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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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July 7th bombing victims' meeting in London on Monday 3 September

01-09-2007 14:09

Tonights public meeting will be focussed on the events of 7th July 2005. It will be a unique event combining the perspectives of a 7/7 survivor as well as the family of a 7/7 victim.

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IAEA confirms the "peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities"

01-09-2007 13:21

The mainstream media has failed to report the agreement reached between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Iranian government in regards to the Iranian nuclear energy program. An understanding has been reached between the two. The IAEA has given Iran's nuclear program a clean bill of health.

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Report: “Full Spectrum” Mass Murder Likely Against Iran

01-09-2007 10:24

Increasingly, people in the know are revealing what some of us have realized for months, even years: the United States, under the pernicious control of Muslim-hating neocons, will attack Iran, and sooner before later.

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Liberals, Bush Unite in Ethnic Cleansing of Iraq

31-08-2007 20:27

From the New York Times:

"The number of Iraqis fleeing their homes has soared since the American troop increase began in February, according to data from two humanitarian groups, accelerating the partition of the country into sectarian enclaves...The effect of this vast migration is to drain religiously mixed areas in the center of Iraq, sending Shiite refugees toward the overwhelmingly Shiite areas to the south and Sunnis toward majority Sunni regions to the west and north."

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Belmarsh detainee Hedi Boudhiba: extradited, cleared, and abandoned in Spain

31-08-2007 09:50

Cleared after three years' detention in the UK and Spain and abandoned on the streets of Madrid, the case of Hedi Boudhiba, a Tunisian refugee, raises doubts about the quality of pan-European intelligence and human rights protection in the "War on Terror."

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Lockerbie - a confession

30-08-2007 22:56

This is a copy of an an anonymous email I just found at
I personally have tried to correct the text for spelling mistakes and to make it more readable but I haven't deliberately interfered with the text.

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Israeli Apartheid logotype (by Latuff)

30-08-2007 09:47

Israeli Apartheid
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's apartheid.

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Brown rules out Iraq troop withdrawal

30-08-2007 06:48

Britain: Brown rules out Iraq troop withdrawal as top general speaks of a “generation of conflict”

As tensions continue within political and military circles over Britain’s role in Iraq, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made clear that he will not bow to calls for a troop withdrawal.

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Luis Posada Carriles, the White House terrorist

29-08-2007 22:14

In an article published on April 10, 2007, president Fidel Castro declared, “Orders for Kathleen Cardone’s decision could only have come from the White House. President Bush constantly avoided the issue of the criminal and terrorist character of the accused. He was protected and charged with a simple immigration violation.” ...

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Global Demonstration 9-11-07

29-08-2007 20:27

General Strike 9-11-07 + march on Washington DC 9-15-07

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War On Muslims - Racist Abuse at HMP Frankland

29-08-2007 15:05

A London based group supporting Guantanamo Bay torture camp internees has discovered serious racist abuse being carried out inside at least one UK prison. This life-threatening violence is directed against Muslims whom many believe have been wrongfully imprisoned to help justify the illegal 'War on Terror' and set up by the Metropolitan Police and MI6. There has be no coverage of these very serious racist incidents in any of the UKs National Press and no prosecution of the racists.

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Smash EDO camp update: Dog bites and bylaw repression

29-08-2007 10:04

The Smash EDO camp held a noise demo at 8 o'clock this morning at EDO's Mouslecoomb site. The gate to the site was open so a few people decided to casually walk in.

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Disarm DSEi Public Meeting @ rampART London 1st September

29-08-2007 09:56

Disarm DSEi Public Meeting Saturday 1st September, 2pm-4pm
rampART centre, 15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA

Tube : Whitechapel, Shadwell, Aldgate, Aldgate East, Tower Gateway
Bus : 15, 115, D3, 100

There will probably be police photographers outside the meeting, don't be intimidated.
You might choose to wear a scarf in this unpredictable weather.

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London Counter-Recruitment Picket, Saturday September 1st 11am

29-08-2007 09:21

This Saturday - 1st September – at the Strand army recruitment centre, people will be going armed with placards and fliers to give a counter view of what life is like in the army. The army recruitment centre is coincidentally located opposite BAE Systems London HQ.

With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raging the chances of being killed and injured have increased dramatically over the past few years. But even if ex-services personnel make it back alive many are still scared for life from their experiences.

We encourage everyone to help us hand out fliers and let people know what it's really like in the military!

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Britain acquires thermobaric weapons for Afghanistan

29-08-2007 06:30

For weeks, British media and sections of the political elite have been urging the government and the military to focus their attention on military operations in Afghanistan. In contrast to Iraq, the US-led occupation of Afghanistan is being portrayed as a “winnable.” But a report by Channel 4 News has disclosed just how it is intended to secure victory—through the use of thermobaric weapons.

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Smash EDO Camp still resisting and actions will continue!

28-08-2007 16:54

17:30 update

Sussex police have taken all the tents including the large marquee.

Someone locked onto the pole of the marquee confused around 50 police for a good hour. Eventually they had to lock-off because police were talking about dismantling the marquee, which would have been extremely dangerous for the locked-on protester.

There are reports that there are still people up in the trees on the site.

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US Missile Defence: Towards a new Cold War? a CND conference

28-08-2007 16:46

CND's "US Missile Defence: Towards a new Cold War?" conference at SOAS this Saturday, will now also be addressed by Jan Neoral, the Mayor of Trokavec, the Czech town where the US plans to locate its early-warning radar.

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Smash EDO [photos]

27-08-2007 22:04

Smash EDO camp
Smash EDO camp

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International Strike 9-11-07

27-08-2007 21:05

GENERAL STRIKE IN USA on Sept. 11, 2007 – 9/11
“No School * No Work * No Shopping. Hit the Streets”


Mass March in Washington DC