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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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US Lawyer 'Guilty' of 'conspiring to aid terrorists'

11-02-2005 18:00

As US civil rights lawyer is facing up to 35 years in prison after being found guilty on 5 counts of conspiring to aid terrorists.

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US Encouraged By Vote Despite 'terrorist attacks' (Sept 1967 Vietnam)

01-02-2005 16:04

From the New York Times, September 1967.

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Alleged "terrorist" paraded just before the "elections"

25-01-2005 00:31

"It is safe to venture out vote! Make it look like a democracy .... please!"

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Blunkett names kite as B52 base terror weapon

15-12-2004 06:44

Blackhawk Helicopter defends RAF Fairford from the Kite Menace
David Blunkett testified to Parliament on Monday that Fairford protesters were found in possession of... a KITE.

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Anti-terrorism legislation attacked in Whitechapel

12-12-2004 23:40

'At the very least, my son has a better character than David Blunkett,' Ashfaq Ahmad told the large, appreciative audience that turned out in Whitechapel's Brady Centre today to hear about the realities of British anti-terrorism laws from people who've experienced them.

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Terrorist graffiti at London Army Recruitment Centre?

10-12-2004 11:36

Small group blocked the entry to Charing Cross, London, Army Recruitment Centre this morning with banner and fliers to amuse the commuters.

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Ruddock foreshadows new terrorism laws

08-12-2004 22:51

The new laws will allow police to access emails and mobile phone SMS messages, enable wider use of surveillance devices, and protect sensitive national security information during terrorism trials.

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Racist Manchester Police Fake More "Terror" Raids

01-12-2004 14:41

More so-called "terror" arrests in Manchester - will they turn out to be WRONGFUL arrests like the last time we saw these DIVERSION TACTICS in Manchester?

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Australian Greens warn of 'politicised' terror trials

01-12-2004 03:43

"At least give the numbers of lawyers who have been put onto that list and the criteria for black-banning lawyers from Australian courts which is used by the Government to politically determine who is or who isn't suitable to come before Australian courts," he said.

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Prosecutor investigating anti-Chavez coup killed in terrorist attack

26-11-2004 10:11

The explosion of two bombs in his car took the life of 38-year old State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, late on Thursday night in Caracas, Venezuela. Danilo Anderson had waged a tireless struggle to get the leaders of the opposition prosecuted for the crimes they have committed and particularly for the military coup they organised on April 11th 2002.

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Kings X - URGENT - Work continuing under occupied cranes / Anti-terror laws used

22-11-2004 11:37

Worrying update from Kings Cross Laing O’Rourke Crane Occupation (11.30am)

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Terror Attack in Venezuela Kills State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson

20-11-2004 17:47

bush 2nd term priorities?

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NATO approves terrorist training for US/Iraqi militants

17-11-2004 22:51

Sources say NATO has links to the US Empire and George Dubya Bushit. Bushite has recently committed war crimes against humanity in his war on Iraq along side the Coalition of the Killing.

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Women Terrorized in Iraq

15-11-2004 16:07

The suffering of women in Iraq has intensified considerably at the hands of the Islamic groups since the start of war and the occupation of Iraq. These atrocities take place before the eyes of the occupying forces and without ever being condemned by them.

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Police keeps terrorising

13-11-2004 14:15

On Friday November 12th at about 21.00h, the DNS-provider of Indymedia Netherlands received a writ of execution from the Haaglanden Police, demanding information on the person that posted a threat to politician Geert Wilders on the website of The provider has to submit this information within 48 hours, that is by Sunday at 21.00h. Thus preventing the DNS-provider from seeking legal advice.

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Election 2004: Americans Endorse War, Religious Fanaticism And State Terrorism

05-11-2004 00:17

"...the US is now preparing to implement the final solution for the women and children of Fallujah, creating more mass graves in the post Saddam era. Yet, we will keep hearing about the innocent US civilians of 9/11, but not the millions of innocents that has perished since 1948 or 1924 or even since 9/11."

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The CIA know what islamic terrorism "really is"

25-10-2004 21:10

"They [roots of terrorism] include the closed economic and political systems in much of the Muslim world that deny many young adults the opportunity to build better lives for themselves and, often, the political representation to voice their grievances peacefully over the lack of such opportunity."

Rare bit of intel, says it all, doesn't it? The CIA/American-government know what they're doing - decieving you idots into thinking its about wacko religious freakazoids

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Iraq terror attacks- aiming at Bush, says Putin

19-10-2004 12:03

Russian President Vladimir PUTIN said on Monday (18 October) that "terrorist attacks" in Iraq were directed against US President George W. Bush , and aimed at damaging his re-election prospects . He said any such victory by "terrorists" would also damage the international coalition against terror .

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lutte anti terroriste

14-10-2004 10:56


Des experts spécialisés à ALGER.
La capitale algérienne devient cette fin de semaine
la Mecque pour des plus grands experts de la lutte
anti- terroriste à l’occasion de l’inauguration du
centre africain d’études et de recherches sur le
terrorisme dont le siège se trouve à Alger.
Pendant qu’une conférence intergouvernementale
regroupant des représentants de l’union européenne, de
l’OTAN, d’Interpol et des Etats-Unis, s’y tient
mercredi et jeudi,les activité terroristes semblent
connaître un remarquable ralentissement à la lumière
d’une formidable organisation , vigilance et
mobilisation de tous les acteurs chargés de la lutte
contre ce fléau du siècle

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13-10-2004 19:54

The two prisoners have their clothes cut from their bodies by scissors, without their hand- and foot cuffs being loosened. The naked and chained prisoners have a suppository of unknown kind inserted into their anus...