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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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China to Deploy World's Largest People Tracking Network

13-08-2007 12:28

Shenzhen, China: 20,000 surveillance cameras with face recognition; ID cards fitted with radio chips, backed by a database containing minute details of a person's life (religion, ethnicity, police record, medical records, landlord's phone number, travel payments, even small purchases). Officially aimed at fighting crime but will also help the Communist Party retain power. The UK Government's ID card/National Identity Register plans are very similar.

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CIA's Top Muslim-Getter Outs Himself: Jose Rodriguez

13-08-2007 05:11

The scourge of Muslim kidnap and prison victims: Jose A. Rodriguez of the CIA
[Aug. 10, 2007] With little fanfare, Jose A. Rodriguez Jr, who heads the National Clandestine Service -- the spies, torturers, and terrorists of the CIA -- had his cover lifted about a month ago. CIA spokesman Mark Mansfield said the driving factor was his interest in publicly participating in minority recruitment events. He's also retiring later this year after more than three decades with the agency.

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The Cheney Affair

11-08-2007 21:02

Now that mainstream media bias is an established fact and recognized as such by the mainstream reading and viewing public, the revelation of Vice President Dick Cheney's total unilateral control over all levels and branches of American government has not only raised eyebrows and concerns of dictatorship, but for those politically astute, begs the question as to why theWashington Post would be the journalistic vehicle to publish the four-part June 24 through June 27 series exposing this reality.

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Ayr Sheriff Acquits Seven Prestwick Protesters

11-08-2007 10:39

The Eight People on Trial in Ayr 8-10 August 2007
War crime was an issue, claims expert witness

Following the acquittal of seven of the eight Prestwick protesters at Ayr Sheriff Court due to inadequacies in the Crown case a prominent expert witness testified that collusion in war crime was relevant to the context of the trial.

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Katrina Quality Emergency Management for Oregon!

11-08-2007 03:32

The same organization that provided emergency information management services for southern Louisiana in 2005 is now helping Oregon. Swan Island Networks is providing logistical support for Operation Noble Resolve 7-2. This is an emergency preparedness drill to be held in Portland, Oregon, USA August 20-24.

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Khilafah from Below, not Above

10-08-2007 22:04

Convergence around Democratic Revolution

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Britain finally requests release of British residents in Guantanamo

10-08-2007 09:57

On Tuesday 7th Aug, the UK Foreign Office finally agreed it was prepared to request the release of FIVE British residents from Guantanamo Bay, after 5 and a half years of lobbying by their families, friends and campaigners. They include Jamil El-Banna, Shaker Aamer, Binyam Mohamed, Abdennour Sameur and Omar Deghayes.

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arrestable physiology? don't sweat, you may been shot.

09-08-2007 07:43

looks like any scientifically designated 'abnormal' behaviour in public could lead to you being targetted by the physiology police

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The Pentagon’s latest Big Lie: Preserving the myth of a "war on terror"

09-08-2007 00:10

The quality of Pentagon propaganda is really deteriorating.

The Bush administration and their enablers at the Pentagon’s “Dept. of Strategic Information” will continue to promote their threadbare narrative of “foreign fighters and terrorists” until the Iraq mission collapses and the troops are withdrawn.

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The Cuban Five: Mission against Terror

07-08-2007 23:02

Free the Cuban Five!
This interview with Leonard Weinglass, appeals attorney for Antonio Guerrero was conducted by Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, on August 1, 2007.

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Giuliani’s Neocons

07-08-2007 17:35

Be the next president Clinton or Giuliani, and it will likely be the former, foreign policy will remain virtually the same, no doubt with a few stylistic differences.

The “left,” headed up by the decider gal Hillary Clinton, will pick up the neocon baton and go after Iran, as planned.

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If you see something, say something

07-08-2007 00:50

Catchy, isn’t it? It’s the theme line of the New York City, Metropolitan Transit Authority’s advertising campaign that has run from 2002 through 2007. It’s a call to keep our eyes open for “terrorists” and to be the eyes of the law wherever we are, as if there weren’t enough eyes and cameras already.

The slogan runs on bus panels and posters in subway cars. It often shows an abandoned black bag looking ominously at you with the theme line above it. Sometimes there’s a robot on wheels about to snatch the case for detonation. Ah well, fellas, I do see something here, and I’d like to say something.

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War on Terror - Solidarity against poverty needed

06-08-2007 14:16

It is a slide show broadcast then banned by the US government, depicting graphically the horrors of HIV/AIDs, poverty, homelessness etc. While the twin towers were hit and the US pushes the "War on terror",it reminds us of the many more people who have been killed or affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, homelessness etc and reminds us that solidarity with these p0eple is vital.

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Tancredo Again Calls for Bombing Mecca, Medina

05-08-2007 23:08

Tancredo would have us believe “al-Qaeda,” the database, has nukes and is itching to use them, and thus we should be ready to bomb and destroy religious sites and kill thousands of people, all of them quite innocent of any crime against Tancredo or the United States. Of course, “al-Qaeda,” the legend of scary campfire stories, does not have nukes and will not pull off a terrorist attack, nuclear or otherwise, unless it is politically advantageous for the neocons.

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Shut Down Guantánamo! Weekly Demo, London

05-08-2007 11:40

The London Guantánamo Campaign has been protesting outside the US Embassy in Mayfair every Friday evening at 6-7pm since February 2007. Come and join us!

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Israel’s Jewish problem in Tehran

04-08-2007 08:50

There is an interesting problem with selling the “Iran as Nazi Germany” line. If Ahmadinejad really is Hitler, ready to commit genocide against Israel’s Jews as soon as he can get his hands on a nuclear weapon, why are some 25,000 Jews living peacefully in Iran and more than reluctant to leave despite repeated enticements from Israel and American Jews?

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Antiwar voices aren’t necessarily pro-peace

03-08-2007 19:46

In our America, being antiwar has little correlation with being pro-peace. It seems that much of the antiwar sentiment is more an anti “how the war is being conducted” with little or no moral basis or consideration to the universal concept of peace. It was true during the Vietnam War years and it is true today, as America resolutely pursues its imperial destiny.

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LIVE from Lebanon: the Beirut of the Problem

03-08-2007 16:57

Chat & dirt on the mess in Beirut...

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Demonstrate in support of Iranian workers, women, students - 9 August, London

03-08-2007 10:24

Left-wing activists will be protesting outside the Iranian embassy on Thursday 9 August in solidarity with the workers', women's and student movements in Iran.

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E-raq (by Latuff)

03-08-2007 05:33

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.