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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Freedom: Norway Massacre - An Anarchist Perspective

29-07-2011 08:02

I’m sure many of you watched the scenes taking place in Norway with horror and rightly so. Particularly disturbing was the knee jerk reaction, reminiscent of the news coverage following the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma bombings, the continual repetition that the incident had all the characteristics of an Islamist plot. The “gates of Vienna” mindset tirades posted in the comments sections of online coverage (before they apprehended the white blonde suspect) made for particularly infuriating reading; page upon page of ranting amounting to nothing less than an incitement towards a Muslim/Asian Pogrom.

This prejudged notion of Muslim involvement lasted right up until the shocked exclamations that the gunman was blonde and of Norwegian appearance. The Daily Express still couldn’t resist putting in a section about Jihadists and cartoons of the prophet Muhammed the next day despite contrary evidence, and The Sun went with the even crasser “Al-Qaeda Massacre, Norway’s 9/11.” This coverage is merely a manifestation of a wider arching problem created by an amalgamation of factors created by politicians, the media and the far right all pursuing their own particular agendas which happen to have a convergence of mutual interest.

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Youtube(8 mins)-Police Interview with Bryan Law, Helicopter Gunship Ploughshares

28-07-2011 07:34

YOUTUBE (8 mins) -
Police Record ofInterview by Queenlsand/ Australia Criminal Investigation Bureau of Bryan Law who explains ploughshares actions and his intentions to disarm a helicopter gunship
in Australia in nonviolent resistance to the war on Afghainstan

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Interview With Roisin Lynch - Free Brendan Lillis Campaign

28-07-2011 06:02

An interview like interview was undertaken by Street Voice with Roisin the Lynch the partner of Brendan Lillis the Irish political prisoner being held captive by the British State and It's agents.

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The Left has lost its way over Libya

27-07-2011 22:08

In an essentially excellent piece Sarah Flounders ‘Libya: Demonization and Self-determination‘, near the beginning under the sub-hed ‘What should be the response to this terror?’ she writes:

“Unfortunately, a minority of groups or individuals who present themselves as opponents of war spend more time cataloguing Gadhafi’s past real or alleged shortcomings than rallying people to respond to this criminal, all-out U.S. attack. Their influence would be small, except that it coincides with the opinions of the U.S. ruling class. Thus it is important to thoroughly answer their arguments.”

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WikiLeaks documents shed light on US-backed intervention in Libya

27-07-2011 21:42

US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks expose some of the real reasons and diplomatic tensions behind NATO’s ongoing bombardment of Libya. Far from initiating a “humanitarian” intervention to protect civilians against Muammar Gaddafi’s government, Washington backed the NATO intervention for one reason only—the installation of a regime that better serves the strategic interests of the US, as well as the operations of the giant oil and gas companies.

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170 international peace activists enter secret Swedish military test site

26-07-2011 16:50

170 international peace activists from 17 countries today entered the North European Aerospace Test range in a massive act of nonviolent civil disobedience in the north of Sweden. Some 28 activists have been confirmed as arrested or detained, among them activist from Venezuela, Spain, Germany, Germany, UK and Finland.

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YOUTUBE (13mins)-Guantanamo Guard Demands EndTorture, CloseGitmo &Justice 4Hicks

25-07-2011 18:13

YOUTUBE (13mins)-Former U.S. Military Guantanamo Guard Demands End to Torture, Closure of Gitmo & Justice or David Hicks

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This day...a day in infamy.

23-07-2011 16:45

The malevolent media at work.
Why Norway? The answer is simple. Because it gives quarter to those who leapt into an inner coma of satisfaction and delight upon seeing the destruction of 9/11 writ large across the world. It gives quarter to those who cannot see the terrible injustice of war without end and war without conscience. It gives harbour to those who's hatred of Islam is matched only by the indifference of those around them who will not succumb to such malevolance. It will not go to war, against those who live to give to war. For the people of Norway, the scale and horror of this tragedy, is directly proportional to the scale of the failure of the villainous and morally dishevelled Anders Behring Breivik to fit into an environment hostile to his very existence.

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NATO bombs Libyan Great Man Made River project!

23-07-2011 13:24

The NATO alliance decided to carryout mass murder against the Libyan people by targeting the only drinking water source, where billions were invested and without it life stops in Libya

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COLCHESTER *Sat Aug6th *Vigil in Solidarity with Military Resister Michael Lyons

22-07-2011 13:09

COLCHESTER *Sat August 6th 3pm-5pm *Vigil in Solidarity with Military Resister Michael Lyons! End the War on Afghnaistan!
Military Corrective Training Centre, Berechurch Hall Rd. Colchester CO2 9MU (Vigil will be at the junction with Stoneacre Road at the entrance to the militarydetention facility).

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Call for Action for Palestine

21-07-2011 18:52

September will be a grand month, the UN, for the first time will vote on recognising Palestine as a sovereign state within the 1967 borders. Politically this is the most significant mile stone since the Oslo peace accord. This isn't yet an end to the occupation, what is likely to happen is that the US will veto it, probably in the security council.
So, the most likely outcome is that there will be a Palestinian state for a few weeks.

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AUSTRALIA - Ploughshares action on Australiam Army Tiger Attack Helicopter

21-07-2011 15:22

AUSTRALIA - Ploughshares action on Australiam Army Tiger Attack Helicopter at "Operation Talisman Sabre" Joint U.S./Australian Military Exercises.

You Tube Video– WIN NEWS – see the ACTUAL ACTION watch

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Agents Provocateurs

21-07-2011 09:12

The insurmountable problem for those who categorise any accusation of the state acting deliberately wrongly as a “conspiracy theory”, is truth. There is, beyond any doubt, a police operation to infiltrate left wing groups in the UK with spies.

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10 questions the MPs did not ask Murdoch

20-07-2011 13:53

As predicted the day before the Murdoch's were questioned by MPs, the difficult questions did not get asked.

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Oh, what a lovely war! Murdoch’s other legacy

19-07-2011 08:23

They've hacked into the voicemail of a murdered teenager and the relatives of dead UK soldiers. They've paid police officers for information. The charge sheet against News International is a long and serious one.

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The Post-9-11 Decade by Numbers: The American Holocaust

18-07-2011 07:57

"The only thing that will save millions more Afghans from death will be that America can no longer afford to kill them."

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Targeted killings and "surgical interventions", the automation of death

17-07-2011 23:17

Last week The Washington Post and The New York Times amongst other U.S. corporate media outlets reported on the first attack by U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles ( drones ) in Somali territory

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Report/ Photos-Solidarity with Julian Assange outside the High Court/ London J12

13-07-2011 03:49

High Court/London Solidarity for Julian Assange Tuesday July 12

Read on for full report...

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Anonymous Hackers Release 90,000 Military E-mail Accounts

12-07-2011 14:10

The “hacktivist” organization Anonymous Operations posted some 90,000 military e-mail addresses and passwords, to the Pirate Bay torrent website on July 11, in what they called “Military Meltdown Monday."

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Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 90,000 US Military Emails

12-07-2011 09:56

Anonymous hacktivists have leaked 90,000 US military emails from Booz Allen Hamilton, a massive US military consulting firm. The leak was done in the name of #Antisec and includes 90,000 log-ins including personnel from US CENTCOM, SOCOM, US Marine Corp, various US Air Force facilities, US Dept of Homeland Security & private sector contracors. The data has been made available by Anonymous as a downloadable torrent.