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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Bluewater plotters and the 7/7 cell: Peering through the crevice....

30-04-2007 15:34

Here we have it, the triumphant verdict. Five found guilty of plotting multiple terrorist scenarios "bigger than 9/11."

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URGENT: British resident in Guantánamo Bay released to Morocco "disappears"

30-04-2007 08:06

Ahmed Errachidi, a Moroccan national who lived in the UK for over 18 years, was cleared for release from Guantánamo Bay last month. He was sent back to Morocco last week and promptly "disappeared". Campaigners, lawyers and friends are concerned for his wellbeing. It is for this reason that the UK government must bring these men back to the UK - to not face further torture. The UK government has a moral responsibility.

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Referendum or capitulation?

29-04-2007 22:42

Iranians and non-Iranians must fully realize that Iran’s nuclear program is but a pretext for the re-colonization of Iran. The government of Iran made several offers to reassure the international community of its peaceful purposes with regards to the civilian nuclear program; yet, the Bush administration, uninterested in peace, has chosen to pursue the path of sanctions. Whatever shortcomings the current regime may have in Iran, one cannot blame the warmongering and the imperial ambitions of the White House on them. If the nuclear program were renounced, undoubtedly another point of contention would be found to subjugate and/or attack Iran until such time that Washington decides who should hold power in Tehran.

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"The End Game" video stream- the anti-war movement and the Democrats

29-04-2007 00:32

As the debate intensifies over the Iraq war funding, this new Labor Beat video examines the complicity of the Democratic Party in the war, against the backdrop of recent 4th anniversary of war protests. Video stream and dvd ordering info

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Serving British soldier exposes horror of war in 'crazy' Basra

28-04-2007 21:43

A British soldier has broken ranks within days of returning from Iraq to speak publicly of the horror of his tour of duty there, painting a picture of troops under siege, "sitting ducks" to an increasingly sophisticated insurgency.

"Basra is lost, they are in control now. It's a full-scale riot and the Government are just trying to save face," said Private Paul Barton.

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SWIFT,Belgium:Did The CIA's SRA International Ate George W Bush's E-mail ?

28-04-2007 18:42

SRA International for whatever reason has a virtual monopoly on U.S. Government 'IT' contracts. Why ? Are they really that good or do they just have unfair lobbying advantages in the Beltway and Washington,D.C. ? They,JUST like Cerberus hedge fund and its IAP Worldwide with its Walter Reed scandal and ongoing efforts to gain access and employment by data mining your IRS tax records and Titan Corp of Level-3,whose employees tortured at Abu Graibe and whose employee Makram Chams cashed the Dubai originated $70,000 check for Mohamed Atta,ARE ALL ON THE U.S. DOLE ! Why ? Not to forget Halliburton whose old Kellogg Brown and Root boys and Mr.(hee hee)Swindle are taking good care of wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and just bought themselves some nice banks(Leumi of Israel and Bawag of Austria) to 'hedge fund' through.And oh so maaany more.......

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"The End Game" video stream- the anti-war movement and the Democrats

28-04-2007 13:20

As the debate intensifies over the Iraq war funding, this new Labor Beat (Chicago, IL) video examines the complicity of the Democratic Party in the war, against the backdrop of recent 4th anniversary of war protests. Video stream and dvd ordering info

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The Imperial Nuclear Order

28-04-2007 10:44

But why not a much grander "Shock and Awe" through the so-called "conventional" weapons? And why Iran? The answer to this would have to address two questions: why is invasion necessary in the first place? And why does invasion have any reasonable chance of success only if the nuclear option stays on the table and may indeed be exercised? We have stated some of the factors impelling the U.S. to invade Iran. Furthermore, unlike Iraq, Iran cannot be softened and broken through sanctions. The unilateral, U.S.-imposed sanctions, which have been in place since 1979 in one shape or another, have simply not worked; with unbearable U.S. pressure, China and Russia may agree to some kind of limited sanctions imposed by the Security Council but such sanctions are unlikely to do any great damage to Iran because most states will find ways of bypassing them.

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Ties With Terror: Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period

27-04-2007 21:43


The attached audio file of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed was recorded at Rep. Cynthia McKinney's congressional briefing — The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later, A Citizens' Response: Did the Commission Get it Right? on July 22nd, 2005. The following essay was originally submitted as part of the record for the congressional briefing.

