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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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100 Professors Question 9/11 Commission Report

10-09-2007 18:03

Senior academics from a variety of disciplines come forward to express their disquiet and present their criticisms of the official US government 9/11 Commission Report.

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Basra: An Ignominious Defeat: The UK's Saigon Moment

10-09-2007 12:46

Last week the British armed forces left Basra Palace, their last base in the Southern Iraqi city, and moved to an airbase outside the city.

Their withdrawal will be followed by the official handover of Basra province sometime in the next few months. Once that is complete, the British will finally leave Iraq.

The British withdrawal has led to a classic propaganda battle over how effective the British were in their four years of occupation.

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Occupied Iraq: A Horizontal View

10-09-2007 12:43

Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq
A review of Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq by Dahr Jamail, Haymarket Books, pp 240.

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The War on Lebanon: Stage of a Broader Middle East Military Road-map

10-09-2007 12:08

It is apparent after careful examination, that there has been longstanding intent to attack Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Alleged reasons or pretexts are merely a form of justification to implement otherwise unjustifiable intentions and actions. These intentions (mens rea) and the subsequent actions (actus reus), meaning aggression and war, against Lebanon, Syria, and Iran are criminal acts.

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What has made fundamentalism so predominant

09-09-2007 11:33

Karen Armstrong, the British theologian and author of numerous books on the great religions, has advanced the theory that fundamentalist religion is a response to and product of modern culture. A Catholic nun for seven years, she left her order while studying at Oxford University. She is one of the 18 leading group members of the Alliance of Civilizations, an initiative of the former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan, with the purpose of fighting extremism and furthering dialogue between the Western and Islamic worlds. Andrea Bistrich interviewed her for Share International.

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IAEA Chief ElBaradei Seeks Stop to Iran `War Drums'

09-09-2007 08:12

UN atomic agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei called on Iran and the U.S. to give inspectors a chance to reduce tensions over the Islamic Republic's nuclear work.

``I see war drums that are basically saying that the solution is to bomb Iran,'' ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said today in an interview in Vienna. ``It makes me shudder because some of the rhetoric is a reminder'' of the period before the Iraq war.

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Bin Laden: Still Dead After all these Years

08-09-2007 10:22

It hardly comes as a surprise… Osama plans to release “a new video recording … on or before next week’s sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States,” reports the Voice of America, the propaganda unit established by the Office of War Information.

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Why was a nuclear-armed bomber allowed to fly over the US?

07-09-2007 22:11

Wednesday’s revelation that a US Air Force B-52 bomber flew over the length of the United States armed with six cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads has attracted amazingly little media attention.

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Chalk4Peace2007 SEPT 15 -23 - The Global Street Art Event

07-09-2007 15:59


The pavements are an untapped media resource through which we ordinary
peace loving folk can share our messages, hopes, dreams, ideas and
create a new momentum towards peace - at a certain point there is
critical mass in the cultural conversation which transforms into ACTION!

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Crooked CCTV Firm Entrusted With Safety of 3 Million Londoners a Day

07-09-2007 15:44

Jacob 'Kobi' Alexander
Since the original version of this article two and a half months ago more information has emarged about the links between the Ex-CEO of Comverse Technologies who own Verint, the CCTV contractors, and the Israeli military. Jacob 'Kobi' Alexaneder, it has emerged, was a senior officer in the Israeli Army. Verint have still failed to submit their accounts to the SEC who oversee the activities of the New York Stock Exchange and Metronet Rail who had the 30 year CCTV contract witrh Verint have gone into liquidation.

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NWO wet dreams fall apart at the seams

07-09-2007 12:35 for A3 version
To get a real grasp of just what the NWO is up to (basically eradication of up to 80% of the world's population 'by any means necessary') it is necessary to delve into the deepest horrors of psychopathy. Start here:-
Meanwhile, to neutralise their sick hold over the world it has become vital to investigate their self-admitted 'gigantic hoax' (quote: Nicky Rockefeller, Oct 2000).

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U-Turn for Peace: Mass Civil Disobedience Outside the Labour Party Conference in

07-09-2007 11:38

Join Maya Evans and John Catt for mass civil disobedience in Bournemouth,
outside the Labour Party Conference, on Sunday 23 September.

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Australia: Satirical Comedy Prank makes APEC Security a Joke

07-09-2007 08:46

The Chaser Fake APEC Security ID
It took just a few minutes for a satirical skit by comedians to pierce the $250 million Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation meeting security coccoon in Sydney on Thursday. With three black cars, a couple of motorbikes and men in black running alongside, the motorcade breezed through two police security checkpoints arriving outside the Intercontinental Hotel where US President George Bush is staying.

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An appeal/a request to the world media.

07-09-2007 05:22

Please ; Save the life of Innocent Canadian Khalid Awan , now he is facing hardships in MDC without any ticket in USA.

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"Wanted" poster for Generals James Mattis and David Richards

07-09-2007 00:37

Wanted poster for US Lt Gen General James Mattis (who led the April 2004
assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah, which killed over 300 women and
children) and UK Lt Gen David Richards (commander of NATO forced in southern
Afghanistan, May 2006 - February 2007, during which period hundreds of
civilians were willed by aerial bombing).

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Class Is Still the Issue

06-09-2007 23:54

A state of parallel worlds determines almost everything we do and how we do it, everything we know and how we know it. The word that once described it, class, is unmentionable, just as imperialism used to be. Thanks to George W Bush, the latter is back in the lexicon in Britain, if not at the BBC.

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Middle East Madness

06-09-2007 22:52

Then there's Congress on both sides of the aisle and presidential candidates hawkishly posturing for whatever they imagine it gains them. The public overwhelmingly opposes more war and wants the Iraq one ended. But those ideas are nowhere in sight on the campaign trail or Capitol Hill where the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act of 2007 will likely pass easily now that Congress is reconvened. It cleared the House Foreign Affairs Committee 37 to 1 June 28 and after passing both Houses will become effective January 1, 2008. It hardens the existing Iran Sanctions Act by closing loopholes in it with the intent to thwart all foreign investment in Iran and strangle the country economically.

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UK Watch accuses me of "9/11 conspiracies" and "absurd campaign against Z net"

06-09-2007 20:21

Dear Gabriele,

Please be so kind as to remove us from your email list. We have no interest in articles on 9/11 conspiracies nor your absurd campaign against Z net.

Alex Doherty

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incitement: cartoon portrays Iranians as cockroaches leaving sewer

06-09-2007 19:02

The US media is in full swing to incite a war against Iran. The signs just
keep showing up.

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Guns and Butter: 9/11 Blueprint: The Architecture of Destruction

06-09-2007 12:30

Audio 9/11: Blueprint for Truth Front Cover
Interview with Bay Area architect Richard Gage, AIA, about the organization he has formed, "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth". Outreach to architects and engineers; presentations to the public and to professionals; the physical evidence of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center twin towers and building seven. Visit his website at .