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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Reject Nomination of the Terrorists Bush and Blair for Nobel Prize

25-05-2003 21:16

Thought you've seen it all? Harald T. Nesvik, a Right-wing Norwegian Member of Parliament, has nominated the war criminals Tony Blair and George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize for their "decisive action against terrorism".

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23-05-2003 09:26

According to the book: “DIEZ HORAS CON LA GLOBALIZACION”(AMAZON, GOOGLE,YAHOO,NETBIBLO)-Autor: Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega-Editorial NETBIBLO.(


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another Bush ally to profit from war on terror

13-05-2003 11:01

Anothe Bush friend to make money from war on terror

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Here's That List of Terrorists You Asked For... Mr. President

01-05-2003 04:42

Here's That List of Terrorists You Asked For... Mr. President
I have the latest update on that terrorist list you've been asking for, Mr. President. I keep submitting my reports to Sen. Richard Shelby, the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, Sen. Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Porter Goss, the Florida GOP Rep. and House Intelligence Committee Chairman, but they keep loosing the documents or forgetting I ever gave them the lists... Can you please send it to them for me. I know they will listen to you.

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Information Terror Civil War

26-04-2003 10:01

Information warfare and low-intensity conflict discussed by the editor of datacide magazine, in this pre- 9/11 article.

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Open Plea to United Nations to Stop American Terrorism

23-04-2003 01:45

As the dust settles over Baghdad and millions of Iraqis are without essential services or food, the stated reason for the war has not been found. Once again the Americans have stormed into a weaker nation to serve its own commercial and political interests. Wanda Fish writes an impassioned plea to the United Nations to stop the onslaught of American terrorism. In addition, those who support the madness of Geoge Bush must also be stopped.

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911 was a planned counter-terrorism exercise that got...

02-04-2003 02:02

The fact that the entire US military machine took no action still ought to be our biggest clue. It is not easy to get the whole defense system to look the other way, unless...

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Expose the Links between Al Qaeda and the Bush Adminastration

20-03-2003 22:05

The Al Qaeda are a creation of the CIA

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Expose the Links between Al Qaeda and the Bush Adminastration

20-03-2003 20:17

The Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, through the financial support of the Pakistani ISI, they funded the brain washing facilities for fundamentalism...

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Leeds Anti-War Demonstration 15 March 2003

15-03-2003 22:03

Leeds Anti-War Demonstration 15 March 2003
Thousands marched through the streets of Leeds today to oppose the threatened war with Iraq. (article 1)

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Fake Terror - The Road to dictatorship - A history lesson?

12-03-2003 04:00

'And those who do not learn from their history are doomed to relive it.'

Please, before reading, this is most definitely NOT anti-American! It's pro-PEACE!

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Sheffield Anti-War Demo 8th March 2003

08-03-2003 21:37

Sheffield Anti-War Demo 8th March 2003
Thousands demonstrated against war with Iraq today in Sheffield (UK). (article 1)

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Anti war activist put on suspected terror list for sending Jack Straw food

04-03-2003 11:32

anti war actvist told he was on a suspected terror list after posting foodstuffs to Jack Straw in anti war campaign

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U.S. War on Communism, Drugs now Terrorism

28-02-2003 22:38

This is re-posted from the latest U'wa update (e-mail list) from The events are based in the U.S. but I think it is useful to know what the U.S. is supporting in Columbia.

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The war on terrorism does not work.

15-02-2003 11:11

The Berlin Declaration
The war on terrorism does not work. Every week, there are new reports of bombings and hostage-taking in different parts of the world - Moscow, Bali, Mombassa... .

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Bush the cyber-terrorist

07-02-2003 17:34

The so-called President of the United States is wittering on about un-plugging the Internet - 'Cyberwarfare' guidelines have been drawn up.

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Photos from London anti-war demo 28th September 2002

29-09-2002 09:54

Photos from London anti-war demo 28th September 2002
Some snaps I took on the demo yesterday. (article 1)

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9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism

25-01-2002 23:52

The War on Terrorism is a fraud. Its purpose is to maintain carte blanche for the ever more desperate agenda of American capital: the domination of the continent of Eurasia, and the crushing of the Left worldwide, especially its anti-capitalist core.

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11-10-2001 14:34

A major war supposedly "against international terrorism" has been launched, yet the evidence amply confirms
that agencies of the US government have since the Cold War harbored the "Islamic Militant Network" as part of Washington's foreign policy agenda.

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14-09-2001 16:01

A few hours after the terrorist attacks on the World
Trade Centre and the Pentagon, the Bush administration
concluded without supporting evidence, that "Ousmane
bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organisation were prime