The complete transcript and submitted written material from McKinney's briefing is available as a PDF and audio rcordings were available on but this server is currently out of action. However a high quality video of the briefing is available in 3 parts:

Part One - 696Mb avi
Introduction by Verna Avery Brown, Opening Remarks by Cynthia McKinney, blessing by pastor Rebecca West, a critique of the 911 Commission Report read by Lorie Van Auken, accompanied by Monica Gabrielle and Mindy Kleinberg, further critique by John Judge, followed by ex-CIA analyst Mel Goodman's criticism of the very structure of the Commission, Paul Thompson examines NORAD/FAA response, Nafeez Ahmed examines the "al Qaeda" links, John Newman discusses Omar Saeed Sheikh, Marilynn Rosenthal dicusses prior knowledge (forewarnings) - approx. 3.5 hours
Part Two - 697Mb avi
Ann Norton's history of the Neocons and Leo Strauss, Peter Dale Scott on 9/11 and Deep Politics, Nafeez Ahmed extends the theme - examing the Muj specifically, Wayne Smith discusses International Law, Bob McIlvaine discusses his attempts to make a difference after the loss of his son, (the next segments focus on Civil Liberties - comments from Jumana Musa - Amnesty International, Elaine Cassel - Civil Rights lawyer, Rebecca Daugherty on Freedom of the Press), Mel Goodman criticizes the "Intelligence Reform" followed by McGovern - approx. 4 hours
Part Three - 348Mb avi
Former high-level CIA analyst Ray McGovern further demolishes the Commission, ex-CIA analyst David MacMichael gives a short history of useless Commissions, John Nutter talks about Covert ops, concluding remarks by McKinney - approx. 1 hour

Thanks to 911 Blogger for making this material available: Video: McKinney's 2005 Congressional Briefing | Nafeez Ahmed - "Ties With Terror: The Continuity of Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period".

See also this recording from 2006, Nafeez Ahmed "International Terrorism: The Secret History" and the War on Terror topic.

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Denver to DC

27-04-2007 20:50

Beit Shalom Ministries is leading the walk form Denver, Colorado to Washington D.C. Currently, they are in Manhattan, Kansas and have been sharing information at Kansas State University. Watch their video updates on Google video and witness the police state in America. They have produced two powerful new documentary films on the war in Iraq and 9/11 truth available for FREE.

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US moves to limit lawyers’ access to Guantánamo inmates

27-04-2007 09:23

In the wake of recent revelations of widespread torture and abuse at the Guantánamo Bay prison camp, the US Justice Department has taken legal action to restrict lawyers’ access to their clients incarcerated there. These lawyers have been an important source of news from inside the camp, despite being already subject to a strict set of rules established by the Pentagon and the DC Court of Appeals in 2004.

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British Lancet medical journal calls for defeat of Australian government

26-04-2007 23:31

The Politics of Fear & Neglect
The editorial condemned “Prime Minister John Howard’s indifference to the academic medical community and his profound intolerance to those less secure than himself and his administration”. As the latest example, it cited Howard’s comment on a Melbourne radio station last week, declaring that people living with HIV should not be allowed to enter and live in Australia.

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Fake Terror Trial: Jose Padilla and the Zucchini Prosecution

26-04-2007 22:12

The case against Jose Padilla would be funny if a man’s life hadn’t been ruined in the process---but it has. The Bush administration has leapt from one absurd accusation to the next completely undisturbed by the glaring inconsistencies of their case. The prosecution’s objective is the same now as it was 5 years ago when the Chicago gang-banger was first arrested at O’ Hare Airport as an alleged “dirty bomber”, that is, keep Padilla behind bars for the rest of his life.

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BAE Systems in Bristol occupied this morning

26-04-2007 21:49

A number of activists acting independently got into the BAE Systems site in Filton, Bristol, this morning, and briefly occupied an office, hanging a banner out of the window.

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anti NATO demo oslo

26-04-2007 20:44

First line of police got crossed at some point
Nato foreign ministers having an unofficial dinner on the docks of Oslo, outside demonstrators beat their drums and let the the ministers hear their slogans as they arrive.

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Somalia Islamic Courts Like Golden Age Compared to US backed Violence in Somalia

26-04-2007 13:42

A report from Chatham House, the influencial UK think tank blames US interference in Somalia for the current violence and says the Islamic Courts rule overthrown by CIA back Ethiopian troops last year now sems like a 'golden age'.

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Demented Taliban Leader Evokes Dead Osama from Beyond the Grave

26-04-2007 12:54

Dadullah, who is demented, as most of the Taliban leadership suffers from dementia, does not offer proof for his statements because there is no proof, not that this would ever stop CNN from posting irresponsible headlines. CNN, while stating that Cheney was secreted away in a bomb shelter when the “attack” occurred, does not bother to mention Cheney was indeed a mile away, safe and sound even if he stood outside.

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Baltasar Garzón, un clavo ardiendo

26-04-2007 10:43

El pasado 10 de abril el canal 2 de la TVE emitió el documental "El alma de los verdugos" codirigido y copresentado por el Juez de la Audiencia Nacional española Baltasar Garzón. Sin embargo, dudamos, y así lo hacemos público, que la persona más adecuada para vehiculizar esta denuncia sea el juez Baltasar Garzón, quien fue presentado a sí mismo como una autoridad en materia de perseguir a torturadores.

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26-04-2007 09:56

George Speaks! :
New film release on from the Anti-war studio of Friendship Productions:

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Tariq Ali at The Drum - Thu 17 May 7.30pm

26-04-2007 09:39

The Drum in partnership with South Asian Alliance & the Venezuela Information Centre presents:

Resistance, Radicalism and Writing: In Conversation with Tariq Ali

Thu 17 May 7.30pm at The Drum