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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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SMASH EDO/ brighton against the arms trade PUBLIC MEETING

23-05-2007 01:56

smash the war profiteers

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When are you going to arrest the perpetrators of the Bali Bombing?

22-05-2007 23:31

Bali Bombing 2002
CIA bombing threat 'diminished'?

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Corporate Media Embraces 9/11 Blowback Theory

22-05-2007 06:34

Now that Ron Paul has reaffirmed the neocon fantasy version of nine eleven events, stating during the so-called debate earlier this week that we were attacked by “al-Qaeda” and Osama bin Laden, when in fact there is no evidence to validate this fairy tale, the “liberal” corporate media, as represented by CNN’s Roland S. Martin, has decided to give the “blowback” theory legs.

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Still Playing With Fire -- Gov't May Have Been Complicit in Terror Plot

22-05-2007 02:37

A Pakistani-based militant group reportedly receiving covert U.S. support has been implicated in the alleged plot to bomb multiple tran-Atlantic flights last summer. Moreover, the U.S. interfered with Britain's investigation of the suspects, allowing a seperate group of suspected terrorists to escape capture.

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Israel stokes up Hamas-Fatah strife in Gaza, considers ground invasion

21-05-2007 23:43

Israel is intervening in the mounting factional strife in Gaza between Fatah and Hamas, with the explicit aim of eliminating Hamas as a military and political force.

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The US war and occupation of Iraq—the murder of a society—Part two

21-05-2007 20:31

Chronically malnourished
This is the second part of a three-part series. Part one was posted May 19. Its purpose is to examine a series of recent reports establishing the immense scale of death, destruction and oppression that have been wrought by the US occupation of Iraq, now in its fifth year. Taken together, these reports confirm that US operations in Iraq have amounted to sociocide—the deliberate and systematic murder of an entire society. The third and concluding part will be posted May 22.

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The Empire is Failing – A Good Thing for America and the World

21-05-2007 20:01

Terry Paupp is the author of Exodus from Empire: The Fall of America’s Empire and the Rise of the Global Community. The book examines the downfall of the American Empire, its impact on the world community and what world order will take its place. Paupp has been a professor of philosophy and international law at Southwestern College, National University, San Diego City College. He served as the National Chancellor of the U.S. for the International Association of Educators for World Peace from 2001-2005. His previous books include “Achieving Inclusionary Governance: Advancing Peace and Development in First and Third World Nations (2000). He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

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By their Commission and Omissions you will Know Them

21-05-2007 13:16

We thank National Security correspondent to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (‘our’ ABC) Leigh Sales, for revealing her flagrant bias in relation to the David Hicks case. We were almost tempted to read her book, “Detainee 002 …”, until today’s extremely revealing report.

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Sunni Shia Unity Declaration

21-05-2007 13:13

"We are aware that the entrenchment of a sectarian fault line adds to the tensions reproduced in our beleaguered communities along axes of loyalty and moderation as a consequence of the ‘war on terror’ "

"We ask Muslims to recall how strategies of ‘divide and rule’ were used by colonial powers in the past to subjugate the Muslim world."

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Tony Blair in Iraq: War Criminal Admits Guilt

21-05-2007 13:06

Psycopathic Mass Murderer in Iraq
As Prime Minister Tony Blair Q.C., arrived in Baghdad on Saturday, for an 'unexpected' visit, to bid the Iraqi people he has helped decimate, farewell, he was welcomed by mortar rounds which fell in the 'International Zone', the illegally squatted palace of former President Saddam Hussein.

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AIR GUANTANAMO comes to London

21-05-2007 07:43

The Save Omar Campaign (Brighton) will be joining the LGC at its weekly demo outside the US Embassy and performing their street theatre piece "Air Guantanamo!"

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Australia: 'Howard's Wood' - picket at Crown Casino

21-05-2007 01:56

The Zionist Project
If he had not chickened out of entering by the front door, John Howard would have been met by a peaceful but vigorous protest last night at Crown Casino ...

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Australia: Poll shows 'mood for change'

21-05-2007 01:04

A vote for Nobody is a Vote for Everybody
A vote for Nobody is a Vote for Everybody. Boycott the election because Nobody represents you! Adam Ant!

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Operation Iraq Forever

20-05-2007 18:03

To feed itself the empire thus needs to increase its military, it thus needs to maintain over 750 bases worldwide. To feed its peoples’ ever-growing greed and gluttony, its ever expanding waistline, Iraq must remain within the empire’s violent and voracious claws, becoming a colony of imperialism, to be exploited and raped.

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Tony Bliar: "Reconcile" This!

20-05-2007 15:16

On what was his last visit to Iraq, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced on the 19/5/2007, that he had "no regrets about removing Saddam," in a staged visit that was used to promote “reconciliation“ inside of the war torn country.

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Australia: Mr David Hicks's plane touches down in Adelaide

20-05-2007 02:12

Additional implemented punishment
"I might've wanted to make it perhaps better known the level of concern that the Government had and the way in which we were continuously making representations to the United States to bring the process of dealing with him forward," he said. [Scoff, Scoff, Scoff, ah! bullshit!]

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Luis Posada Carriles suspect in Kennedy's murder...

20-05-2007 00:48

What's Posada Carriles hiding?
Robert Kennedy's suspicions about the involvement of gangs of Cuban and Italian origin at the service of the CIA in his brother's assassination sheds new light on the Bush family protection of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles...

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Annie Machon: British spy lifts lid on false flag terror (londons sound posse)

19-05-2007 22:07

Former MI5 (British Intelligence) Officer tells her moving story of joining and then leaving the Secret Intelligence Service, and reveals what she learnt about false flag terrorism, including 9/11

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London 15 June: Muslim Demo against British Oppression

19-05-2007 21:08

Attached is the flyer for a protest planned for 15th June 2007, 2:30pm - 5pm at 10 Downing Street.

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John Pilger: The Imposition Of Great Power On Powerless People

19-05-2007 20:25


Attached is an audio interview with John Pilger that was conducted by Flashpoints and broadcast on 17th May 2007.