG op

30-07-2005 04:19

"John Ashcroft’s Justice Department blocked efforts by its own Seattle-based prosecutors to seek a grand-jury indictment of Aswat."
Did they let him go so he could help the PNAC cause at later date? Sounds like many of the 9/11 unanswered questions...blocking earlier investigations of the hijackers etc.

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Islam's War On Terror

29-07-2005 06:23

An insight revealing the truth behind the evil

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28-07-2005 10:15

"Had someone with a complexion as white as mine been running around on the underground, they would not have been gunned down by the police."

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Britain, Israel in anti-terror talks after London bombings

27-07-2005 22:39

This is a moot point, until the Bliar Government supplies the missing, key evidence to support its Conspiracy Theory, thus proving that the recent attacks were not False Flag Attacks, intended to frighten & distract citizens, and goad the UK into further Acts of Aggression.

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Cherie warns on anti-terror moves

27-07-2005 10:04

Civil liberties must not be undermined by the government as it responds to the London bomb attacks, prime minister Tony Blair's wife Cherie has warned.

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Doing our bit to combat terrorism & racism

27-07-2005 09:41

It's been reported that Lincolnshire Police officers arrested two men yesterday, who had been travelling on the GNER Newcastle to London King's Cross service, at Grantham railway station, following 'tip-offs' given by two off-duty Metropolitan Police officers, who were travelling on the same service.

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Bush's tight ship springs convenient leaks: The Prelude to 7/7.

25-07-2005 21:41

Journalist Mary Pat Hyland outlines the case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan. Did the White House leak of last year allow for the atrocities in London last month?

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U$A: Activists held: Terrorist Task Force raid on IWW/Animal Rights home

25-07-2005 04:30

Please help if you can. US Anti-Terror squads detain Animal Rights/Trades Union/Socialist Activists in New Jersey Raid. More Raids feared.

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New terror in the tube as cops get trigger happy

23-07-2005 16:22

The driver of the train which was the scene of a brutal police slaying on friday morning was himself chased by armed terror police who held a gun to his head as he tried to get away from terrifying 'shoot to kill' attack.

The driver started running as passengers fled from Stockwell Tube station following the shooting of a man it has since been revealed was unarmed.

According to officials from the train drivers' union Aslef, the train driver was chased by police who on catching up pointed a gun at his head.

Hearing about this outrageous behavior by armed cops given orders to shoot to kill, many train drivers have been understandably reluctant to continue working normally, the union's London officer Steve Grant has reported.

He said this incident highlights the tense atmosphere that his members are having to cope with since the 7th July attacks.

Apparently police have since apologised, which I am sure will have made the driver involved feel much better.

So, with armed tigger happy homicidal cops running around London we now have something else to worry us. We are therefore forced to raise the unofficial terror alert to 'dont run!'.

This highten security level means - don't wear bulky or baggy items of clothing if you are dark skinned - if you see police, walk at a resonable pace away from danger - whatever you do, do not run!

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How to beat the terrorists: Lessons from a journey across the Arab world

23-07-2005 11:31

In the last seven weeks I have had the opportunity to make working visits to seven different Arab countries and to engage in political and other discussions with local officials, academics, journalists and opposition activists. The experience has been instructive, and simultaneously heartening and depressing, but has suggested obvious opportunities and dangers in the dual quest to respond to the rights of Arab citizens and defeat the global terror plague.