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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Who is the threat? US military budget 500 times Venezuela's

03-03-2007 09:25

Using dubious figures, and fallacious comparisons, the New York Times has published an article trying to make it appear that Venezuela is a military threat to security in the Americas. Actually Venezuela spends less than Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and, of course, the US-- Washington spends about 500 times as much as Caracas.

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Poltergeist Osama Makes His Return

03-03-2007 01:05

Isn’t it curious “al-Qaeda” has decided to “open new fronts” in countries that figure on the neocon target list?

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US faces mounting crisis in Afghanistan

02-03-2007 04:23

deteriorating position
Cheney huddles with Musharraf and Karzai

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Did HBO Cover-Up Bomb Evidence At The WTC On 9/11?

02-03-2007 02:14

Did HBO television deliberately delete frames of video used in their 2002 documentary 'In Memorium - 9/11/2001', that revealed the detonation of an apparent exploive device at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

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“Controversial” Hypocrisy: US Support for Terror Groups in Iran

01-03-2007 20:01

Sunday Telegraph quotes Fred Burton, a former State Department counter-terrorism agent: “The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran’s ethnic minorities to destabilise the Iranian regime.” That is to say, the US is deliberately exploiting ethnic divisions in Iran to destabilize the country -- precisely what it has accused Iran of trying to do in Iraq.

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BBC 9/11 Screw Up

01-03-2007 14:06

CNN, BBC 24 Reports Prove Media Prior Knowledge
BBC claims to have lost its 9/11 Tapes
No mainstream media reports

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Blair seeks to deepen military alliance with Washington

01-03-2007 09:52

Just two days after Prime Minister Tony Blair announced a reduction in British troops in Iraq, Defence Secretary Des Browne made clear that this was in fact a redeployment of troops to Afghanistan.

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Why the FBI got away with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

01-03-2007 00:37

On February 26, 1993, a gray snowy day in Manhattan like the one I write on 14 years later, the FBI and US government failed to stop the van-bomb explosion in the World Trade Center’s basement garage, just as NORAD and the US government failed to stop the airliner blitz on the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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Assets of Reported CIA Front-Man Frozen in Turkey

01-03-2007 00:31

A court in Turkey has ruled to freeze the assets of Yasin al-Qadi [1], a one-time acquaintance of Vice President Dick Cheney [2] and reported “chief money launderer” of Osama bin Laden. [3]

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Neocon Imperialism, 9/11, and the Attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq

01-03-2007 00:01

One way to understand the effect of 9/11, in most general terms, is to see that it allowed the agenda developed in the 1990s by neoconservatives to be implemented.

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BBC World footage from 9/11 announcing WTC7 collapse 23 mins before the event

28-02-2007 23:41


Attached is the footage from BBC World from September 11th 2001 covering the time running up to the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 (which was also knows as the Salomon Brothers Building) at 5:20pm.

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Regime change is the reason, disarmament the excuse: Interview with Scott Ritter

28-02-2007 23:40

Iran has given the IAEA inspectors extraordinary access to facilities throughout Iran. They have explained things. They have provided documents. They have done above and beyond what is required by the Nonproliferation Treaty and have demonstrated that their nuclear energy program is a program that is consistent with that which is permitted by the law. But thanks to the United States, the IAEA has corrupted the integrity of the process.

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ID Cards & The Myth of Terror

28-02-2007 21:01

Thursday 8th March, 7pm, at the Liverpool Social Centre,
in the basement at 96 Bold Street (entrance is next door to the
bookshop) - all welcome

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Prevent the US led war on Iran: Open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

28-02-2007 15:12

Dear Mrs. Federal Chancellor and EU Council President

We, the undersigned of this open letter are turning to you with the
urgent request to do anything in your power to prevent a US war
against Iran.

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The Bush administration’s new strategy of setting the Middle East aflame

28-02-2007 13:08

A lengthy article in this week’s New Yorker magazine by veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh provides further evidence that the Bush administration has not only set course for war against Iran, but has over the past few months embarked on a reckless and incendiary strategy that has the potential to unleash sectarian Sunni-Shia conflicts throughout the Middle East.

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Hanging the womb of Iraq: Stop the executions!

28-02-2007 12:43

We demand the release of Wassan, Zainab and Liqa and all political prisoners in Iraq. There is no honour in murdering women. Occupation is the highest form of dictatorship. It is not these three women who should be prosecuted; it is this government and its foreign paymaster.

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Sy Hersh Blames Saudis for Neocon War Against the Shi’a of Iran, Lebanon

28-02-2007 12:22

Seymour Hersh buys into the “al-Qaeda” fairy tale, as does the rest of the corporate media.

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AUSTRALIA: Long-delayed “terrorist” hearings to commence in Sydney

28-02-2007 05:33

Home Grown War Criminals
There has been a deafening silence, however, over the fact that Muslim men are being held in similar conditions in Melbourne and Sydney, with the bipartisan agreement of both major political parties.

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BBC Reported WTC-7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell

28-02-2007 05:23

An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head.

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24th feb autonomous bloc pics (resized)

27-02-2007 20:48

resized pis of the automomous bloc from last saturdays march