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Pledge £20 towards a 7/7 investigative documentary

Tony Gosling | 04.05.2007 19:56 | Other Press | Terror War | London

"I will pledge £20 towards the production costs of a balanced DVD documentary examining the many suspicious circumstances of the London bombings of 7th July 2005 but only if 250 other people will do the same."

Deadline to sign up by: 1st July 2007

52 people died on 7th July 2005 in four major explosions on London's public transport system. Britain's New Labour government has blocked all attempts to investigate the attacks of that day citing 'national security' as the reason why the public should not know what happened. Any official enquiry into 7/7 looks likely to be carried out by people appointed by the Prime Minister and not independent at all.

Critical structural failures in Britain's counter-intelligence service MI5 and the Metropolitan Police's Anti-Terrorist branch have gone uninvestigated, leaving the way open for the attacks of that day to happen again. These services have also be shown to have lied freely in an attempt to cover their errors.

But relatives of the bombers and the victims as well as concerned members of the public are demanding a wide-ranging investigation. In a free country one simple way anyone can conduct such an investigation is by making a documentary. At least three films, with varying degrees of professionalism, have already been made. 'Ludicrous Diversion', 'Mind The Gap' and 'BT Final Version'. All three throw serious doubt on the official version of events that day but none have been shown on British TV.

Any independent enquiry must bring the possibility that government and security services were complicit in the attacks within its remit. There have been many incidents over the last 30 years, particularly as part of NATO's Operation Gladio, of sophisticated bomb attacks in public places which were initially blamed on the 'bogey-man' of the day. These turned out to have been carried out by a rogue right-wing network within NATO, the military and European law enforcement systems.

This documentary will take the form of a DVD and be sent free of charge to all those who have donated £20 towards its production. It might also eventually be shown on TV round the world.

Tony Gosling
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