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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Pledge £20 towards a 7/7 investigative documentary

04-05-2007 19:56

"I will pledge £20 towards the production costs of a balanced DVD documentary examining the many suspicious circumstances of the London bombings of 7th July 2005 but only if 250 other people will do the same."

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UK 9/11 Truth round table

04-05-2007 11:27

Summary: A London Sound Posse "round table" with London based 9/11 Truth activists. Why are ordinary British citizens motivated to research and campaign for 9/11 truth?

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USA CIA Agent Jones Back To Her Old Tricks!

03-05-2007 23:55

CIA Agent Sidney Jones
CIA Network still active security threat: analyst

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Protester Accused of 'Harassing, Alarming,and Distressing' the Police

03-05-2007 19:48

the irony...

Today Marcus Wise, described by Sussex CPS as 'one of the most vocal' of protesters against the EDO MBM warmongers in Brighton, faced bizarre allegations that he had conducted a course of conduct amounting to the harassment of a well known Sussex police officer.

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MOD Admits Photograph Falsely Identified Location of UK/Iranian Incident

03-05-2007 15:17

MOD Reply To FOI Request
Ministry of Defence Admits Photograph Falsely Identified Location of UK/Iranian Maritime Incident

Its been a few weeks now since the end of the maritime border incident, which involved the arrest of 15 British military personnel by Iran, a diplomatic crisis and their subsequent release. In April, we posted [ ] on the puzzling observation that the UK Ministry of Defence had provided two different sets of position coordinates to fix the site of the incident, and thereby prove that it occurred in Iraqi waters.

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Posada Carriles case: US government moves to gag terrorist on CIA ties

03-05-2007 11:58

With his trial on immigration charges set for May 11, the US government has filed a motion in federal court seeking to bar the international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles from testifying on his role as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Australia: Labor conference outlines pro-war agenda

03-05-2007 07:44

Pro-war agenda
The 2007 Labor conference again demonstrated that the anti-war and anti-militarist sentiments of millions of working class Australians find no expression within the official two-party system. While the Howard government is rightfully despised for its criminal foreign policy record alongside the Bush administration, a Rudd Labor government will be no less ruthless in pursuing the international agenda of Australian imperialism.

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EU/ The myth of Islamic terrorism

03-05-2007 01:01

If we look at the people arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences, the figures are rather disproportionate; about half of them arrested were Muslim. In plain English: Muslims are a group causing very little terrorism in Europe, while at the same time much more likely to be arrested on suspicion of it. The constant media coverage of Muslims being arrested creates the false image of a serious threat in order to benefit the imperialist world-view Washington wants us to adopt.

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Blair Rejects 7/7 Inquiry Calls

02-05-2007 19:27

Afraid the truth will come out?

Remember in the week following these still-unexplained attacks, while the Bliar Regime was caught in several blatant LIES about its version of events, Bliar called such an investigation "a ludicrous distraction".

Just like Bush and 911 ...

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The Symphony, 2007

02-05-2007 17:07

Trapped and going down on the PEQUOD with BUSH as AHAB (insult to Ahab).

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Revealed: Abuses of the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa

02-05-2007 16:28

Cageprisoner's report, Inside Africa's War on Terror, released today reveals the extent of detentions that have been taking place in the Horn of Africa.

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7/7 Survivors Call for Independent Public Inquiry

02-05-2007 10:18

As I write I'm watching the live, lunchtime report on Sky News covering the delivery of a letter on behalf of 7/7 survivors drafted by Oury Clark Solicitors, formally requesting that the government facilitates an independent public inquiry into the 7th July 2005 terrorist attacks on the London Underground.

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Political conjunctions and Blurring definitions

02-05-2007 03:13

A number of factors have recently formed a conjunction, which provided a new view of a popular ‘reality’. Whenever the flames of the terrorist ‘threat’ begin to wane convenient arrests are made that fan the embers back into flames of concern. Recent police raids in Sydney and Melbourne have resulted in the arrests of two Sri Lankan Tamils; “two men have appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on terrorism related charges,” ran the intro from one media outlet while another ran with, “men face terrorism charges after raids.” I’m sure we all get the drift but it should be noted that assistant commissioner to the Federal Police, Frank Prendergast, went to lengths "to make it clear that these men weren't involved in any possible attacks on Australian soil.” Well then, what?

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Occupied Iraq: Something about "Liberation"...

02-05-2007 01:16

Never has a "liberation" managed to generate so many death mercenaries and contractors being paid up to 5'000 dollars a day with the sole aim of exterminating...and "pacifying".
Never has a country been so openly plundered and pillaged right in front of everyone's eyes and to the utter silence of its spectators...

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War criminal Bush vetoes Iraq withdrawal Bill

01-05-2007 23:35

Press Conference
His veto of a Bill that would fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with $US100 billion was allegedly a rejection of attempts by Democrats who control the US Congress to force him into a shift in strategy in the unpopular war?

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NATO troops launch new offensives in Afghanistan

01-05-2007 22:24

These killings are only the beginning
These killings are only the beginning of an escalation of the US-led counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan during the spring and summer, even as more troops are also being sent into Iraq. In addition to the US and British forces, in recent months Australia and Germany have also agreed to send additional equipment and soldiers to Afghanistan in an effort to crush mounting opposition.

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A Call for July 7th Truth & Justice

01-05-2007 19:34

No-one has yet accounted for the many contradictions and outright lies from the Bliar Regime, nor accounted for the many suspicious facts which point to a military covert op, instead of a "terrorist" act.

Meanwhile, Bliar remains in possession of the powers, which the courts had denied him for four years, that he was able to seize through this "useful crisis".

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Ex-CIA director Tenet admits lies told on war

01-05-2007 14:51

With the publication of his new memoir, At the Center of the Storm, released Monday, and in an appearance on the CBS television new program “60 Minutes” the night before, former CIA director George Tenet has become the latest former official to admit publicly that the Bush administration launched its war against Iraq based upon false pretenses and manipulated intelligence.

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Lip Reading Surveillance Cameras To Stop Terror

01-05-2007 11:09

Modern CCTV camera: Who is watching you and your kids?
Cameras may be used to read your lips for anti-terrorist reasons.

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Community flags retroactive federal election boycott to stop Howard profits

01-05-2007 03:25

War Crimes
"We're trying to stop them from murdering more innocent people and we are saying you can't profit from it.