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The Symphony, 2007

Peter Buknatski, Montpelier, Vermont | 02.05.2007 17:07 | Culture | Iraq | Terror War | World

Trapped and going down on the PEQUOD with BUSH as AHAB (insult to Ahab).

come Democrat, stand
close to me and let me
look into a human eye

why hast ye given thought
to seek impeachment of our fated
solitary quest together?

ye are bound to me, Democrat,
as the deep shroud of the sea
is bound to stay our course

for six-six-six years have I
given chase to and made war upon
the horrors of the green lands

I durst not so much as dare
to stop this arm I lift in madness,
frenzy, veto, and boiling blood

we have before us now a mild mild wind,
and a mild looking sky,
such a sweetness for damnation

nay Democrat, we shall lower us away
together again to conjure more monsters
of mass destruction for hate's own sake

behold, I shall push and crowd and jam
to beckon both black and white,
good and evil, to go down accursed

down down forever down forever,
swallowed whole by a nameless
inscrutable unearthly command

where do murderers go, Democrat?
so ye shall go with me in hell's heart,
tied and towed, bowed and humped

Peter Buknatski, Montpelier, Vermont
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